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A Scout is never taken by surprise; he knows exactly what to do when anything unexpected happens. (Robert Baden-Powell)
This is also true for an agile blogger; now it is about a good surprise- statistically 80% of them are bad- this one is a fine exception.
See this, please:
Airbus scientist announces theoretical breakthrough in cold fusion:

 On his Linked-in page, Jean Francois Geneste writes:

I made a major theoretical breakthrough in the field of "energy creation". This will be presented at the 11th workshop on anomalies in hydrogen loaded metals which will be held next October in Airbus, Toulouse. What it basically consists in is a global theorization of energy creation which includes all known means up today, that they be chemical, nuclear fission or nuclear fusion. Against all expectations, it is proved that there is potential room for cold fusion or so in a breakthrough approach of building a "burner" and making a (new) fuel. As a consequence, even if the burden of proof remains to cold fusionists to experimentally prove, at least, they are right, on a theoretical point of view, I completely revert the burden of proof to orthodox physicists who now will have to prove the non-existence of cold fusion, if they can, since they have been claiming it for years if not decades. The only way my theory leaves them, is to find a counter example to our theory. I sincerely think this will be very hard, the physical foundations being quite obvious and demanding less than orthodox physics itself.
I hope this theoretical work will allow a more objective approach concerning cold fusion in particular and will encourage young physicists to invest in the field.

My comments to this:

1. I think this breakthrough has to be taken very seriously, Jean Francois is a special researcher and thinker, able to do such great things, To convince yourself just read his FQXI essay: 
"Trick or Truth: the Mysterious Connection Between Physics and Mathematics by Jean-François Geneste"  The theory breakthrough is connected with this essay. Jean Francois is mathematician, engineer and physicist an optimum combination fora holistic-holographic vision of the field of LENR,Yiannis Hadjichristos the highest IQ around in LENR is also a mathematician.

2. This is a question: why  has he "launched" this idea with 2 months and 2 days before its effective public presentation at the Toulouse Workshop? This leads to an other question: who, what is the real target of this game changing idea? I can imagine that a major international company as AIRBUS engaged in cold fusion/LENR research is making many physicists for whom the adjective orthodox is used as a polite euphemism- very unhappy. Being influential they try to stop  this activity at the Company, obviously using internal leaders  and gurus.  I imagine tthe battles have already started and at the Workshop it will be known what is the trend. It is a Napoleonian  strategy maneuvering to revert the proof to the hostile physicists. I fear because reactionary scientist addicted to an old paradigm, owning and being owned by powerful memes are so effectively immune to both facts and logic. But this will be seen, more or less directly. And they can become ferocious.

3. In this stage we cannot grasp the dimensions and extent of this theory breakthrough and also not its modus cogitandi. When he says (in an answer to my first fast questions this morning): "orthodox physicists claim cold fusion is not possible" and he  demonstrates that but, yes it is possible! then what vision,  basic model of cold fusion are we speaking about? A model a la Ethan Siegel the cold fusion killer with whom we had disputes last year. as here: 
Then, theories and theory breakthroughs are growing as value in the order: explanatory, prohibitive; In my ideology, cold fusion/LENR needs a fourth category- productive theories. My instinct says Geneste's theory is something more general and generative.- as relativity's theory.

4.  Answering to my question he said "my model does not specifically deal with vacuum energy. It is both more mathematical and easier than that.‎ In fact, if vacuum is not really vacuum, which I believe, and this will be published by the beginning of September in my new book, then, maybe there could be (theoretical) room to extract energy from vacuum. But my purpose is more engineering oriented."

I will try to get his new book next month.
The theory will be presented at the Workshop in a special session of at least 2 hours
it IS important!

5. History perhaps not, but my blog in any case has noticed that I have asked AIRBUS to perform research more technologically oriented in order to create real competition to Andrea Rossi
I have also sent to Jean Francois my old "Why technology first?" paper. I see
that this approach seemingly is opposed to his; he has emphasized that lack of a reliable theory is a competitive disadvantage for Andrea Rossi. Regarding Rossi he is right, I think, but a high caliber genius is necessary for a working theory.

Re Technology First - more important than my ideas is Energy Source fast and safe!

Let's follow the theory breakthrough  with total empathy- first it will shine at
the Workshop, then...

You can read other comments about the breakthrough here:   and here

A very interesting paper:

1 Cold Fusion Power, International, USA 2 LLC “Radium”, Moscow 3 Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Dubna 4 P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI», Moscow Abstract
This article discusses the mechanism of cold fusion of deuterium and other elements implanted in the potential niches of conductive crystals. Cold fusion in metals becomes possible due to the fact that the implantation of atoms in a crystal guides them to their p excitation levels, which are determined primarily by the positioning of free conduction electrons in a zone of potential niches. The excitation energy of the s-states is about 10-14 eV. The excited atoms’ orientation in the crystal is not random but dictated by the crystal lattice’s electrostatic potentials. Calculations show that the transparency of the Coulomb potential barrier, for example in the case of DD-fusion, increases by about 60 orders of magnitude if two deuterium atoms meet each other in the minima of the conductor’s potentials in the crisscross orientation. Most of the article is devoted to the process of DD-fusion in the electrolytic saturation by deuterium in crystals, a process that is extensively studied in these experiments. The article also briefly comments on other experimental results related to cold fusion. Keywords: Deuterium, Palladium, Platinum, Nickel, Excess Power.


  1. Currently, there is a movement in physics to connect the theory of the universe with information science. This revolves around the concept of the holographic universe. It sounds like Geneste intends to offer a generalize mathematical proof of how energy is transformed as a mathematical operation on the information content that describes the universe.

    There is a good chance that this theory will not be connected to any recognizable physical processes of LENR technologies that you are familiar with. Without a primmer, generalized mathematical descriptions of reality are near impossible for a non mathematician to figure out. If you a hoping to increase your understanding of LENR through this theory, prepare to be disappointed.

    Yes, I do agree that LENR theory is somewhere in this ballpark, related to black holds, quantum fluids, superconductivity, and their connection through parallelism,

    To start getting yourselves ready for reading Geneste's theory and supporting mathematical proofs, based on this the information theory of reality, see the following:

    Physics of Information - Quantum Entanglement, Black Holes and Holographic Universe

    I just can't wait for October to arrive...

  2. Peter, maybe I am missing something but I am not happy. Some guy says I have this really great theory but I will not tell until October. What value does this statement have for me now? Just a tease, just advertising.

  3. As to the counter proof. I have this quart of water and two tea cups and two tea bags. Show me.

    As to how many angles can dance on the head of a pin, I do not care.

  4. Answering to my question he said :
    "my model does not specifically deal with vacuum energy. It is both more mathematical and easier than that.‎ In fact, if vacuum is not really vacuum, which I believe, and this will be published by the beginning of September in my new book, then, maybe there could be (theoretical) room to extract energy from vacuum. But my purpose is more engineering oriented."


    The question boils down to what is fundamental and what emerges from that basic causation. The strength of the weak force may be determined by the energy content of the vacuum. The weak force may not be fundamental. The weak force may emerge from the excitation or an imbalance in the energy content of the vacuum. The excitation or energy unbalance of the vacuum may be what is fundamental.

    Radioactive decay is caused by the weak force. But the rate of this decay can vary in LENR. The energy state of the vacuum is what ultimately determines how fast radioactive decay precedes.

    Furthermore, when the vacuum is highly energized, that is, when a large electric field is present within the vacuum, nature will try hard to reduce that field until it is totally neutralized. If the field is strong enough, the vacuum does that by producing particles from the vacuum. An intense electric filed will produce heavy particles that last a long time,

    This is what Helmlid has seen in his experiments with Rydberg matter and the production of muons.

    LENR is a continual process of energy conversion to charge, charge concentration and resultant charge neutralization.