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If you forget you have to struggle for improvement you go backward. (Geoffrey Hickson)


A fundamental command in LENR now: DO NOT IDEALIZE THE REAL!
To be real is just a start not an end/aim.
This morning it was a bit depressing to state that the first two new papers about LENR are about hostility to LENR- after so many years!
At the birth of Cold Fusion- a short flash of enthusiasm and hope however soon everything was drowned in hostility and denial. The field has survived only due to the heroic work of a small group of scientists able to work at the very Far Right site of the Medawar Zone, people able to make great sacrifices for a just sciientific cause.
However, I do not like simplistic explanations- nowhere!- evil vs good visions, excesses of linearity. It is about closed -minded, dogmatic, neophobic scientists
defending their paradigm ferociously, it is not only the fault of the sadistic enemies
of an harmonious new science who have oppressed systematically this marvel of nature discovered by the two bright Founders.
This is actually a Pareto Truth, incomplete and relative- LENR is the realm of Pareto Truths 
First really solid scientific results and consistent explanation of them would have been caused enmity to melt away slowly. Alternatively a boiler for two eggs working with Cold Fusion/LENR would have a similar effect.
But what has actually happened? The reality of cold fusion/LENR in the form of excess heat was demonstrated beyond any doubt, it is real. Unfortunately the virtues of the results stop there- the effect is weak, has no persistence, its reproducibility is not manageable, its origin and identity are unknown; a plethora of explanations are competing for domination but cannot be used in any way for the augmentation of this reality. Sensitive calorimetric measurements have done much more for the demonstration of the reality of LENR than methods of making the effect more powerful, intense. And do not forget (our enemies will not anyway) the initial promise of Fleischmann and Pons was not of new science but of a practical and competitive energy source.
Something strange has happened: Cold Fusion LENR was discovered in the PdD wet system- I called this a miscovery because the phenomena are presnt in many places in more forms- but PdD is probably the worst possible- difficult for study, not good at all for applications just interesting for the results if you are tolerant to tragic ireproducibility. 
HOWEVER- this Real of low quality (I still define quality as fitness for use) is 
idealized and a cult of PdD dominates the field of LENR. PdD is a model and a source of truth, knowledge, approaches, methods, principles, explanations. NIH is just kind of mirror of LENR- has to learn from the wet, dirty, cool system even if it dry, clean, hot or very hot.
NOTE. I have the habit to read my e-mails as soon as they come., and just now the most knowledgeable and successful PdD researcher wrote:
"I have made over 1000 attempts to replicate the effect during the last 26 years and have had only a few successes."
I dare to repeat that PdD is a crippled system with one great merit and a small future

Message from 
Frédéric Henry-Couannier re his paper to be presented at the Toulouse Workshop:
"From Dark Gravity to LENR"

"I will present a theory (Dark Gravity) which, i believe, explains many of the so called "LENR miracles" very simply and naturally. I first try to understand the kind of experimental results obtained by Urutskoev and others. His phenomenological model that i have just discovered is based on what he calls transformations : a new kind of manybodies nuclear reaction.  I will show that micro lightning balls (mlb), understood as normal matter objects surrounded by a field discontinuity, can lead to the conditions allowing multibody nuclear reactions when these objects collapse crushing their content up to huge densities. If the collapse is slow enough  the temperature of the nuclei can remain "cool" in the process and we can approach the black dwarf equation of state. At such densities we can compute the mean free path of the various high energy particles that could be produced inside the mlb and find that this mean free path is much smaller than the size of the mlb itself , so most of the high energy particles produced (if any in such multibody reorganisation of the nuclei as said Urutskoev) should be thermalized before being able to escape the mlb, hence the absence of a significant rate of high energy radiations."

 Thank you, dear Frederic!

1) Skeptopaths, cryptodenialists and saboteurs vs LENR

2) Back to the Future, Part II Predicted Techno-Marvels of October 21, 2015
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You said:

"What if Lithium, as a penetrating corrosive agent (especially in the case of Nickel), is accelerating the embrittlement/corrosion process so that eventually, yet at a quicker rate than normal, the right nanoscale structures can appear on the metal?"

This is a good observation. This fits in with the fuel preprocessing that Rossi has done as seen in the Lugano test. The 100 micron nickel particle that the preprocess method produces is covered with lithium throughout its entire surface area. During preprocessing, the application of lithium at high temperatures might erode the surface of the nickel particle(S) to form nanocavities as happens in palladium at high hydrogen loading levels. Maybe the crack idea of Ed Storms holds merit. 

Parkhomov uses a low quality powder with lots of carbon on the surface. Lithium processing might erode that carbon and leave nano cavities on the surface of the nickel powder as occurs in palladium at high hydrogen loading. Maybe the Russian nickel powder is good because it is so poor in production. A powder with abundant carbon content might be the best type of powder to use.

Furthermore, the surface of the nickel powder becomes saturated with lithium to the point where lithium is no longer consumed in nickel alloying. When the reaction begins with LAH, lithium is no longer consumed and remains free and available for the LENR reaction to use.

Another thing that could be happening in the high carbon surface preprocessing of Russian nickel powder is that lithium carbide is formed on the surface of the powder. This lithium compound might produce both lithium and hydrogen Rydberg matter during the reaction stage through a desorption process at the surface of the particle right where the rydberg matter is most needed.

However the particle preprocessing step can produce 1 nanometer cavities on the surface of the nickel particles as exists in iron oxide(rust) is good. 

Mizono uses an arc discharge to pit his substrate.

Page 14 shows what nickel looks like after Mizono preprocesses his nickel or palladium surface with arc discharge. A rough and pitted surface is best in a catalyst. 


Faster design, better catalysts
Instructive for LENR tto!


  1. At the risk of alienating PdD-in-electrolysis proponents, there is a ring of truth in Peter's observations. Why this focus on electrolytic current when Zeolite charged with Palladium produces excess heat on exposure to Deuterium gas - no applied current present?

  2. Frédéric Henry-Couannier is almost all the way toward correct thinking about the fundamental causation of LENR. Micro lightning balls (mlb), is the fundamental cause of LENR. But these electromagnetic solitons have already been discovered in nanoplasmonics. They are called Dark mode surface plasmon polaritons (SPP) and are actually acoustic black holes. Most of the time than are produced by and affixed to the metal lattice and because they are stationary, they cannot reach their maximum power potential. But when they are freed from the lattice, they can grow in strength to a huge extent. This is true for both water based and plasma based environments in which they are also formed.

    For example, in a meltdown of a Ni/H reactor, the SPP becomes detached from the lactic and grows strong in a plasma. Like any vortex that can move; many of these solitons might combine together to grow in intensity. Ken Shoulders termed these structures produced in the plasma of an electric arc EV.(or large electrons). Declare produces these objects in cavitation and has seen them punch holes in his walls and exit his lab to punch holes in the trees outside his lab. In the Proton 21 experiment, the solitons were found to decompose material far from the site of their creation. Declare has seen a SPP eat through 2 meters of copper.

    And yet the same EMF vortex mechanism can be found inside microorganisms. Like any black hole, there are two mechanisms of reaction projection involved: a beam of magnetism the emits from one pole of the soliton. This magnetic beam is the high energy interface. Then there is the low energy projection of multi particle entanglement. This mechanism (a worm hole) provides for teleportation of energy to and from the site of the transformation.

    I suspect that the a theory (Dark Gravity) will explain how these EMF black holes interact with matter. But not only gravity can produce black holes, EMF can do it too. Any wave form that forms a boundary condition can do it, even water.

    For an explanation of acoustic black holes see the following video:

    Prof. Daniele Faccio: "Black Holes, With A Twist" - Inaugural Lecture

    1. You make those doing research in the PdD system sound like the hot fusioneers who try (and thus far succeeded) in blocking LENR. Researchers work with the PdD system because more is known about it. Nobody is impeded from working with NiH, and in fact many of the top researchers are working with both. The meme if false, and you should drop it.