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The past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum
of possibilities.
(Stephen Hawking

Einstein's theory of relativity does a fantastic job for explaining big things. Quantum mechanics is fantastic for the other end of the spectrum - for small things.
(Brian Green)

Science is spectral analysis. Art is light synthesis. (Karl Kraus) THIS has more senses!

The broad spectrum of knowledge, the ability to probe into the meaning of an event and the ability to write clearly and concisely in newspaper style are the essence of professionalism. (Betty Southard Murphy)


I have learned a very important concept- "spectrum of opinions" from my dear boss,
Dr. C.D. in 1967- it was at the Chemical Works Ramnicu Valcea- later OLTCHIM-
the plants were still in construction and the Doctor had the task to organize 3 essential departments- Technical-documentation, Quality Control and Research.
Challenging task, I was his direct helper. Excellent collaboration, he was a colonel
belonging to the intellectual aristocracy, skilled chemist,  very cultured, fluent in French- nice, with a charming humor. When we first met he told me: "You will hear many things about me, true and false, you will see that it is a broad spectrum of opinions about me; do not care and build your own independent opinion." (Spectrum is also distribution, range- he was analytical chemist familiar with spectra)
I never forgot this- and my opinion remained clearly positive- till his retirement (he was some 28 years older than me). The concept is applicable to everything and to anybody- in politics it has to be understood in the frame of a democratic system but also in an authoritarian one- the spectra are forcedly narrowed in both cases. In religion fragmentation leads to very broad spectra globally and very narrow spectra locally- who does not think like us is against us! (slogan valid in science too1)

During my almost 27 years of dedication to and living with Cold Fusion-LENR I have seen very broad spectra of opinions about the field as such, fro both outside and inside from very positive to negative filled with hatred and contempt and ardent hostility, repeated in many forms. Symmetry is rare, the spectra had been awfully ugly. However let's take the spectrum of the classic LENR results called here histogram- it is from Ed Storms 2007 book.
Can you call it a beautiful, optimist one? 
Would you enjoy a similar spectrum of opinions about yourself? Does it show a trend of improvement, progress? 

From the advent of what I call the LENR+ era- 5 years almost, the spectrum of opinions about the E-Cat and its creator had a very dynamic, anarchic, evolution
however recently it has started narrowing and going toward the positive. In the moment when Rossi delivers the much expected certainties it will be a really fine spectrum. Till then I am inviting the most vocal Rossi-negationists to tell what;s their opinion today, based on what- and, just for the sake of correctness what will they do if it will be shown that their opinions are flawed.

Speaking about the spectra of opinions about human, it exists one method of improving it completely, making it positive (however volatile) - but the cost of it is much  too high. I am still strong enough to carry my personal spectrum for a while, polarized and unaesthetic as it could be.


1) Andrea Rossi
January 9th, 2016 at 12:33 AM

It’s midnight of January 09 16 (Saturday).
E-Cat 1 MW stable
E-Cat X in operation and good standing.
Warm Regards,

Update on E-Cat state of oil markets, etc.

2) An important change at the E-Cat World website:
Announcement: LENRConnect Closing, ECW Connect Opening
Bravissimo, dear Frank Acland- a great step toward an improved communication system!
3) Independent replication of the cold fusion reactor of Andrea Rossi in Russia Независимое воспроизведение реактора холодного синтеза Андреа Росси в России

4) The Pathoskeptic

5) Moscow Physicist Run 17 Tests with Ni-LiAlH4 System: No Excess Heat (Oystein Lande)
6) NASA Glenn Research Center experience with “LENR Phenomenon”
a 2012 document, now declassified

7) The Hammer Has Fallen                                                                                                      Posted by Doktor Bob on Jan 8, 2016


I have also posted on Safire. 

The Safire team seems to be seeing fusion in the dusty plasma condensation layer when the hydrogen plasma first recombines into the non-plasma state. IMHO, this layer of condensing de-ionized hydrogen is likely Rydberg Hydrogen Matter(RHM). 

The Safire method of producing this RHM seems like a simple way to produce RHM. The Safire experiment has a positively charged anode in the center of a hydrogen leak proof box carring a high DC potential. The walls of the box are negatively charged. The power pumped into the box is 1800 watts.

Safire is seeing power spikes of between 2 to 10 megawatts and transmutation products.

The main obstacle in LENR engineering is producing RHM for use in the LENR reactor.

It might be possible to extract this RHM as fuel for a LENR reactor. Or setup a LENR reactor which maintains a Safire like high voltage DC potential between the centrally located high DC voltage anode and the negatively charged reactor walls.


Nanoscale look at why a new alloy is amazingly tough

Ludwik Kostro Prof. emeritus and visiting prof. University of Gdansk Departement for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science Gdansk, Poland 80-007,

The official Sciences, especially all natural sciences, respect in their researches the principle of methodic naturalism i.e. they consider all phenomena as totally natural and therefore in their scientific explanations they do never adduce or cite supernatural forces. The purpose of this paper is to show that Modern Science has its own self-existent, self-acting and self-sufficient Natural All-in Being i.e. the Nature as Whole that justifies the scientific methodic naturalism. This self-existing, self acting and self-sufficient Natural All-in Being should be called Cosmic Absolute. It will be also shown that the Cosmic Absolute is transreistic and trans-personal because It is neither a Thing or Person although It imbeds in Itself all things and persons as well, On the turn of the 20th century the Science has begun to look for a theory of everything, for a final theory, for a master theory. In my opinion the Cosmic Absolute will constitute in such a theory the basic, the all embracing Natural Ultimate Realty and will substitute the traditional supernatural personal Absolute. It will be also indicated that probably the physical space-time as such, that is one and only, will be never quantized because, as has shown A. Einstein, the physical space as such that is one and only (in his dynamical description of space and time) is not composed of points, is not divisible in parts and the notions of rest and motion cannot be applied to it. In the same description, the physical time as such that is also one and only is not composed of moments, is not divisible in time intervals and the notions of flowing or not flowing cannot be applied to it. In Einstein’s static description the physical space-time as such that is one and only is not composed of world-lines and momentary three dimensional spaces. According to Einstein, physical space, time and space-time as such can never be considered as reference frame. They are something more fundamental, They are ultra-referential and therefore they cannot be served as a privileged reference frame. According to Einstein only reference spaces and times are composed of points or moments, divisible in space or time intervals and can move or flow. And only reference space-times are composed of world-lines and momentary three dimensional spaces. The number of reference space-times is infinite. We introduce them artificially as proper spaces, times and space-times of particles and bodies. In the Cosmic Absolute we are dealing with coincidences of opposites. Perhaps in It there is a coincidence of quantization and un-quantization. If so then gravity is un-quantizable and the other three interactions are quantizable.
You can discover more searching for the Author

Clicca qui per ingrandire
This is an image; the second paper is this:

by LI. Urutskoev, D.V.Filippov, A.A. Rukhadze, K. A. Alabin, A.A. Levanov

An overview of the theoretical works shows that superstrong magnetic fi eld due to the deformation of the electron shells of an atom influence the probability of occurrence of nuclear processes such as β-decay and α-decay. The results of experiments in which it was registered the break of secular equilibrium of uranium-thorium chain and distortion originally isotopic composition of uranium are presented. It is shown that the distortion of the isotopic composition is due to increase in the probability α-decay of 238U. It is noted that in these experiments was not observed any significant flow of γ- and neutron radiation. 
Key words: -decay, -decay, laser ablation. 


How to Help Your Team Make Good Decisions


  1. Hello Peter
    I think if the negationists are wrong
    deep down they will be glad there wrong.
    If the positiveionists are wrong they will
    be dissapointed but they will get over it.
    Great to have both opinions.
    Thanks for your E mail.


    1. Dear Sam,

      Thank you< i will let you know what happens.

    2. Sam, your premise is ridiculous. Everyone wants a better and cheaper source of energy. It would be wonderful. But it won't come from scammers like Defkalion and Rossi.

    3. I would be absolutely wonderful to have a working LENR gizmo, why would this kind of hope be somewhere "deep down".

      Hell no! I have two reasons to follow this field: fighting the crooks (if I can) and hoping that someday some of this baloney proves to be true.


  2. I thank Peter for providing a forum for establishing the absolute fraudulent practices of Andrea Rossi. The public observers have been hopefully awaiting the conclusion of his year long testing. There is a great hope for success as this would be a tide that lifts all boats.

    I would like to establish a clear description showing how his claims are impossible according to his own reporting. They are inconsistent from a time perspective that cannot be possible.

    1. He has consistently claimed COPs of 6 for the past 11 months.

    2. Simultaneously he says: " Perhaps it does not work; we will see at the end of the testing period.

    3. 1. and 2. are mutually exclusive from a time standpoint. Claim 1 eliminates the possibility of statement 2. If it has been working at that COP, then it cannot be labeled as a failure. Rossi makes the second statement in hope of evading prosecution in 2016.

    4. Rossi's control of the Lugano test conducted by Levi is too poorly done to avoid the likelyhood of collusion. Levi and his noble band acted like a group of unexperienced technologists. Tome Clarke has shown the shortcomings and detailed how no excess heat was actually measured.

    5. Industrial Heat got involved on the basis of the first testing in 2013. That was weaker than Lugano, but it provided a platform for suggesting improvements by LENR practitioners.

    A. eliminate Optical Pyrometry. It is too ambiguous.
    B. Employ thermocouples as a correlation. This did not happen at Rossi's direction.
    C. Rosssi handled the loading and unloading of the powders. This is unacceptable for a person with 3 international convictions for fraud!

    I believe that Industrial Heat has been unable to cajole and or direct Rossi due to a weak agreement. Rossi's agreement with Ampenergo is so weak that it has only a slim hope of fruititon.

  3. My ideas about Rossi are the same as ever. What has he done recently except make unfounded claims?

  4. I prefer the term "skeptopath" with its very appropriate similarity to "psychopath".

    1. Uhhun. Except it's a made up word. The word to use for Rossi is sociopath. That's a real world and it's really appropriate for Rossi.

    2. I prefer the term "Pathoskeptic" my self. Happy to call myself one.

  5. From Brian Ahern

    Mary Yugo's comments against Rossi are too mild I want to add details to support the lack of honesty from the Rossi tribe.

    Somebody has to remind people new to LENR that Rossi has ben ducking, dodging and hiding for the past 6 years Please recall the steam fiasco at Bologna on January 14, 2011. Five years ago Rossi and his schill, Giuseppe Levi, claimed dry steam and the latent heat attendant to that phase.

    They could have ended the ambiguity by increasing the flow rate to prevent boiling.

    Rosssi wanted the ambiguity and refused to repeat the test. Two years later, Defkalion tried the same trick with steam before disappearing from the scene.

    Rossi is better at collecting a loyal following in spite of evidence of fraud at every turn. New folks need to be reminded that Rossi has spent years in Italian prisons for fraudulent activities. We are being asked to forget his innumerable transgressions in hope of a favorable outcome this time.

    We must recall Einstein's definition of insanity at this time.

    Industrial Heat fell for his claims and they are now regrouping and retreating from the Rossi camp. Rossi is discussing LeonardoCorp, but no mention of IH.

    I think Peter Gluck has provided a forum for both positive and negative views of Rossi. I believe in excess energy production, but Rosssi has never demonstrated anything that could be verified.


    1. It should be noted that Mr Rossi started
      studying LENR at his time he spent in prison.
      With the coperation of other prisoners and prison
      When Mr Rossi is successful what will be the moral
      of the story.That Scientists should spend time in
      prison so they study harder.

    2. The moral of the story is that Rossi did not spend enough time in jail to be taught a good lesson. Perhaps he will after the current scam ends but unfortunately, I think not.

  6. Peter actually asked me to respond to these issues:

    "a) ithe Rossi generators are showing massive excess heat ornot at al?"

    How should I know? Rossi doesn't let me measure his stuff. Nonetheless, if you ask my opinion, the only heat comes from the giant heater in the device. That heater would not be needed if ecats made enough heat.

    "b) what is then driving Rossi to continue the play. how he obtains money for zero (noyhing, nada, nichts, nimic etc.) energy- what motivates him?What is the scenario actually? Isn't it similar with absiurd theater as Beckett, Ionesco?"

    In my opinion, Rossi is a sociopath -- a person without a conscience. He scams and cons people for money as he has done for decades since Petroldragon.

    "c) Do you have solid proofs-as example your friend Roger visiting the !MW
    plant and observing it is actually just a holographic image- only false photons no solid materials?"

    Peter, sometimes I have no idea what you are writing about. I have no friend named Roger. The so-called plant is not a mirage. My best guess from the photos is that it is an assembly of useless parts except for the huge electrical heaters and huge electrical input panel Rossi has built in to it. The rest does nothing. It's only for show.

    "d) Rossi has convinced some- seemingly normal people about his results and perspectives- has he used black magic, drugs hypnosis,blackmail, other occult or terrorist methods? Is he the first cousin of the Evil one?"

    You know, I am being serious and you are being silly but I'll humor you this time. Rossi used what I call mismeasurement and probably a number of other tricks depending on which demo or test you are talking about. What I do know and you refuse to explain is that Rossi has ALWAYS refused and ridiculed requests for proper calibration and blank runs over the entire operating temperature range of the devices. Also, as Brian Ahern noted, the proper way to test the ecat is with liquid phase only in the cooling fluid and proper calorimetry, with appropriate calibration. Of course, Rossi has never done that. Nor have any of his Swedish friends or Levi. Maybe you can tell me why.

    "e) Please predict how his story wil end in total collapse, be as apocaliptic as you can be!"

    Gee Peter! You of all people should know what will happen to Rossi. It will be the same as your former heros, Hadjichristos and Defkalion. Are you still hoping for new Hyperions? Rossi will slink away the same way and he will try to start a new scam, perhaps with the idiotic claims he has for the so-called Ecat-X. Maybe he will be sued or arrested but knowing how lax the law is about low levels scams, it is not likely. And IH, Darden, Vaughn and the Woodford Fund will be left holding the bag, looking stupid.

    "Be yourself 100% and sincere to the maximum as this is your last opportunity to tell about the affair what you want- fromtomorrow there will be no more freedom of speech re this issue"

    What do you mean? Of course there will be freedom of speech. In the US, it's the first amendment to the Constitution! If you mean on your blog, who cares? You have been censoring on and off since the blog began, Peter, and anyway, very few people actually read it nowadays.

    You seem like a kind person, Peter, but you have been wildly misled -- first by Defkalion and now by Rossi. Who will be your next darling scammer?