Monday, August 10, 2015



A nice app called Brewster says my popularity is 61% but this is a) unbelievable and of no use of me as long the unique job I am interested in: LENR Research Chief Strategist- at least for two hemispheres of our Planet- does not exist yet.
My LENR ideas have a global popularity of 6.1% double than last year and thousand times greater when they have appeared, 20.5 years ago in written form:  

Temporarily, we have to give up hope (but not search !) for a theory and have to accept that cold fusion will develop as a technology and:
"Technology is not a science,not a discipline, not a tool and not engineering. It's know-how." (Alfred Wechsler)

There are more such evaluations predictions there- if, if somebody is still interested
after the tsunami of propaganda I am sending you daily he/she can meet my LENR Ego of 20 years ago.
I well know, my friends, that 'technology first' is non-conformist idea; if you intentionally ignore reality and possibility, it even seems straight anti-scientific.
But please think : if the Andrea Rossi Saga will have a happy evolution , will become a bunch of technological successes, how will happen this - how much will theory contribute? Rossi is a theory lover, but a technology doer.


1) Nuclear physicist Professor Lin Xidan disclose their cold fusion patents

2) Rossi: new Hot Cat- a real revolution- very- very-very  good (Updated):

3) Andrea Rossi E-Cat of low and of high temperature have differenr uses
August 10th, 2015 at 8:20 AM
Frank Acland:
Absolutely not: the low temperature E-Cats have a totally different kind of employment that with the Hot Cat should not be possible.
The new Hot Cat will affect the domestic and totaly different kinds of application, while they are not idoneous for industrial applications or centralized heat distribution, which is the market sector of the 1MW low temp E-Cat.
Warm Regards,

4) Innovation key for clean energy breakthrough (Bill Gates)


A warning for Andrea Rossi (health)

The recent experiments by Holmlid indicate the production of a zoo of sub-atomic particles including muons associated with the LENR reaction. When muons decay, they produce electrons. Could the Hot cat be producing this unusual type of radiation? Is the name “M.meCurie” be related to the discovery of radiation? Will the Hot cat produce so much muon radiation that it may be harmful to Rossi in that shipping container? Does Rossi know that his Hot cat is producing muons? Will Rossi meet the same fate as “ Curie” under the possible extreme exposure to radiation? When breaking new ground in science danger to life and limb sometimes occurs.
All those muons coming from the "Mouse" might be driving the "Cat" into unexpectedly high SSM efficiency. Any reactor that can produce all those electron, so many as to enable direct electrical production, that reactor must be producing huge amounts of muons. Rossi realty doesn't know what is happening inside the Hot new...but there is no free lunch in this world. For all those who care for Rossi's welfare. convince him to leave that shipping container.

Dear AXIL- this is the first time in history when I hope that you err (Peter)
A proverb says :"Velvet paws hide sharp claws" but not in this case, I hope.


  1. 1. The work of Holmlid is not about "LENR." It is about Rydberg matter collapsing to an ultra-dense state, from which fusion can be stimulated. Holmlid has not been confirmed, not the primary research showing ultra-dense state, nor the work that is consequential on that finding.

    2. Holmlid is reporting hot fusion products, in general, plus, most recently, muons. Cold fusion does not generally produce hot fusion products, only, from PdD, helium and energy, no observed radiation at high levels, and no other products that Holmlid is reporting, like 3He.

    There is some speculation that cold fusion is due to the formation of Rydberg matter. If so, the reaction is different from what Holmlid is reporting.

    Muon radiation is very penetrating. I would not be comfortable being in a muon factory beamline. I don't know the actual risk. It is unlikely, however, that the Rossi reactor is generating copious muons, if any. To assume that is premature.

    On the other hand, better safe than sorry. It would be worth investigating the possibility of muon radiation from the reactors. There is an article on-line on making a cosmic ray telescope that is basically a muon detector, for about $400 if one can get scintillator material for free. Holmlids recent paper is about a cheap muon detector.

    Similarly, see http://en.wikiversity/wiki/Rydberg atoms/Rydberg matter . I am astonished that although it has been 5 years since Holmlid announced ultra-dense deuterium, and Holmlid continues to have paper after paper accepted by major mainstream journals, nobody has confirmed or disconfirmed his findings.

    If ultra-dense deuterium exists, fusion and other nuclear reactions are simply not all that surprising. However, his muon paper makes me queasy. This is an astonishing finding (muon production in low-energy experiments) of huge import itself, published in a journal about instrumentation, as if the muon detection method were the big news. Yet the muon detection method is unconfirmed in the report, I see no attempt to verify the conclusion that the signals produced are actually from muons, nor any comparison test of the new muon detection method with known muon sources, nor any suggestion that such would be worthwhile.

    See Atoms/Rydberg matter .

  2. Holmlid may have rediscovered the Jo Papp reaction. In that reaction, the energy produced by LENR is without heat. There is also an unexplained creation of huge numbers of electrons. This production of electrons may have been seen in Rosssi’s Hot cat. But in the Papp cannon demo, there is a violent expansion of plasma powerful enough to disintegrate 5/8 inch thick stainless steal pipe. This reaction produces no neutrons or energetic radiation. Holmlid describes that the plasma expansion he is seeing in his experiment is caused by fragments of neutrally charged Rydberg matter moving outward from the point of laser impact at some major fraction of the speed of light.

    We might ask, what could be the sourse of this explosive energy. Holmlid attributes the expansion of plasma to coulomb explosion of the Rydberg matter. But Dr. Kim may have seen the reason for the cause of this explosive plasma expansion in his experiments at DGT. Dr, Kim saw balls of nano and micro sized magnetic power exploding in a Bosenova. There, a coherent store of EMF ruptured when the bubble exceeded it capacity for “Dark Mode” energy storage.

    In the Holmlid experiment there exists another of the many mysteries of LENR to explain. That mystery being how all those high energy fragments of matter moving at nearly the speed of light does not produce high energy radiation from collision from stationary matter. The number of the LENR mysteries just keep on building daily.