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We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future. (George Bernard Shaw)

We know about 5 important collective LENR focused events of the next two months-
Surely some surprises will be added to them. We have to try to learn from them; the spiritus loci at these meetings will help us to understand the spirit of the Present and to feel the trends of the near future. It is about events of diverse magnitudes some are fully dedicated to LENR, in others LENR is in a larger context or combined with related subjects. The meetings differ by how the interests, ideas and aims of the organizers, the speakers, the public (at the site and worldwide) are harmonized, brought in some equilibrium. The usual winner is speakers- the success of a conference is measure by the number and the diversity of speakers. This has a negative effect on the quality, leads to inhumanely short presentation times and 
is kind of counter-selection. Thanks to its Almighty the INTERNET  the complete texts of the presentations become accessible very soon, so the readers can distinguish the excellent papers from the very good ones soon and so on- downwards.
It is a well kept secret of the field but there exists a New Wave, scientists and technologists who think that the solution of the LENR problem is much more based on what we do NOT today than on what we know and actually there is unavoidable a bit of back-stabbing between the Old and the New at these meetings.
There are 5 events- with links, logos, basic data described in Ruby Carat's list here
and I think we can add this too; one man's show but it can have Impact!
I am asking your collaboration for getting information fast about these events, in chronological order:

 No. 1: September 23, Boston, US, IEEE Meeting at Teradyne: 
LENR Phenomena and Potential Applications, 
Professor Peter Hagelstein and Dr. Louis DeChiaro
What is Hagelstein's present theoretical ideology re LENR? What will they say about
applications? How they see the future of LENR?

No. 2.  September 27- Oct 4, Dagomys, Sochi Russia
The Russian Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutatu\ions and Ball Lightnings -22
I have presented the abstracts (25) as a Subjective Preview here:
What I predict is good surprises at this ICCF 19.5 meeting

No. 3.  October 2, Brussels, Belgium, EU, Full Circle Club
Mats Lewan, Swedish journalist and leading Rossiologist speaks on ENDLESS ENERGY. What else than wish him great success?

No. 4. October 3, Terni, Italia: 
Workday at Palasi di Terni,  LENR and other Renewables- this is not only spirit is spirituality too- will be discussed in a special editorial- possibly tomorrow

No. 5. October 14, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland , ISOLDE Solid State Physics
The anomalous heat effect on D/H loaded Palladium: Exploration at an atomic level, preliminary perturbed angular correlations studies
by Juliana SchellVittorio ViolanteGraham K. Hubler

High level experimental science, hopefully it will contribute to the solving of the existential problems of PdD wet LENR.

No. 6. October 15-16, Toulouse France THE EVENT! 
11th International Workshop on Anomalies in 
Hydrogen Loaded Metals
I hope to write a subjective preview soon about this great surprise.


1) More isotopic analysis of MFMP Glowstick published by Univ of Missouri lab

2) Gregory Goble:
Toyota Metallic Hydride Nanoparticle Patents 

3) Andrea Rossi and Photo

4) Rossi about the coming LENR  meetings:

Andrea Rossi
September 11th, 2015 at 7:19 PM

Ing. Michelangelo De Meo:
Good, this too is an “effect” produced by our work: MIT: before our work barred any reference to LENR; Airbus: they started their R&D in LENR after a meeting with me in Ferrara; Russia: all began with the replication Parkhomov made of the so called Rossi Effect;CERN: as I already said in this blog, before our work should anybody go there showing anything about LENR, he would meet a reaction as that of Dracula if shown garlic and crucifix.
Warm Regards,

5) Davids vs. Goliath
In A Race to Replace Hydrocarbons With Nuclear Fusion As The World’s Dominant Energy Source by Douglas A. Pinnow, Ph.D.

6) Moon Shot Miss -The New Fire by John Oman

7) Cold Fusion Heats Up: Fusion Energy and LENR Update


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