Friday, October 30, 2015



"The understanding cold fusion/lenr is found in the doing." (Russ George)


1) Beyond the E-Cat test- the next phase:

2) E-Cat X-Go, go, go!!

3) COLD FUSION NOW announcing two important meetings:
20th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science ICCF-20
Professors Yasuhiro Iwamura and Jirohta Kasagi Tohoku University
October 2-7, 2016
Sendai City Information & Industrial Plaza
Sendai, Japan

4) Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project Facebook

5) A patent application, possibly relevant for LENR:
United States Patent Application 20150311535 Kind Code A1
Cohen; Nathan

USPTO Patent Application for Fractal Metamaterial

6) Andrea Rossi about the status of the 1MW plant test
October 29th, 2015 at 7:19 AM

Carlo Marcena:
Thank you for your enthusiasm, but let me pour some water on the “New Fire”, to keep it under control: the status of the test that is underway and the data we are receiving is helping us with our plans , expanding our knowledge and proving valuable. This is all I can share at this time.
A strong future is my priority, but I cannot predict the future and the final results could be either positive or negative. Assuming the final results will be positive, which is not certain, the next phase will require more hard work and more help to prepare the massive manufacturing: this effort will need more intellectual efforts. I hope our Friends will wish us luck and good fortune, as many challenges remain.
Warm Regards,


  1. Dear Andrea you have many 'friends' but in all relationships what is most vital is an element of trust and transparency and the clear evidence that the relationship is not a 'one way street', both parties in the relationship must bask in the glow on a daily basis, not over the course of years. The risk will always be there and relationships thrive not when the risks are eliminated but rather when those risks are acknowledged and made secondary to the sharing of joy. Your solitary dedication and determination to your path is admirable but whether you are a good partner is clearly becoming wearying for many. Delivering drivel doesn't delight.

  2. Anonymous
    I think you are shooting from the hip with a slingshot.
    First of all being 'anonymous' makes your talk really falling flat to the ground. It is like suggesting you have a relationship with a prostitute and that the relation is well worth the money.
    Secondly, I cannot see that AR needs to provide any information in general. I am sure he delivers accurate information to people he solicit support from.
    Thirdly, I read AR's comments here at EGO OUT, I see no drivel. I see a lot of 'not so sure' type of response and a few 'info is proprietary for now'. His responses looks to me as if he is trying to keep the door open for future relationships; when he is ready and on his terms.
    I do not think he is looking for friends!

  3. I'd happily agree to dropping anonymous comments here in Peter's fine blog but clearly the field of lenr is dominated by anons unwilling for whatever reasons to take the risk of being seen for who they really are. Peter has chosen to provide for anon comments and that is his decision.

    I thought I made it clear I am a great admirer of Rossi but not of the porrige he doles out over and over again saying nothing more that any normal thinking human already assumes.

    Your are also very correct in your saying Rossi is NOT looking for friends, that is the point of my comment precisely, we agree. That is also just fine as I am sure he, like all of us, has as many friends as he needs. But if Rossi is not looking for friends perhaps he should stop referencing the term 'friend', that is the spice that turns bland porrige into drivel.