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How could I forget him? He has told so many things majorities dislike.
Three quotations by Thomas Carlyle

"No pressure, no diamonds"

"Every noble work is at first impossible"

"Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak."

Connections to LENR are obvious to the knowers.


No time to be lost in bringing E-Cats to market if test is a success

LENR & Worldwide Electricity Production, 2020!

Airbus Holds LENR Workshop

A Must Read: Guest Post by Ian Walker – ”The End of the Fossil Fuel Age”

Andrea Rossi from the front
August 15th, 2015 at 8:38 PM

Frank Acland:
Believe me: we are working very strong to prepare the manufacturing in massive quantities of the E-Cats, even if we still have brakes pulled due to the fact that we still do not know if the final results of the tests on course wil be positive or negative. How much time will be necessary, assumed F9>0 ? Not easy to say, but we will not lose time. Somebody will be very surprised about the speed of our action.
By the way: now it is 09.40 p.m. of Sat Aug 15, I am in the plant, the 1 MW E-Cat is stable, the E-Cat X is still very promising. This shortens of 1 day the distance from the OTS day ( OTS = Off The Shelf).
Warm Regards,


Currently, there is a movement in physics to connect the theory of the universe with information science. This revolves around the concept of the holographic universe. It sounds like Geneste intends to offer a generalize mathematical proof of how energy is transformed as a mathematical operation on the information content that describes the universe. 

There is a good chance that this theory will not be connected to any recognizable physical processes of LENR technologies that you are familiar with. Without a primmer, generalized mathematical descriptions of reality are near impossible for a non mathematician to figure out. If you a hoping to increase your understanding of LENR through this theory, prepare to be disappointed. 

Yes, I do agree that LENR theory is somewhere in this ballpark, related to black holds, quantum fluids, superconductivity, and their connection through parallelism, 

To start getting yourselves ready for reading Geneste's theory and supporting mathematical proofs, based on this the information theory of reality, see the following:

Physics of Information - Quantum Entanglement, Black Holes and Holographic Universe

and J-F Geneste said:

"my model does not specifically deal with vacuum energy. It is both more mathematical and easier than that. In fact, if vacuum is not really vacuum, which I believe, and this will be published by the beginning of September in my new book, then, maybe there could be (theoretical) room to extract energy from vacuum. But my purpose is more engineering oriented."

 to this AXIL comments:

The question boils down to what is fundamental and what emerges from that basic causation. The strength of the weak force may be determined by the energy content of the vacuum. The weak force may not be fundamental. The weak force may emerge from the excitation or an imbalance in the energy content of the vacuum. The excitation or energy unbalance of the vacuum may be what is fundamental.

Radioactive decay is caused by the weak force. But the rate of this decay can vary in LENR. The energy state of the vacuum is what ultimately determines how fast radioactive decay precedes.

Furthermore, when the vacuum is highly energized, that is, when a large electric field is present within the vacuum, nature will try hard to reduce that field until it is totally neutralized. If the field is strong enough, the vacuum does that by producing particles from the vacuum. An intense electric filed will produce heavy particles that last a long time,

This is what Helmlid has seen in his experiments with Rydberg matter and the production of muons.

LENR is a continual process of energy conversion to charge, charge concentration and resultant charge neutralization.

Within LENR  I love Pd only if it is DRY- so here is what Alain has found:

I found first

"High-energy deuterons by electron-beam excitation of deuterium-saturated palladium were produced. The results show that atomic deuterium exhibits an extremely high mobility in metals, which is approximately 10-15 orders of magnitude higher than the mobility of heavy impurities at the same temperatures. The displacement of deuterium from localization sites becomes thermally nonequilibrium and is stimulated by the energy of long-lived nonequilibrium vibrational excitations in the hydrogen subsystem of crystal. The increase in the concentration of deuterons as centers of absorption and scattering of plasmon energy is accompanied by an increase in the deuteron energy. When the surface of palladium saturated with deuterium and hydrogen is oxidized, no transition of deuterium and hydrogen to unsaturated palladium is observed either in the absence of current or during the passage of current of any directivity via PdD-Pd contact."

and matching conference proceeding
"Energetic charged particle emissions accompanying deuterium desorption from specially prepared Pd/PdO:Dx and TiDx targets in vacuum, stimulated by electron beam (J ~ 0.6 mA/cm2, U = 30 keV) have been studied using a set of CR-39 plastic track detectors covered with various metal foil filters. It was found that the electron bombardment of those targets is caused by statistically significant emissions of DD-reaction product (3 MeV protons), as well as high energy alpha particles (11-20 MeV). At the same time the Pd/PdO:Dx and the TiDx samples show no sign of nuclear emissions during vacuum exposure without e-beam stimulation. Extrapolation of both the DD-reaction cross section and the enhancement factor (consistent with calculated screening potential Ue = 750 eV) to very low deuteron energy allowed us to satisfactorily describe the detected DD-reaction yield in Pd/PdO:Dx target, assuming "hot" deuteron (Ed ~ 3.0 eV) generation under e-beam bombardment. This result strongly supports the theoretical prediction [1,2] with regards to electron excitation of the D- subsystem in Pd- deuterides." (ICCF14)

and on springer a huge bibliography
The yield of the products of nuclear reactions from deuterated palladium and titanium irradiated by an electron beam and X rays has been studied. Charged particles have been detected by CR-39 track detectors, which are not sensitive to electronic noise, electrons, and X-ray photons. To identify the type of particles and to estimate their energy, three detectors covered by aluminum and copper foils of various thicknesses have been used. It has been established with reliable statistics that 30-keV electrons and X rays initiate the synthesis of deuterons in the Pd/PdO:D x and Ti/TiO2:D x systems with the yield of 3-MeV protons.
Changes in the isotopic composition of electrolyte lithium are studied experimentally when thin-film titanium-aluminum systems are enriched in hydrogen. Strong deviations of the lithium isotope concentration from their natural abundances are observed both in the surface titanium layer and at the titanium-aluminum interface. Analysis of the experimental results permits us to conclude that isotope-induced transformations occur in materials enriched in hydrogen due to cold diffusion of impurity atoms stimulated by hydrogen migration and non-equilibrium chemical reactions.
We have studied changes in the isotopic composition of niobium and palladium as well as of titanium film structures over ceramics enriched in deuterium. We have also investigated changes in the isotopic composition of copper under thermally activated copper diffusion into nickel. An intense isotope exchange between the atoms of the matrices and impurities enriched in deuterium and changes in the isotopic composition of copper during diffusion into nickel were observed. The relationships seen in the experiments lead us to suggest that the changes in the isotope ratio may be caused (along with plausible nuclear transformations) by a strong isotopic effect involved in cold diffusion induced by hydrogen migration.

Thanks, dear Alain!


The Imperative of Technological Progress: Why Stagnation Will Necessarily Lead to Disaster and How Techno-Optimism Can Overcome It – Article by G. Stolyarov II

The Philosophical Importance of Algorithms
By John Danaher

LENR technologies will comprise algorithms too.

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