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The friends of LENR truth are my friends: the case of  Belgian cold fusion patents killed by authorities and the priority of cold fusion=catalysis idea.

Coincidence and/or convergence:
Yesterday evening I have received a message from Ron Kita who has helped EGO OUT constantly and has  inspired me many times. Ron wrote: " I see that the circa 1991 Bogaert Patent from Belgium cites Nickel'"and has appended the link:
Belgian LANR Patents Mea culpa, till now I has not investigated this case. Probable reasons: a bit of senility, over-focusing on my own heretic ideas and my conviction that the solutions of LENR problems are in the future not the past. In this case. I am in deep error.

This morning I have received an email from the admirably cultural and encyclopedic LENR author Gregory Goble- entitled: Belgium and Dry Cell LENR 1989

I would like to know your opinion of the dry cell LENR from Belgium
1989, your considerate answers to a few questions that have on my mind
for quite some time.
They are presented in this recent article..
"Belgium Missing LENR Energy and the Suppression of Cold Fusion 1991"
This article puts the problem in a larger context and also extracts the deeper significance of the ideas of this pioneer inventor, Joannes Van Den Bogaert who was fast In understanding the Otherness of Cold Fusion. It is not rational to discuss the three patents now in the same manner as say US 9.115.913 of Andrea Rossi . Patents breed patents and with each new patent the ideas become more realistic and pragmatic. With killing the Van Den Bogaert patents and (what is obvious, NOT supporting his experimental efforts) the Belgian authorities have closed a Way and science-technology has lost an opportunity. This researcher had the bright intuition that PdD wet is NOT the solution very early. See please the list :"items found" in Gregory's article. 
Joannes Van Den Bogaert has used "catalytic cold fusion" even earlier than me
however his interpretation of catalysis is different from mine and he does not  speak explicitly about "active sites"
First of all he is a great LENR thinker and what we have to do  is to invite him to join the great LENR Family. 
Kom thuis, Vriend!


1) On the Quest for a Commercial LENR Reactor with Robert Godes and Brillouin Energy  by Marianne Macy 

3) In German Language about Rossi's patent:
Kalte Fusion/E-Cat: Andrea Rossi´s Reaktor wurde das Patent erteilt!

4) Andrea Rossi speaks about plans for the future:
August 30th, 2015 at 10:12 AM

More than licensing, we are now focused on manufacturing, which will be the next step ( F9). The 64 patents I am working upon are part of a complex IP protection that anyway will not affect the manufacturing scheduling, also because we will reach a so high level of economy scale that our competitors will not have any convenience to make reverse engineering, also considering that the US patent allowed does not leave much room under the process and apparatus point of view. We can proceed independently from the patents that are pending and the patents that will be applied for for the time being. Again, provided the results of the R&D and tests on course will reach positive results: our disclaimer related to the fact that the final results could be negative is still valid.
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A must listen to- IMHO!
What Explains The Rise of Humans?
It is bright but we have the TOOLS too.


  1. all of Mary Yugo comments are being carefully compiled and categorized for the coming well deserved libel lawsuit, Mary Yugo will no longer be able to masquerade hide behind his ridiculous screen name.

    1. Joshua Cude, Al Potenza, Mary Yugo. It has always seemed to me to be a problem when someone needs to adopt multiple aliases to make their point.

      The other challenge in regard to this person, is when does one draw the line between excessive obsession with a POV vs expressing rational reservations. Yugo doesn't know. 4 years of non-stop attacks and at times offensive remarks, seems to point to a broken record doomed to repeat itself ad infinitum. All I see here is an obsession that is self consuming and no longer instructive to outsiders. Sad case. DSM.

  2. This is another take on a topic discussed here last year about how even our beloved Einstein could not accept 'spooky action at a distance' (effects of entanglement). In Nature we see this story, that says that scientists have now effectively closed all loopholes in testing for Bell's inequality (the tests to prove there were no hidden variables in the 'spooky' results found when distant and entangled particles are shown to have a relationship (spin/polarization).

    The point of raising this story is that just as Einstein (a great mind) could not accept the effects of entanglement (1st pointed out in his Podolsky & Rosen's paper (EPR Paradox)) it seems to me that other great minds of today fail to see the capability, the potential and the already demonstrated effects, from testing that falls under the umbrella of CF, LENR LENR+. - What we need today is a John Bell to devise a test to show/not show effects of LENR(+)/CF - even Bell had started out on Einstein's side re the EPR Paradox but his own tests over many years have now established convincingly that 'spooky action' was and is real.

    One of the great unexplained enigmas of Quantum Mechanics.


    1. EXTRACT:
      "It’s a bad day both for Albert Einstein and for hackers. The most rigorous test of quantum theory ever carried out has confirmed that the ‘spooky action at a distance’ that the German physicist famously hated — in which manipulating one object instantaneously seems to affect another, far away one — is an inherent part of the quantum world."

  3. A further timely and inspiring quote from another brilliant mind (Enrico Fermi) ...

    "Once basic knowledge is acquired, any attempt at preventing its fruition would be as futile as hoping to stop the earth from revolving around the sun."


    1. The Fermi quote comes from 'Atomic Energy for Power', collected papers Enrico Fermi, and courtesy of publication '50 Quantum Physics ideas you really need to know' - Joanne Baker.


  4. Well said on all accounts DSM. Bravo!

    Shane D.

    1. Shane, I applaud your attempts at trying to stand up to so many hard nosed debaters (if that is an adequate word) in ecat news.

      Not sure what it achieves other than to give several of those regulars a target.

      I do also admire how you so effectively keep your cool with only minor breeches when it becomes too much. Not sure why you persist but maybe there is a value in doing so ?.

      Cheers DSM

  5. I think it worth while DSM. Plus I enjoy the challenge immensely.

    Take care,

    Shane D.

    1. PS - When I said Josh Cude, I should have said George Hody. AFAICT Cude is one of Josh Schroeder's aliases (as is Popeye).