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I believe we are on an irreversible trend toward more freedom and democracy - but that could change. (Dan Quayle)

I believe we are on an irreversible trend toward a working useful LENR energy source but some people want to change this. (Peter Gluck)

You all already know my personal slogan
- My favorite sport is swimming;
- My favorite meta-sport  is swimming counter-stream

I will add now to this the following:
I am not scared of an exercise of swimming with sharks. The reason is that there I am faster than fast, i.e. pro-active.
And I well know sharks have three times more teeth than IQ points


I have read more papers by Vladimir Vysotskii and so i know he is a great physicist and a creative thinker.  Yesterday it was very nice to see how clearly he sees the role of Andrea Rossi in the context of the global situation of the LENR field and how much he appreciates the irreversible changes induced by Rossi in our thinking and actions- our defines here the people who care for the applicative future of LENR>

Asked about irreversible changes, Andrea Rossi emphasizes the main one:

" I think the first irreversible change induced by my work is to consider LENR not more a folly oftwo nuts chemists but a new branch of physics that will help to search for energy not only in the electrons but also in the nucleus. It is true that the energy of the nucleus was already searched but in a passive way (take advantage of a fission naturally occurring) or in an unexploitable way (Hot Fusion)"

Yes the trend is to take LENR seriously- we see many signs of it and slowly it will become obvious that LENR is the most economical, ecological and human way to
use the nuclear energy. Remember Hot Fusion is brute force, LENR is smart nuclear ju-jitsu.

I will add two trends less obvious and still not well accepted even in the core of the LENR community:

- going from the cool, wet and static systems to the hot, dry and dynamic;

LENR- is to find, discovery, science while working useful LENR is creation, invention, and science + technology


As predicted the answers given by Andrea Rossi to Mats Lewan are "vividly" discussed in many forums and threads. Dewey Weaver and Jed Rothwell are repeatedly qualifying any statement of the "enemy" as insane, nonsense, false, lie etc. I think it is not rational to discuss with people in trance.
See please the paper at LENR IN CONTEXT-2 advising what to do in such situations.  But I read with interest everything they say because it is symptomatic for their styles, modes of thinking, mentality, strategy. I confess I like more what  and how Weaver writes - he is more motivated and a better diplomat- more apt in using disphemisms,


1) Leonardo/Rossi Partnering with Hydro Fusion to Build E-Cat Factory in Southern Sweden!

2) From Rossi's JONPMicky
May 16, 2016 at 6:51 PM

Dr Andrea Rossi,
Questions, if you can answer:
1- before the beginning of the te
st did Tom Darden meet the president of the Customer (JM) ?
2- did he know that the president of JM, the Customer, was also your attorney ?
3- if yes, did he sign a contract with JM after knowing what in points 1 and 2 ?
4- when he accompanied his investors to visit the plant of the Customer, did Tom Darden and his investors speak with the Customer in his factory ?
5- during these visits did he say anything negative to you and to his investors, or he only said positive things ?
6- is it true that Tom Darden collected substantial amounts of money from the investors after their visit to the plant to the Customer ?
7- at the time Darden made the visits to the plant in the factory of the Customer, had he already received from the ERV the first quarter report ?
8 if yes, were the results of the report with the data of the first quarter moreless equal to the results of the final report ?
Thank you for your answers,
Andrea Rossi
May 16, 2016 at 10:15 PM

1- yes
2- yes
3- yes
4- yes
5- He spoke only positively of the plant and the test on course
6- yes
7- yes
8- yes
Warm Regards,


Oystein Lande
May 17, 2016 at 2:59 AM

Dear mr Rossi,

I am a litle surprised that you needed no HVAC system in the e-cat container producing 1MW heat. If you only lost 1% of this inside the container, it still meant 10KW heating,…

1. I Expect the container itself where not insulated? and therefore transferring effectively the lost heat to the outside surroundings.

2. Did you have closed doors of the e-cat container during running?
Andrea Rossi
May 17, 2016 at 7:32 AM

Oystein Lande:
1. the container itself was not insulated, because this would have been useless, since all the hot bodies inside the container were thermally insulated
2. The doors were open during the operation and there was a ventilation system that sent the warm air through the exhaust windows of the roof of the factory
Besides: you correctly write that if the 1% of the heat produced was lost through the insulation, 10 thermal kW were emitted.
As you well know, just to give an example that explains which amount of energy we are talking of and as any household knows, 10 kW of power are barely enough to maintain during a mild winter a temperature of 25 °C in a two rooms apartment with close windows.
A 2 rooms apartment has a volume of about 200 cubic meters.
We were in a factory with windows in the roof always open; by the way, as you know, warm air goes naturally toward the top being lighter than air colder than it; the volume of the factory is 6 000 cubic meters which means about 30 times the volume of a two rooms apartment.
Now: if 10 kW of power are able to hold a 2 rooms apartment of 200 cubic meters at 22°C with closed windows, how much are able the same to heat a factory of 6 000 cubic meters with open windows on the roof and a ventilation system to exhaust it ? Obviously the temperature was warmer inside the reactors container, in fact I told you that there were about 40 °C, but, due to the fact that the doors of the container were open and that also inside the container there was a ventilation system, the internal temperature of the reactors container never is gone above the 40 °C.
Warm Regards,

3) A lot of Rusian Cold Fusion vdeos here:
LENR наша презентация! Холодный Ядерный Синтез

4) From NASA:
Frontier In-Situ Resource Utilization for Enabling Sustained Human Presence on Mars Robert W. Moses and Dennis M. Bushnell Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia

5) Two Giants, Two Problems, and One Simple Answer: Help us me356! 

Artificial intelligence replaces physicists


What to Do If a Conversation Is Turning Loud and Aggressive


  1. Brillouin Energy Corp - will claim they figured out the physics of LENR - LAUGH - DR ROSSI we know figured it out first working device with the eCat.

  2. Dear Peter,
    Thank you for another wonderful post. I look forward to reading your thoughts here each day.
    Certainly Dr. Rossi has changed the LENR landscape. The gentle approach to the nucleus circa 1989 was brilliantly investigated. The dry system (+) is also my hope and surely it will work. Work must be the key word in so many of these discussions. Rossi knows work. The recent photo of Dr. Rossi which accompanied Mr. Lewan's article gave me pause. He did not look well.
    Dr. Rossi and I are the same age within some months (young, yes we are). The photo caused me to reflect on the importance of balancing work and dedication with rest and reflection. My thoughts and prayers and mostly my sincere thanks are with you and with Dr. Rossi as this tale spins in complex circles.

    Sincerely yours,
    Stephent Taylor

    1. Dear Stephen
      please accept a late Thank you! and please write a small essay with what you think for my blog.
      Warm greetings,

  3. About the bad appearance of andrea rossi in last photo. The main problem with his appearance is the bad hair color he uses. I guess he is allergic to PPD which is part of regular hair paint materials, I have the same allergy and found an extremely simple solution for this problem after years of being troubled.

    Besides, I believe that Rossi didnt slept two days or so because of his intensive visit in Europe (and lag in sleep times). I am not too worried about his appearance.

  4. Dear Peter,


    "Studies at the time, combined with historical research, revealed that about the only thing that will drive sharks away is the odor of another dead shark."

    Best regards

    1. Excuse for the late answer. This is contradiction with the fact that sharks are cannibals, some even intrauterine cannibals
      Really and metaphorically.