Thursday, August 27, 2015


Dear Readers, 

I am very pleased to let you know that my friend CAMILO URBINA from Chile has accepted to join the blog EGO OUT as associate for South America. His deep dedication to LENR and his creativity  will help to improve this Blog, to be more effective and efficient in informing you about what just happens in the world of LENR.

What Camilo has to say to you as introduction:

Camilo Urbina, EGO OUT’s associate for South America.

About me: Agronomic Engineer by profession and always interested and participating as professional in applied R&D, the needs of living in a desert with the right temperatures but no water for agriculture has since long interested me in the search for an abundant and economic source of energy usable for massive water distillation. Aware of the promise of Fleischmann and Pons since 1989 (incidentally the date of my 15th birthday) of abundant and environmentally sustainable energy has captured the imagination. The announcements of Andrea Rossi in early 2011 renewed this interest. 

LENR Ideology: In the 26 years that I’ve been aware of the existence of what was once called cold fusion and now is usually termed LENR, I have learnt of many different theoretical approaches and explanations attempting to solve the low replicability of the experimental results. The failure to put a theoretical saddle that allowed taming the LENR wild horse is in great part blamed for the still wide dismissal of LENR as pseudoscience. This feature, that is more of scientists than of science itself, is what has interested me in the epistemological aspects of the discovery of new phenomena, leading to find the works of Kuhn and Feyerabend, both of whom studied why science becomes reluctant to radical advances. We are still struggling for LENR to be widely recognized as true science. I’m afraid we will see LENR producing energy commercially ahead of scientists widely recognizing its value, when it should have been exactly the opposite. I think LENR has the potential to help mankind blossom into a post scarcity era. And I’m here to help it happen.



  1. Welcome Camilo Urbina, the Future is near and the deserts will bloom with LENR.

  2. nice to see you work with Peter, Camillo.

    Good reference to Feyerabend and Kuhn, even if for having used and abused of this reference I know Peter is not tender with Kuhn...

    1. I really have lived the book of Kuhn, no problem with his philosophy
      I think today the pragmatic philosophy comes from Management
      But this is a long discussion.

  3. Camilo, Welcome and thanks to Peter for convincing you to participate in this role.

    Your point about how LENR is catigated as pseudoscience is a sad part of this story.

    There is a very apt saying that comes to mind in regard to slow progress: "The tortoise only make progress when it sticks its neck out, but also risks having its head cut off".

    The tortise's survival is a testimony to it taking risks and "daring to do". Tortises survive very well in a tough fast world.


    1. Nice metaphor dear Doug. But soon LENR will be a more efficient something