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The idea to use President Obama's Plan to stop climate change as an opportunity for a LENR Manhattan Plan has not generated much enthusiasm. (till now) The time of this idea has not arrived yet. Hillary Clinton comes with a nice Solar Energy Plan
However see please  the alternative offer by Lewis Larsen - especially slides 21-22 at News. 
I take the risk to be again accused  of anti-W-L attitude and/or of too low IQ for understanding this theory- but I dare to tell that it is an interesting slide-share.

My mother has encouraged me to read many, many biographies and to learn to make a very sharp distinction between a creative individual and his Opus. It can happen they are not correlated at all as magnitude
I think there is a beautiful opera aria about this truth- we are only vessels, carriers, the humble servants of the Ideas or the muses: "Io sono l'umile ancella" from Adriana Lecouvreur by Francesco Cilea.
Listen to it, Anna Netrebko sings:

I am not a vessel, just a blogger, and here are the news for today:


1)  From Vessy's Blog:
Lines of research related to the E-Cat: a review

2) Experiments aiming to demonstrate Ed Storms' Theory

3) Lattice Energy LLC - LENR transmutation of Carbon better energy strategy than Obama clean power plan - Aug 3 2015

4) Freethinker LENR experiment 20150801

5) With renewable energy, we must be careful what we promise
Fleischmann and Pons have not respected this advice, they have the excuse it came many years later

6) a mixture
 rossi ecat in Questions and Answers. Select most relevant question.

 7) From Andrea Rossi

a) Andrea Rossi on battles, front-line
August 4th, 2015 at 5:24 PM

This morning at 2 a.m. we had again a problem to one of the four 250 kW reactors. We lost the 25% of the production until 4 p.m. ( a couple of hours ago), when the reactor has been put again at work.
Normal behavior regarding the rest of the plant. The “M.Me Curie” Hot Cat is not yet ready. In few words: a battle day. Now we are looking at the computers to check that all is set. The Murphy Law is enforced by the fact that problems happens always between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., when I am in the plant alone, apart the officers of the security. I spend the nights with the fatigue clothes to be ready to dive in the plant. Therefore for me is a sadistic solace to phone at 3 a.m. to my teamsters, saying ” We have a problem, please come here asap” ( he,he,he).
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b)  Andrea Rossi something related to theories- he seems to like theories

What owes the E-Cat to theories, to which ones?
August 4th, 2015 at 5:39 PM

Glenn Forrester:
Too simple to be so simple, but just to give an idea: spontaneous break of Symmetry ( Global Symmetry) shows non zero values vacuum fields, among which there lurks the Higgs Field; Higgs Field breaks the Local ( Gauge) Symmetry: the Higgs Field is not supposed to interact with massless e.p. ( Bosons), but, concatenating Feynman diagrams, massive virtual e.p. fill up the gap between the Higgs Field and massless particles, which in this case are the Bosons W+, W- and Z^0, so that they are turned into Fermions.
Note: I think Bosons and Fermions should have to be written with capital initial, because they come from Bose and Fermi, the Indian and Italian nuclear physicists respectively discoverers of Bosons and Fermions.
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8) With thanks to Jones Beene who sent this paper and thinks it can be applied -in some way- to LENR:
MIPT researchers clear the way for fast plasmonic chps:

9) V.A. Krivitskii
Model of development of the Earth from primary stellar mater

Geology, geophysics and geochemistry have accumulated considerable empirical data on the evolution of the chemical matter, geodynamic processes in tectonosphere, cyclicality of magma formation, in comparative planetary science, and so on. However, so far there is no complete concept, the general theory of the Earth based on a clear understanding of a number of problems. It is such problems as 1) which sources of energy and substances are determinants of tectonic movement and redistribution of large masses of material in the bowels of of the Earth; 2) what sources of energy and what substances support Earth's magnetic field, or more precisely, those electric currents that generate this field; 3) what sources of energy and what substances. We analyzed the direct observations of extrasolar planets, have summarized own experimental data, data of field research on Elbrus, and theoretical developments in quantum physics. As a result we present a hypothesis about the origin of the Solar system planets as a sequential process of destruction and disintegration of the primary stellar nuclear matter. By the example of the Earth we show that the evolution of planets is the permanent nuclear-chemical process with geotectonic consequences, which the Earth passes through three main stages: pre-geological stage, nuclear one and the stage of pulsating widening. Proceeding from the data on peculiarities of Earth's rotation we define the annual increase of the radius of our planet. We give arguments that the occurrence of ultramafic rocks and extrusive basalts in the shells of the Earth is continuously supported by nuclear dissociation of the nuclear matter. The minerals are also ones of products of this creativity

10) Leonardo Corporation holds E-Cat cards:

It reads to me that the authority to regulate the way power is produced in the states of the USA is controlled by each individual state. The federal government imposes regulations regarding pollution and nuclear issues but as long as the power plant meets those regulations, then the state is free to select the best way to provide power withing their borders.

The LENR industry might provide power on a state by state basis in a way that completely meets the federal regulatory power generation requirements.

The resistance of the states is based on the desire to protect vested interests such as the coal industry in that state. States without coal interests and states forced to abandon those interests through the actions of the federal govenment might find LENR a viable alternative to wind and solar power.

Rossi may not have reevaluated his commercial position based on the new federal regulatory requirements. Like what is so often true with Rossi's pronouncements, what was true yesterday is not necessarily true today.

Taking the long view In America, money smooths the way for almost anything. Once the LENR industry gets itself off the ground, it would be well served to use some of the huge funding flows that it can generate from massive production capacity and high value being currently put into place to seek the advise and experience of government savvy industry experts to lobby government executive and legislative representatives to overwhelm the interests currently supporting the financial needs of politicians (AKA the Koch  brothers) in development of reelection funding and associated quid pro quo policy commitments. Only in this way, the American way, will LENR compete with the other more traditional forms of energy production in the American energy marketplace.


  1. I like Bob Cook's ideas posted on vortexl today & our thoughts are much alike in this area of dynamic B fields initiating, spreading/or decreasing & controlling (ssm) LENR power generating spots in current Rossi & successful replicators work to date.
    Bob comment today on vortexl:
    "LENR on a ChipJones--

    The SSP’s are very exciting with their huge magnetic local B fields which can
    change, rapidly touching (creating) many different resonances influenced by the
    B field. It promises engineering control of the energy states of the local
    coherent system as a function of time--just what a good LENR device needs to be

    And. IMHO, the changing B field creates the coupling associated with the
    coherent system’s spin state, all during the small time increment the
    appropriate resonances occur, to allow the transition of mass energy to phonic
    energy and/or low frequency EM energy.

    This is basically what NMR devices do with brut force—yet mundane--magnetic
    coupling to accomplish nuclear spin energy transitions of relatively small

    The small magnitude transitions are consistent with what is seen in LENR
    experiments, as well as, Rossi’S industrial device. Gammas from classic,
    uncoupled (except within a nucleus) nuclear energy transitions are not apparent
    in any significant quantity in LENR. Neutrons that have significant energy
    resulting from two or few particle reactions also are not evident, since
    conservation of linear momentum is not involved when spin mass energy and
    associated angular momentum are the parameters that are conserved, IMHO.

    Understanding the very short, if any, time constants for the coherent system
    will be key in designing useful systems. This may well be the crux of
    understanding the “new physics” of LENR.

    Bob Cook. "

    Jim IMHO Axil

  2. Regarding: With thanks to Jones Beene who sent this paper and thinks it can be applied -in some way- to LENR:

    MIPT researchers clear the way for fast plasmonic chps:

    Jones’ concept is strong and true in that LENR is not bound to any element like hydrogen or topology like cracks. Engineering can meet and express the fundamental requirements of LENR design if the basic causes of LENR are understood.

    The SPP behavior that has not yet been recognized by plasmonic science is the ability of SPPs to produce a positive feedback loop that compensates for the energy losses due to diffusion through the offsetting gains produced by non linear energy production. This ability to amplify the chemistry based catalytic activity of SPPs is not yet in the province of plasmonic research. When nano-particles setup the SPP to amplify their power and force SPP wave forms to loop onto themselves in a vortex, it produces a short lived “Dark Mode” configuration that acts just like a celestial black hole that draws energy into itself from its surroundings. This ability to attract, concentrate and store new energy involves at least two distinct although related mechanisms.

    First, SPPs concentrate and reorient the spin of photons then project the magnetic single pole beam so formed from one of the poles of the vortex. This beam both destabilizes and then transports energy from the affected matter back along the path of the beam through the action of quantum teleportation. This mechanism can act at a considerable distance away from the vortex. Next, the SPP soliton can share, transfer and accumulate energy through quantum mechanical entanglement with clusters of matter of arbitrary size. This instantaneous gleaning of energy from many distinct sources occurs within a spherical zone around the vortex. This duality of causation in the results observed in the LENR reaction leads to understandable confusion. But this multiplicity in the results as produced by the fundamental cause of LENR are unified by a commonality of characteristics linked to a common origin of the effect..

    These common and universal conditions include the thermalization of gamma radiation, the rapid to instantaneous stabilization of radioactive isotopes, lack of neutron emissions, and the wide variation of seemingly random transmutation results which includes fusion of light elements into heavier elements and fission of heavy elements into lighter ones, remote reaction at a distance from the location of the LENR reaction, and instantaneous cluster fusion involving huge numbers of sub-reactions that occur instantly and collectively.

    Even though the LENR reaction oftentimes occurs concurrent with the presence of hydrogen isotopes, hydrogen in not required as a fundamental cause of the reaction as shown in the experiments done at Proton 21 where a ball of copper is blasted with a high powered arc discharge, and the carbon dust experiments performed using microwaves conducted by George Egely, the new editor of infinite magazine. In the Proton 21 experiments in nano-particles involved are copper based and in the Egely case the nano-particles are based on carbon. In the Papp reaction. The nano particles are based on chlorine and noble gases.

    LENR has made itself known in our world ever since the days of young Tesla when electricity has be made powerful enough to generate nano particles from matter. Since we have brought Egely’s name up, Egely has written a wonderful series of articles explaining how SPPs have produced LENR for over a century in many diverse and now long forgotten systems going back to the times and work by Tesla. They are well worth a read and as follows: