Monday, August 31, 2015



At 11, I could say ‘I am sodium’ (Element 11), and now at 79, I am gold.” 
(Oliver Sacks) -he has died as lead 82, yesterday

Every act of perception, is to some degree an act of creation, and every act of memory is to some degree an act of imagination (Oliver Sacks) 

Dr. Oliver Sacks, Explorer of the Brain

The Silent Music of the Mind: Remembering Oliver Sacks by Maria Popova


Expectations from this new week: 
a) Edmund Storms Progress Report No 4, let's see to whom and what is nice Mother Nature
b) The second successful Moscowite Parkhomov replication the Report of the Yuri Malakhov team,
c) Discussions with the Belgian inventor Joannes Van Den Bogaert,
d) Communication with the W-L theorists of LENRG
e) The list of papers to be presented at the Toulouse Workshp
f) Why not, some wonderful surprises!


1) When does Andrea Rossi hope to announce thr test results by Brokeeper

2) Some answers of Andrea Rossi:

August 30th, 2015 at 1:35 PM

Andrea Rossi,

Congratulations on your patent and on the advancement of your prototypes (F9).

The F9 key actually increases brightness on my laptop so it must be a good sign.


1) Do you expect it to be straightforward for scientists to demonstrate the Rossi effect now that the patent is out?

2) In the early years of creating the e-cat, what kind of COP did you obtain before yelling “Eureka”

3) What kind of measurement instrumentation would you use when testing a new device? Do you use thermocouples, IR cameras, power analyzers?

Andrea Rossi
August 30th, 2015 at 5:00 PM

The fact that the F9 key brights up the screen of your computer is surely due to the immense power of our E-Cat in operation here: electromagnetic waves get loose in the space and you never know where the heck they go… ( he,he,he).
About your questions:
1- important replications have already been published, I suppose more are on their way, but a massive “replication” will be made when the E-Cats will be on the shelf ( F9).
2- about 1.5
3- it depends; the efficiency of a plant in operation in the factory of a Customer, obviously, is measured by calorimetry, because Customers want heat for their production and they measure the heat they get at their point of utilization: they are not at all interested to the science, they want heat at a price lower than with alternative systems; for a laboratory experiment IR measurements have the advantage to be direct, not depending from the efficiency of heat exchangers, but, for example, Dr Alexander Parkhomov has replicated my effect measuring by calorimetry; power analyzers are anyway necessary to measure the energy consumed.
Warm Regards,
Steven N. Karels
August 30th, 2015 at 12:15 PM

Dear Andrea Rossi,

I am much concerned and very confused on the reported operation of the eCat above the melting point of nickel. Much of the LENR theory deals with the effect of a material structure (e.g. Nuclear Active Environments – ref Storms) which goes away if the materials are all in a molten or gaseous state. Can you address this concern?

a. In the reported high temperature eCat operation, are all the active components (fuel and catalyst) in a molten or gaseous state?
b. Is another type of catalyst or structure present, such as the enclosure(s), that provides the NAE?
c. Any other concepts or explanations that you can share regarding this issue?
Andrea Rossi
August 30th, 2015 at 1:43 PM

Steven N. Karels:
Sorry, Steven, but also your comment, as well as the last comment of Hank Mills, is related to issues that I cannot disclose, because related to other patents, either pending or in preparation, I am working upon.
Warm Regards,

3) MFMP replication tests
Exploring possibility of test automation team by Build it now

Magnitskii N.A. Lomonosov Moscow State University, LLC New Inflow, Moscow, Russia

This paper gives an explanation of the experimental results carried out in the LLC "New Inflow" with low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR), accompanied by the transmutation of chemical elements with the release of additional heat. The explanation is based on the ether theory of elementary particles, developed in recent years in LLC "New Inflow." Keywords: LENR, ether, electron, proton, neutron, hydrogen atom. 
About the Company see please:
The Company made a presentation at ICCF-19: 
High-energetic metal nano-cluster plasmoid and its soft x-radiation.
Klimov A et al.,

5) Reservation list for the participants of the coming Russian Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Globular Lightnings-22 at the Hotel Olympic Dagomys

6) VA Uzikov leading technologist of the State Scientific  Center of Scientific Research Institute of Atomuic Reactors wrote a paper" An US patent was received
for the new energy source E-Cat (Atomic Strategy)
В.А.Узиков, ведущий инженер-технолог, ГНЦ НИИАР "Получен патент США на новый источник энергии ECAT" ("Атомная стратегия")
Based on:

7) Rossi: manufacturing not licensing is focus foe E-Cat


It is excellent that it exists: The Joint Center for Applied Photosynthesis

Our Brazlian friend Daniel Rocha has sai that LENR is like photosynthesis that is complex and multi-stage; Mother Nature has to answer why She was not able to find a simpler, more rational and unique solution. "Mamma tu sei Matrigna" would Italians say.


  1. A bad reputation is near impossible to overcome. Rossi’s reputation for honesty and integrity is as bad as it comes. How will Rossi overcome this problem? I am amazed at how hard it is to convince people that LENR works.

    Rossi says that he will begin selling his reactors very soon by the kiloton. Is this a real expectation or a fantasy? Out side of Steve Jobs, when was a great inventor a savy seller.

    Tomas Edison lost control of all his electrical inventions when J.P. Morgan took control of the Edison Electricity Company and turned it into General Electric.

    The board of Edison General Electric decided to adopt AC power, and dropped Edison's name; the company was now called "General Electric." Edison would refuse to set foot in any General Electric plants for the next 30 years, but his ability to reinvent himself matched his scientific prowess. In the second half of his life he would invent the first motion picture camera, improve his phonograph, and become America's first entertainment mogul. "People will forget," he stated with typical bravado, "that my name ever was connected with anything electrical." Could this happen to Rossi?

    Rossi has his vision of how the future of his product will unfold, but is that vision realistic? A seller needs willing buyers no matter how much product that the seller can produce, and no matter how cheap his product is. Everybody thinks that LENR is a fraud. Will a manulacuer let a nucler device inside his plant? How will Rossi convince the buyer that his product is safe? How will Rossi convince buyers that his product works. If Rossi intends to sell his product in the near future, he must create demand for his product now. He must do something to change his damaged reputation right now. Rossi has never been concerned about what people thought about him, but that must change fast. How can Rossi turn his damaged reputation around? Rossi must convince everyone that he can be trusted and his product is real. Rossi has no marketing plan in place. No matter how many reactors that his megaplant can produce, his product will set in the warehouse unwanted and unsold were these reactors will collect dust unless he can convince people to by them.

    Demand takes time to create. How will Rossi sell his product? Can Rossi change his mindset from complete IP protection and lockdown to ab open ended sharing of his patent protected knowhow? I personally thing that this mental task will be too much for Rossi to handle. A miser cannot become a spendthrift overnight.

    Microsoft was the first to produce a tablet computer many years ago It took Apple to create demand for that product through innovative design. Rossi should understand that producing a product does not mean people will buy it if they don’t trust you.

  2. Rossi is far more trustworthy than the anonymous troll who takes aim at him.

  3. Godes is the party with the integrity problem constantly attacking Rossi for not sharing with him the eCat IP, Godes would have stabbed Rossi in the back like Greece did.

  4. Axil,
    You cannot be serious.
    Rossi might have done things you would never do.
    His moral compass might have another north than yours.
    He obviously convinced IH and others that his process has merits.
    He cannot reveal everything as he does not want others to steal his idea.
    He also need to make sure that his future patents can be approved and not called because he already made the info public. (I think he rather could live without patent but be more secretive for now.)
    It seems that he is a business man and he has taken a few short cuts. That we all do. Mostly it goes undetected. If you are involved with mighty adversaries and they get hold of it they will use it against you. Now you are exposed and because of that your reputation is for ever tarnished beyond recognition.
    I disagree with that. I think we all need second , third and even tenth chance.
    Your example with Edison is a good one. He obviously was vain - could not accept he was not (his name) in the center.
    Rossi does not have to be a sales man. They can hire sales people.
    Just now he is the lead and if stands in that position until commercialization, then the history books will forget everything about a tax fraud allegation. It might be a sales tool for the competition. IH might not allow him to be a sales / spokes person because of that.
    It is easy to se the grand in your neighbor's eye but not the bar in your own. I am not defending Rossi. I just sustain from judging in matters I am poorly informed - particularly as my, or yours for that matter, opinion does not have any weight.