Monday, September 14, 2015

SEP 14, 2015 LENR INFO


A new  web-site in German language- The new fire
Is this authorized by Rossi?

Cold Fusion Part I The Science

About the LENR Event No. 1/6- the Hagelstein- DeChiaro conference:

New LENR  article from the largest newspaper in Norway;

The silence before the LENR storm! (in Dutch language)


Envisioning the World of Tomorrow: a Catalog of Future-Looking Web Sites
By David Brin Contrary Brin


  1. great work by Ed Storms


    Edmund Storms on "Biological Transmutation"

    I believe that Surface Plasmon Polaritons(SPP) and nanoplasmonics can answer this aspect of LENR theory nicely.

    There was a presentation at the last ICCF conference involving biological transmutation explaining how the proper type of surface skin of bacteria act like a nano particle in serving as a mechanism for amplifying surface plasmon charge. In this regard, bacteria act like living micro particles. I like this idea very much. When a number of these bacteria aggregate, they may produce SPPs. Entanglement of these EMF black holes are gentle enough to keep the gut bacteria alive through transmutation.

    The pure Ni62 nickel 100 micron micro particle from the Lugano test show how gentle transmutation can be. Biological Transmutation needs a most gentle process to keep the bacteria alive. Biological Transmutation has the same tell tail characteristics as LENR that we find in a reactor. It does not produce neutrons, gamma radiation, and unstable radioactive isotopes.

    Bacteria have been known to stabilize radioactive isotopes and transmute phosphorous into calcium. There is also the production of fluoride in bone decomposition through the action of bacteria.

    Some examples: 11Na + 8O --> 19K; 19K + 1H --> 20Ca; 20Ca - 1H --> 19K; or 12Mg + 8O --> 20Ca. Carbon might also participate, e.g. 14Si + 6C --> 20Ca.