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The Thesis of Sergey Tsvetkov

At the present, cold nuclear fusion is disruptive for many energy technologies 
and it is also game -changing in fundamental physics, therefore so many affluent people on our Planet look at it with outright hostility. (Sergey Tsvetkov)

- a bit freely translated after the original
Холодный ядерный синтез является на данный момент закрывающей технологией для многих направлений энергетики и фундаментальной физики, поэтому к нему такое отвращение у благополучных людей планеты.

See more about the author's excellent cold fusion classic paper 2) at news


I have decided to dedicate this weekend issue to an every- and all-day subject: PRO LENR- that is what is in favor of LENR, what can we all do in order to support and help and contribute to the welfare of the field?

First let's see which somewhat external events, news are acting in favor of LENR.
Simple to discuss- the section LENR IN CONTEXT-1 discusses about science and technology. LENR's enemies being regressives suffering of prosophobia but also from arrogance and self-sufficiency it is obvious that news showing science is
open and in development- are GOOD! while claims of science is finished and closed- are BAD! Special attention to nuclear physics - it is indeed a main part of LENR but due to the necessity of genesis of active sites, LENR is first material science catalysis and nanotechnology. Any revelation of this reality is working for LENR.
I think you understand how complex taxonomies are in "our favor"
- reality is too complex to  be completely described by the present level Physics.
Therefore, to take  recent example, Neuglu the newly discovered boson speaks LENRese.

Similarly for LENR IN CONTEXT-2 targeted on management and business 
the development of LENR is one of the beneficiaries of progress in problem solving, modes of thinking up to design thinking and systems thinking- in innovation and in leadership etc.
I have told you about my credo that management is now a source of philosophy; for me W. Edwards Deming, Peter Drucker, Jim Roh and Nicholas Nassim Taleb and many others- are real thinkers of the highest value.

We can support LENR by promoting it and just now this is awfully difficult due to some negative, destructive events- in a sense a repeat of what has happened to Cold Fusion in 1989.

Tempering the activity of the fifth column in LENR

Actions have to be started by removing first the major obstacles and now it is difficult to promote LENR due a hiper-noisy and aggressive Fifth column that has developed during the , say last two months starting abruptly and unexpectedly when Andrea Rossi after announcing a successful 1 year 1MW test with his generators- has claimed the due sum of money, 89 million US$ from Industrial Heat.
About the 5th column- La Quinta Columna- in original Spanish see please It is a meme, mainly political.

The 5th column inside the LENR community was formed quasi instantly by grafting of corrupted elements on the pre-existing Rossi haters and science-purists. Only who has not lived in a deeply corrupt society thinks corruption is only financial. Actually corruption for money is a poor sort, there exists genuine idealistic corruption too- that can be confounded with conformism.
OK, the 5th columnists have to confronted directly, with dignity and efficiently 

Please do not look further than paper 1) below- how can it be put in accordance with what IH says about the Rossi technology?
I have remarked something really uniquely strange - the attacker are slowly replacing a simple binary thinking with Yes and No with kind of zeronary thinking- without Yes and No just incessant repetition without proofs  that the technology is both non-existent and impossible. What is truly impossible is -dialog.


1) Industrial Heat Amends E-Cat Patent (May 5, 2016)

2) Received directly from the author:
S.A. TsvetkoV, D.S. Tsvetkova
The Encyclopedia of the Engineer-Chemist- in Russian, no 5/2009
Paper translated in English is here:


3) Uwe Doms is a fine exampleof  creative activity in favor of LENr's future:
LENR- the solution for Mankind's all problems? 
in an interview re "The World in 100 years?"
LENR – Die Lösung für alle Probleme der Menschheit?
In einem Interview zur Frage, “Die Welt in 100 Jahren” writesThe Background:
Harald Lesch is the most famous  German physicist, astronomer, natural philosopher, author, television presenter, professor of physics at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, and an open minded nice guy.
If I can get him evolved in the LENR topic and if he would present LENR in one of his TV Casts, than this would mean a breakthrough for LENR in the public domain in Germany.
Let's wish him success- Germany can contribute a lot to LENR!

Wild West new-energy scene is just a stage:

Artificial-Leaf Inventor Slams New Energy Finance, Blames Universities


True for real-life (not mathematics) problems too:
Who was the most genius mathematician that you had ever worked with,and what was the situation that made you think so?

Craig Aaron Tovey, Prof. at Ga. Tech. I know some math, probability, complexity, optimization algs
25.5k Views • Upvoted by Tom McFarlane, graduate degree in mathematics and Ben Golub,Majored in math at Caltech

Paul Erdos. Other mathematicians I have known could, like Erdos, solve problems instantly. Erdos could do more. He would instantly alter your problem to make it a good research question. The first time I talked with him, I asked him two questions. The first was about prime numbers of a certain form. As soon as I finished speaking he answered that my guess was correct and followed as a corollary from a theorem proved 20 years previously. He immediately continued by proposing a generalization that might be true and would be worth exploring. My second question was about Ramsey numbers (part of graph theory). I had conjectured that R(k,m) <= R(k-1,m+1) for k>m, which intuitively seemed very plausible to me. Erdos immediately said ``That is too hard. Try to prove R(3k,k)<= R(2k,2k). That would be very interesting.”

I visualize what Erdos could do as if what is known or readily proved in mathematics is the interior of a ball. Points on the ball’s boundary are the good research problems at the edge of the unknown. Points far from the ball are too difficult for us now. If you gave Erdos a problem inside the ball, he would project it outwards to get a harder version on the boundary that was worthy of research. If you gave Erdos a problem well outside the ball, he would project it inwards onto the ball to give a you a version that you might have a chance of solving. I have not worked with any other mathematician who could do that instantly.

We must stop worshipping the false God of the strong leader

Yes in politics, but I have some serious doubts regarding research projects and management of innovative technologies.


  1. Peter
    You would think The idea of LENR should
    sell itself.
    If people just understood the basic idea
    that energy can be produced economically
    and safely they would demand research
    be done.
    Especially when governments and Scientists
    will research the dumbest things imaginable
    but not the fascinating idea of LENR.

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