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Vive la différence! (long live the difference, or otherness of  LENR - between the real one and the imagined one)

(first sketch, the first part)

TASK: to create a global LENR Research culture and infrastructure that works, is highly successful in creating energy sources able to replace the present ones

LENR is a special case and it is even much more special than "LENR" in strict sense. It is both more and less than nuclear reactions at low energy- I am using in my thinking UEHMDI- that is is Useful Energy fromHydrogen Metal Deep Interaction.

Frame of the Problem
Technologies are based on
Transport, Transfer and Transformation of
Information, Energy and Matter (Pierre Le Goff, Nancy University)
LENR refers to new improved (technically, economically, socially and ecologically) methods of transformation of energy- actually appearing as creation of energy.

Approach to solutions of the problems

Realistic, pragmatic, materialistic- that translates as creative, innovative, bold, radical.

Definition of the basic problem of LENR
The processes are not well understood, are not manageable. cannot be intensified and not scaled up, the field had and grosso modo still has a bad reputation. The cause? My own explanation (not shared by many in the present) is that the very unhappy birth of Cold Fusion- converted later in LENR and that due  the stubborn and "superior" denial of this disturbing reality by the opinion leaders; the identity of LENR  is not recognized and it is replaced with simplistic and scientifically idealistic - completely false primitive schematic models of the fragments of the real LENR.  LENR is broken scientifically  and broke technologically.

The stages of LENR history
1) Cold Fusion: misunderstood miscovery 
2) LENR- surviving science 

3) LENR+ triumphant technology

1) I have coined the word "miscovery" to describe an unhappy discovery made at the wrong time (too early) and in the wrong place (where it exists but in a suboptimal state). This was Fleischmann and Pons' really bright finding of excess heat in the Palladium Deuterium electrolytic cell.  In 1989 science was not prepared to understand Cold Fusion; it is not completely ready even today but a great mental synthesis can be built soon. Even worse the Pd D system is not predictable, not manageable, the heat release is weak but cannot be made more intense, cannot be scaled up. But the excess heat is real, undeniably real sometimes.
Also in 1989 Francesco Piantelli has discovered the nickel hydrogen LENR system however he was ignored by the scientist who invested everything in the classic PdD system, had no followers.
Why is PdD technologically hopeless and painfully lacking a  a theory accepted by all. missing even a consensus for the basics- as where the heat release takes places and what are the reactions, nuclear reaction that generate it.
In my opinion this situation has a simple but inexorable, inescapable, fatal explanation:
LENR is a dynamic phenomenon determined by the movement of the metal atoms on the very surface of cathodes and other generators and it functions properly, controlably only over a critical temperature of the metal- the so called Debye temperature. This essential rule was discovered by Francesco Piantelli.
For palladium the Debye temperature is 250 C therefore the Fleischmann Ponse cells
that can attain maximum 100C will produce only a larvar, underdeveloped, erratic and evanescent form of LENR perfect for science at the lab level if you tolerate high doses of bad reproducibility.
(If you do not agree or don't like this, please pray that the experiments of Edmund Storms should demonstrate the contrary) 

2) Cold Fusion has survived in conditions of extreme hostility created mainly but not only by nuclear physicists due to the heroic efforts and exceptional creativity of many scientists who have the historical merit to show that LENR is real and who have discovered many vital aspects of the phenomena as its multitude of forms and many "relatives"- a great scientific treasure. However the very limits of the PdD system have resulted in a kind of stagnation, the same or very similar things were repeated many times and no surprise! the results were (and are) not markedly different.
From the very start theoretical explanations were thought for Cold Fusion- usually starting from the completely unfounded idea that it is about an unique phenomenon nuclear some trick permits to the deuterons to break the Coulomb barrier and so on,
Explanations post factum lacking predictive power not helping the brave experimenters of all. Admirable mental constructs  unable to solve the existential and developmental problems of LENR. It is a chasm between theories and experimental reality.

3) It is very difficult for the core LENR-ists to accept that an almost desperate situation was changed in 2011 by an outsider, Andrea Rossi who has invented an enhanced form of LENR, in his generators the power density was increased with 2-3 orders of magnitude. We will discuss about this game-changing achievement later at "Andrea Rossi and his E-Cats  as model and competition")

Leading ideas for the Global LENR Research plan
a) LENR needs combinations of theories coming from diverse disciplines - forming a theoretical whole;
b) Prior to theories we must speak about Principles of LENR, more general and more obvious ones
c) Usually we speak about Research and Development, R&D, in the case of LENR the order is Development and Research D&R because engineering=technology is the key to make LENR usable, let's say technologizable 
(I have to interrupt here it is time to launch this issue of Ego Out, I have to speak about LENR Principles, please read

(to be continued) 


1) Interview with Rossi… on the road: A preview The surprise promised for the Terni conference by Vessy

2) Small-scale nuclear fusion could become a new source of energy
Småskalig kärnfusion kan bli ny energikälla
3) What is LENR? (up-to-dated today, nice not like my Global Research Plan!)


Holmlid has seen muons produced inside his reactor when light from fluorescent bulbs in his lab lit the iridium metal that had iron oxide doped with potassium spread on its surface. This type of light has green, blue, and UV wave length components. Fluorescent lights are only 86% efficient in converting UV into visible light(1). Therefore, this type of light source produces UV. UV is reflected to a maximum extent by iridium. This refection efficiency is the key to plasmonic power generation. In this Holmlid LENR process, The nanoplasmonic reaction is therefore maximized in the UV wave lengths when iridium is used as the substrate metal. A key LENR design consideration is matching the substrate metal and its associated reflective light characteristics with the type of light used as a stimulator.

With these facts in mind, Holmlid does not need a laser to stimulate his reaction, he could just as well use a more cost effective high intensity UV LEDs to produce the UV light that can stimulate the generation of muons. His laser produces green light(532 nm). Otherwise, Holmlid could apply more photon power as input into his reaction by using a UV laser.



The world's nitrogen fixation, explained
Nitrogen fixation is also a a complex issue as LENR

In 100 Words: Invisible Chains
We LENR-ist must escape from our mental chains too!

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  1. The key to successful LENR engineering is the ability for the system to produce alkali element based nanoparticles (Rydberg matter including hydrogen) continually to replace the particles that are destroyed by transmutation.