Saturday, October 17, 2015


My gratitude to DAVID FOJT- my friend who has deep understanding of the dicton
"Bis dat qui cito dat"- bis is an "euphemism"- actually it is ten times more!


Henry-Couannier From Dark Gravity to LENR

Neuville Quantum Electronic Atomic Rearrangement in Solids by H2 Recombination Energy Release On DD Nuclear Syntheses Under Irradiation of Deuterium

J-L Paillet Electron Deep Orbits of the Hydrogen Atom

Fabrice David Hydrogen Isotopes in alloys hypotheses and experiments

Fruchart, N. Skryabina Is Super Abundant Vacancy a singular state in the Hydrogen-in-Metal paradigm?

Yu K. Kurilenkov et al: Nuclear Syntheses Under Irradiation of Deuterium Loaded Pd Anode by Auto Electron Beams at Pulse Vacuum Discharge

J-F Geneste Reverting the Burden of Proof of the Non-Existence of LENR to Orthodox Physicists

Jacques Dufour Unconventional Heat Observation in the Hydrogen/Iron/Sodium System

R. Lundin Power Generation by Resonant Isotope Transmutation of Nuclides 

J.P. Biberian Replication Attempts of the Parkhomov Experiment

Leonid Urutskoev Phenomenological model of collective Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

Budko, A. Korshunov Calorimetric Investigation of Anomalous Heat Production in Ni-H Systems

J.Ruer Analysis of the Potential Behavior of the Energy Catalyzer as Described in the US Patent 9,115,913 B1

J. Ruer Can Craters and Hot Spots Be Explained by Erzions or Exotic Particles?

J-F Geneste LENR: from Experiment to Theory


  1. Great.

    is there any slide or paper on the experimental papers of David, Dufour?

    For Lundin/Lidgren, I imagine the associated paper is the one that was published recently by Mats Lewan?

    interesting paper by Ruer on E-cat possible behavior... engineering speculation, but very valuable anyway.

    too bad the few available papers on experimental are negative (Biberian,Budko)...

    1. Dear Alain.

      The Fabrice David paper- the author is an old fyopung friend of mine, he told he will send me the paper before the Workshop, but did not, so it must be some trouble with iy]t.
      Jacques.'s paper seems to be so short.
      I had no timew and no motivation to compare the Lundin papers-variants
      thje variant given by Mats is the good one anyway.\\You are right Parkhomov replications- very bad situation- really bad!
      But COP.2 and T>1100 C are minimal conditions


  2. Please note that Vladimir Dubinko's paper was 'speed' presented during the workshop, worked in on the fly, regarding nano-breathers. It was not in the initial electronic files attendees received but shall be included in a distribution of final proceedings. His same or similar paper was presented in Padua, but at the workshop, with fewer attendees and less quantity of activity going on, seemed to get more attention. Dubinko communicates his ideas very well.