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Life is a journey. When we stop, things don't go right.
(Pope Francis)


We (LENR Forum and I) have been informed first about the Terni event by Vessela Nikolova who wrote on her Blog:
I take this opportunity to inform you that, on next October 3, a Conference on Renewables and LENR will hold in Terni (Italy). I was invited to the event as author of the book “E-Cat – The New Fire” – Biography of Andrea Rossi. For the occasion, I prepared a surprise.

The event is described on Claudio Pace's blog which is remarkable by its fine motto-logo-spell "Armonizzare l'atmosfera" and by its excellent, fast reports fom ICCF-19
when we learned to like Claudio's blog and thinking mode.
The program is still not definitive- it is LENR and other renewables in a powerful context of ecology and by deep definition - of the Christian Catholic spirituality. From enumerating of what it is known till today you will understand what will happen at Terni on October 3. (provisional program)

From 9.30 LENR IN RED

Reading of the "Cantico delle Creature" (Canticle or Hymn to the creatures) by Saint Francisc of Assissi in Umbrian dialect
(see please

Greeting of Gen. Stefano Murace, President of Futura Onlus
"From a Pretended Ecology to an Integral Ecology" by Don Enzo Greco, responsible of working group of the Terni Diocesis for the encyclical letter Laudatio Si of Pope Francis
"Energy- is richness/treasure for Man and Environment" by auro Pellerucci, President of the Administration of PAGINE SI

"The potential of hydroelectricity in Umbria" Sergio Dotto, author of the book: "Water- the engine of industry"

"Energetic independence- realized a concrete experience"  Carlo Befani CEO of the group Novagreen

Nuclear reactions mediated by electrons- perhaps the nuclear force is not strong
Andrea Calaon, Senior Researcher for Numerical Simulations

The experience of Andrea Rossi in the world of LENR, told by Vessela Nikolova
the authoress of the book "E-Cat The New Fire" Biography of Andrea Rossi
"Renewable energies and compatible development" by  Vincenzo Valenzi and Massimo Scalia of the Biomet Section of Cirps

Metallurgical aproach to the LENR phenomenon and the experience of the testing the materials of Conca Ternana                                                                                           Stefan Fortunati, responsible of CSM Terni
" Designing LENR" by Ubaldo Mastromatteo, LENR Researcher

The methodology Live Open Space from the LENR research applied to the medical research with the mutual objective of a clean environment for prevention andcure of the illnesses of the tyroid gand by Giuseppina Renzulli, physician in anatomy-patology

The application of the Live Open Science methodology and the progress in the research with deuterium by Franceso Celani, LENR Researcher, vice-president of ISCMNS

It is good to see the support of the Catholic Church for the protection of the environment; it is excellent that the role of LENR is increasingly understood. Question: is Pope Francis well informed about the  potential and future of LENR, is the Holy Father a LENR friend? Andrea Rossi is a religious man, so he is probably very interested in this. I think important information will be revealed at this Terni meeting.

1) Andrea Rossi from the frontline
September 12th, 2015 at 11:02 PM

Brigitte Dubois:
Right now it is 11.59 p.m. inside the computers container: we have just finished an important reparation to a reactor. The 1 MW is working at 3/4 of its power in this moment, but we are confident it will recover soon.
The E-Cat X continues to be very promising and extremely interesting. Now it seems much more robust and we’ll see what will happen next…
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
September 12th, 2015 at 2:23 PM

To The Readers:
Today we have published the US Patent 9,115,913 B1 on the Journal of Nuclear Physics.
Warm Regards,

2) LENR in a global context:
Is Global Warming Responsible for the Syrian Civil War and ISIS?

3) Neues zum E-Cat: Rossi erhält US-Patent
News about E-Cat Rossi gets US Patent- in German, Kopp is an important editor

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  1. abour syruan war, the may cause is Iraq invasion, which put Siha majority in power, with some lords who took revenge on the Suni ex-baas.
    suffering from violence many moved to the east syria.
    the agrarian infractucture get overloaded.

    meanwhile Assad abused of his power to excludes even his family from the crony business, and this is those enemies from his family that EU tried to support.
    Assad did the same error as Ben Ali and Moubarak, abuse of his power to spoil poor people capital.

    funny to alway try to find global warming while simple xaplanation are much more credible.

    like those saying that shark attacks increase may be because of global warming, and not simply because of pollution and ed of shark fishing.

    like floods cause by urbanisation, artificialization, channelizations, and recent budget problems and environmental standards preventing cleaning of rivers (inconvenient cause in many recent French floods and fires).

    global warming is not yet sensible on those subjects, and serious climatologist say it. moreover the hiatus make any change since 17 years probably unrelated.