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We do not live to think, but, on the contrary, we think in order that we may succeed in surviving. (Jose Ortega y Gasset) 
Think- you are; decide- you live; solve problems- you live with purpose, content and significance.

LENR has not one theory but a constellation of theories. These have to be still discovered but also, built. A meta- theory will connect them al. Think!


1) Edmund Storms Progress Report nr 2:
This is calibration; the next will be measurement with Pd Ag cathode- exciting!

2) What E-Cat investment levels will be needed to be insurmountable by Private Citizen

3) E-Cat light and heat in every house- not impossible:

4) The promise of controlled nuclear fusion- part XIV

5) From Hideo Kozima:

I have issued the CFRL News No. 96 and posted it at CFRL website;
In this News, there is an article,
From the History of CF Research (10) ― The Trapped Neutron Catalyzed Fusion Model for the Cold Fusion Phenomenon and Neutron Behavior in Solids.

6) Freethinker's new LENR testbed

7) E-Cat plant test reaches half way mark


AXIL sends this paper about vacuum energy:

Negative Energy:

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  1. Recently, I was watching an easy to understand lecture on YouTube titled "ER = EPR", or "What's Behind the Horizons of Black Holes?" given by Prof. Leonard Susskind, director of the Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics. He was explaining how he resolves the AMPS paradox about the limitation a entanglement to explain manipulation of energy inside a black hole through wormholes.

    His explanation related to Black Holes explains perfectly how energy from a fusion event is sent into a SPP(an EMF Black Hole) as a consequence of entanglement. Susskind said that it would take science 100 years to recognized that his theory was true or not because there was no way to experimentally test it.

    He also explained how a black hole sends out entangling photons from black hole evaporation. This wormhole base energy transfer mechanism must also happen with SPPs. All this EMF from SPP evaporation must create an totally entangled environment inside a LENR reactor. This might explain why Rydberg matter is superconducting.

    I thought to myself that this energy transfer happens as a fundamental mechanism in LENR that can be experimentally verified. Susskind can resolve the structure of space time and connect quantum mechanics to general relativity and prove it experimentally using a LENR reactor. If only one of the LENR experimentalists would let down their proprietary dress and work with black hole science. Just imagine how far our understanding of the universe will move forward when science and LENR are reconciled.