Monday, September 25, 2017

Kind request for an opened question

My dear friends,

I am old and very ill and I want to take some conclusions of my life.

The most important question I know is if cold fusion has become a technology or not.

Years ago in a phone conversation with Arthur C. Clark, who called me from Sri Lanka I have predicted that the cold fusion will be a useful source of energy that is a technology.
Today I have no idea if I was right or not.

It depends first on Andrea Rossi. If Andrea has indeed a working technology then I was right. If not then we have to wait. I don't know who has the absolute correct answer. Please convey this to Andrea and I am waiting he should tell that to our mentor and friend, A.C. Clark, genius of the first rank, I told the truth or not. This is the most important question for me. Andrea and others can inform people and give any details and publish them in my blog Ego-out which is now administered by my blog associate Georgina and who takes care of my intellectual inheritance.

I can see only with my left eye and I cannot read and cannot write. I am very sorry but my career has ended. Please help me. My daughter will inform me about the situation.

Thank you,