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Bottlenecks become breakthroughs (a nice expression from the first paper at OTHER of scipiological inspiration; take a look for Scipiology on the Web)


A painful truth asserted by the leading LENR researcher, Edmund Storms: "the basic problem with LENR during its entire history is the failure to understand and master the controlling variables." I have concluded the same however being an engineer I speak about "actionable parameters"- the true, deep, hidden ones were never determined/found. (to note that Ed Storms is investigating the problem, see 1) at Daily News)
It is undeniable for the original PdD wet electrolytic system, despite the thousands of experiments performed by hundreds of good scientists worldwide for more than 26 years those variables are unknown and only some factors of influence as global loading, current density etc. as described e.g.  in Storms's fundamental and integral 
review books have been discovered. 
In my opinion this situation is intolerable and generates a great question: Why- how was this possible? Is lack of founding, lack of instruments or- horribile dictu! is it a proof of the weakness of the LENR scientists - as a whole? 
NO! I have a simple but surprising and nonconformist answer: the actionable parameters were not found simply because they do not exist at all, are absent from the PdD system. And, in a not very optimist note- will be never found there.
LENR there exists beyond any doubt but does not live, grow and cannot be developed, scaled up.
The PdD system does not work because it has just an aleatory small density active sites (NAE if you wish) and many of these are poisoned by the alien (not hydrogen) gases present- no LENR system works if not deeply degassed. But the main reason is that below the Debye temperature of the metal- the hydrogen/metal systems are static- the number of active sites does not change much. Over this temperature limit a   dynamic mechanism of continuous generation of active sites starts with increasing intensity at higher temperatures.
Please pray that this is an erroneous idea- and a great number of active sites can be generated at lower temperatures.

From my childhood remembrances- it was trendy to learn English and the best teacher in Timisoara was then Mrs Lily W. This nice lady was very fond of Oscar Wilde  and I had to lecture "The Happy Prince" (who wanted to do good ignoring himself- as Europe does these days) and The Sphinx without a Secret" see please; 

Yes, I fear that the classic PdD LENR system is a Shinx without a secret, and a problem without a solution, immutable that cannot be improved as reproducibility  or intensity or duration.To live it has to be converted in LENR+ -enhanced heat excess
by scientific and technological research.


1) The most valuable, useful and heroic PdD electrolytic experimental program by 
Edmund Storms

Here is the next installment in the LENR saga.  Although the electrolytic method was the first to demonstrate LENR and has been the most popular method, the important variables are still not understood and many theories are chasing the wild goose as result.  This ignorance has to be eliminated for progress to be made.  This report shows some preliminary results and the path that will be followed in later work.  If this project is successful in making active material, the path to replicate the results will be clear and the results will be easy to accept. All required information will be available to any one who is interested, which makes this study rather unique these days. Any comments or questions are appreciated.

2) Lithium and the Hot Cat by Gerard McEk

3) Andrea Rossi says

The E-Cat X is still in construction, and I am very satisfied how she is growing up.
How many miles will go in 24 hours: well, in 24 hours it is supposed to make about 70 kWh, which corresponds moreless to 60 miles, take it or leave it.
Warmest Regards

4) A new forum re programming for Lugano-Parkhomov replicators

5) Impulse gamma radiation excess over the base in LENR experiments.
This is from Freethinker Lenr 2's experiments.
Импульсное превышение гамма-фона обнаружено при проверке репликации реактора в Лугано.
This leads to the following thread on the LENR Forum:
http://www.lenr-forum.com/forum/index.php/Thread/1872-Freethinker-s-replication-attempts/?postID=7212#post7212  and to this graphic: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzogho5QiA0qSUpLcmtyTGJVb0k/view

6) LENR-Invest, LLC Adds NichEnergy to Portfolio of Firms Driving the Commercialization of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Technology
Also see:

7) Testing up-date looking for LENR by Frank Acland
Excellent, dear Frank!


A bad reputation is near impossible to overcome. Rossi’s reputation for honesty and integrity is as bad as it comes. How will Rossi overcome this problem? I am amazed at how hard it is to convince people that LENR works. 

Rossi says that he will begin selling his reactors very soon by the kiloton. Is this a real expectation or a fantasy? Out side of Steve Jobs, when was a great inventor a savy seller. 

Tomas Edison lost control of all his electrical inventions when J.P. Morgan took control of the Edison Electricity Company and turned it into General Electric.

The board of Edison General Electric decided to adopt AC power, and dropped Edison's name; the company was now called "General Electric." Edison would refuse to set foot in any General Electric plants for the next 30 years, but his ability to reinvent himself matched his scientific prowess. In the second half of his life he would invent the first motion picture camera, improve his phonograph, and become America's first entertainment mogul. "People will forget," he stated with typical bravado, "that my name ever was connected with anything electrical." Could this happen to Rossi?

Rossi has his vision of how the future of his product will unfold, but is that vision realistic? A seller needs willing buyers no matter how much product that the seller can produce, and no matter how cheap his product is. Everybody thinks that LENR is a fraud. Will a manulacuer let a nucler device inside his plant? How will Rossi convince the buyer that his product is safe? How will Rossi convince buyers that his product works. If Rossi intends to sell his product in the near future, he must create demand for his product now. He must do something to change his damaged reputation right now. Rossi has never been concerned about what people thought about him, but that must change fast. How can Rossi turn his damaged reputation around? Rossi must convince everyone that he can be trusted and his product is real. Rossi has no marketing plan in place. No matter how many reactors that his megaplant can produce, his product will set in the warehouse unwanted and unsold were these reactors will collect dust unless he can convince people to by them.

Demand takes time to create. How will Rossi sell his product? Can Rossi change his mindset from complete IP protection and lockdown to ab open ended sharing of his patent protected knowhow? I personally thing that this mental task will be too much for Rossi to handle. A miser cannot become a spendthrift overnight.

Microsoft was the first to produce a tablet computer many years ago It took Apple to create demand for that product through innovative design. Rossi should understand that producing a product does not mean people will buy it if they don’t trust you.


3 Rules to Find Development in the Details

Why not a LENR Manhattan Plan too?
by Lydia DePillis
A collective intellectual effort offers self-help for a nation struggling to adapt to a new global climate.


  1. Peter, being now golden but soon to become slippery liquid metal (Hg) is perhaps not the best. Of course since the field of LENR is indistinguisable from alchemy coverting back to gold should be no problem. Next year you can simply absorb an appropriate nucleon, spit out a bitter beta, and you are once again gold as was clearly shown by Bockris et al.

    1. Dear Russ,

      to be exact I am 77 till Oct 25, after that I am Pt. Have to wait for Au and who knows...vita brevis!
      What element are you now?