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Yesterday, it seems, I have committed again a capital sin against science and truth.
I presented a Russian language paper about forbidden nuclear reactions that was in part about exploding wires and, horribile dictu! -what blasphemy! I have not immediately called the attention of the readers about the absolute truth in matters of exploding wires; see what wrote Lewis Larsen co-father of the W-L theory:

Mr. Gluck is again disseminating misinformation (or disinformation, depending on intent) about the Widom-Larsen theory of LENRs which does in fact explain nuclear transmutation products observed with various types of spectroscopy on materials involved in high-current exploding wire experiments. Please see our initial Cornell physics arXiv preprint in which we discuss and explain the physics of the Wendt-Irion experiments at the University of Chicago that were published in Science back in 1922:

“Energetic electrons and nuclear transmutations in exploding wires”
A. Widom, Y.N. Srivastava, and L. Larsen (Sept 2007)


“Nuclear transmutations and fast neutrons have been observed to emerge from large electrical current pulses passing through wire filaments which are induced to explode. The nuclear reactions may be explained as inverse beta transitions of energetic electrons absorbed either directly by single protons in Hydrogen or by protons embedded in other more massive nuclei. The critical energy transformations to the electrons from the electromagnetic field and from the electrons to the nuclei are best understood in terms of coherent collective motions of the many flowing electrons within a wire filament.Energy transformation mechanisms have thus been found which settle a theoretical paradox in low energy nuclear reactions which has remained unresolved for over eight decades. It is presently clear that nuclear transmutations can occur under a much wider range of physical conditions than was heretofore thought possible.”

Then see pp. 628 -  631 in Section 4. titled “Exploding wires” in our peer-reviewed Pramana paper:

“A primer for electro-weak induced low energy nuclear reactions”
Y. Srivastava, A. Widom, and L. Larsen
Pramana - Journal of Physics 75 pp. 617 - 637 (2010) 

This was the second time he attacked me without any reason, I just did not know that his paper is the alpha and omega of exploding wires.
The first time I have put his attitude in the context of fragmentation of the LENR field:

but he repeated it. I can understand   him, he wants attention for his theory and person and it is usually ignored.People do a lot of things for attention including tightrope walking and suicide bombing; his choice is scandal
"Le style est l'homme meme" (Buffon)- my blog has tried to inform you about all his publications.

Just an non-relevant aside I like the paper cited by Lew; I will ask the opinion of some specialist about it. I have already invited the W-L scientist affiliated to LENR Cities to start discussing with their colleagues on Ego Out-  a first positive answer came from Angelo Ovidi and later...silence. The same was valid for Lew but he likes conflicts. Being hypertensive and a grumpy old man, I need conflicts just at an IQ>85.
From now on misinforming in LENR will be defined as simply NOT speaking about the great virtues of the W-L theory? 


1) A splendid up-coming events page from Cold Fusion Now- Ruby Carat:

2) Rossi we can throttle the E-Cat plant 
Andrea Rossi

3) Andrea Rossi says interesting things:
September 4th, 2015 at 5:10 PM

Yes and I hope you too.
If the E-Cat X will work as I hope, the old Hot Cat becomes obsolete, because the E-Cat X is more advanced.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
September 4th, 2015 at 2:29 PM

I do not see any conceptual roadblock, just I deem it totally useless, because modules of 250 kW are more than enough to pile up all the power is needed even in big plants.
Yes, the E-Cat X is also the result of a better understanding of the E-Cat. I hope, because we still have to consolidate it, even if I am very optimist.
Warm Regards,

September 5th, 2015 at 7:27 AM

Now, at 08.20 a.m. of Saturday September 5th, the 1 MW plant is working well and stable but at 3/4 of its power, because we are making maintainance to a reactor. The “voice” is good, we are relatively calm. I am working on a new patent and studying again the book of Prof. Norman Cook. He signed my copy with a dedication to me!
Warm Regards,


Experiments have identified many mechanisms that can produce LENR reactions, Ed Storms has identified one of them. LENR can also occur in both the liquid, gas and plasma phases as shown in experiments done to identify LENR over the quarter century of its most resent phase of experimental history. Identifying the NAE is a process of reduction over all these experiments that must focus on identifying the common factors involved over these many currently identified forms of LENR and also the many more forms that are likely to be discovered in the future.

The fundamental causation of LENR must satisfy a global set of connected conditions.

This generalize causation mechanism must share, transfer and accumulate energy through quantum mechanical entanglement with clusters of matter of arbitrary size. This instantaneous gleaning of energy from many distinct sources occurs within a spherical zone around an EMF vortex. This duality of causation in the results observed in the LENR reaction leads to understandable confusion. But this multiplicity in the results as produced by the fundamental cause of LENR are unified by a commonality of characteristics linked to a common origin of the effect..

These common and universal conditions include the thermalization of gamma radiation, the rapid to instantaneous stabilization of radioactive isotopes, lack of neutron emissions, and the wide variation of seemingly random transmutation results which includes fusion of light elements into heavier elements and fission of heavy elements into lighter ones, remote reaction at a distance from the location of the LENR reaction(aka NAE), and instantaneous cluster fusion involving huge numbers of sub-reactions that occur instantly and collectively.

Even though the LENR reaction oftentimes occurs concurrent with the presence of hydrogen isotopes, hydrogen in not required as a fundamental cause of the reaction as shown in the experiments done at Proton 21 where a ball of copper is blasted with a high powered arc discharge, and the carbon dust experiments performed using microwaves conducted by George Egely, the new editor of infinite magazine. In the Proton 21 experiments, the nano-particles involved are copper based and in the Egely case the nano-particles are based on carbon. In the Papp reaction. The nano particles are based on chlorine and noble gases.

The experiments of Ed Storms is a first step in a very long road ahead.


  1. The world’s foremost expert on Rydberg matter is Lief Holmlid. He is a top ranked professional scientist but like other world class scientists(Nobel laureate Brian Josephson in quantum physics, Nobel laureate Julian Schwinger in field theory physics) his life's work spinning many years is largely ignored since Rydberg matter is a pivotal component of hydrogen based LENR.

    Lief Holmlid has discovered the production of many billions of deuterium/deuterium fusion events activated by a single laser shot that excites a potassium based catalyst that produces Rydberg hydrogen matter.

    Holmlid has also detected the production of an array of subatomic particles including muons that emanate from Rydberg hydrogen matter when it is exposed to excitation by both laser and ordinary room lighting. This experimental observation provides an alternative explanation to replace low energy neutron production theory for the generation of the LENR fusion reaction.

    In a recent experiment, Holhlid detected a huge flux of high energy neutral particles that were produced by the laser induced DD fusion reaction. These particles were determined experimentally to be fragments of the Rydberg hydrogen matter that carry away the kinetic energy produced by DD fusion.

    The Holhlid DD fusion experiment is an alternative explanation and a replacement for the ultra low energy postulate that is the central LENR mechanism in W-L theory.

    Furthermore in the context of exploding wires, Ken Shoulders identified both a Bright Mode and a Dark Mode EV that is produced by the formation through condinsation of metal plasma excited by the heat of the electric arc explosion. As a result of recent Nanoplasmonic research, these EVs are more properly interpreted as Dark and Bright Mode surface plasmon polaritons(SPP). The SPP is always produced by Nanoplasmonic reactions involving nanoparticles such as those formed through Rydberg Matter production.

    Lewis Larsen co-father of the W-L theory should look closely at the experiments of Lief Holhlid and adjust his theory accordingly. As explained here previously on EGO OUT, the weak force cannot produce neutrons as postulated by W-L theory. A a valid alternative, muon production is currently an experimentally verified mechanism that could produce muon catalyzed DD fusion.

  2. The formation of rydberg matter is a chemically formulated nano particle based process. Any alkali metal including hydrogen can form rydberg matter. For example, lithium can form rydberg matter jut like hydrogen can.

    In addition, through a process called rydberg blockade, one alkali element can force the formation of rydberg matter in another alkali element. The valance electrons are the active agent in rydberg matter formation, not the isotopic structure of the nucleus. Deuterium and/or H1 and any isotopic mixture can form Rydberg matter equally well,


    Mesoscopic Rydberg-blockaded ensembles in the superatom regime and beyond

    Fro example, Aluminum monoxide can form rydberg matter just like potassium can because the valance electron configuration between the aluminum compound and the potassium is the same. This variability in chemistry is what makes LENR so confusing. Many differing things can act in the same important chemically related ways .

    See superatoms

    1. Axil, once again your comments offer interesting areas of investigation (certainly to me). Thanks for providing both your insights and appropriate links. They really do trigger good opportunities to expand awareness of substances such as Rydberg state and Bose-Einstein Condensate. Naturally backed up by ones own further research.

      This may sound unbelievable but is quite true, but over the past year, and following many lines of interest triggered mostly by threads created by you, I have been studying plus discussing QM & QED with one of my grandsons. My goal was to convince him this field was worth his talents and was moving into a new era of understanding or sub-atomic particles, that look like a new revolution in science. He told me last week that he is now considering either Computer Science of Nuclear Physics as his choices at university. I will partly fund him on this.

      I am thanking you in particular for triggering my own interest and research and saying that despite some of the criticisms some direct at your ideas, I find them valuable enough to want to delve deeper and expand my own knowledge. I don't instinctively always agree with some aspects of your ideas but they are usually so interesting they catch my imagination and to me deserve the effort to research them. That is a valuable capability in a field littered with competitive and caustic egos.

      So again thanks & keep it up.

      Doug Marker

    2. Rydberg matter may be a key to exiting earth orbit, rapid transit to Mars, colonization of Mars, exploring the outer planets and the kuiper belt objects and eventually to enbling interstellar flight. The new developments in Q thrusters where an EMF source generates a push on realized virtual particles provides momentum in the opposite direction.


      Dr. Harold "Sonny" White - Eagleworks Laboratories: Advanced Space Propulsion

      Rydberg matter produces mesons, muons, and eventually electrons from the vacuum. These negitively charged particles could be accelerated to provide thrust by pushing against the vacuum. When properly engineered, a LENR based rocket thruster based on rydberg matter would provide a nulear powered permanent and constant thrust that might when held long enough eventually get a hydrogen powered spacecraft close to light speed.

      Nuclear and Emerging Technologies for Space (2012)
      Advanced Propulsion Physics: Harnessing the Quantum Vacuum.

      Can the properties of the quantum vacuum be used to propel a spacecraft? The idea of pushing off the vacuum is not new, in fact the idea of a “quantum ramjet drive” was proposed by Arthur C. Clark (proposer of geosynchronous communications satellites in 1945) in the book Songs of Distant Earth in 1985: “If vacuum fluctuations can be harnessed for propulsion by anyone besides science fiction writers, the purely engineering problems of interstellar flight would be solved.”