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Facts and truth really don't have much to do with each other. (William Faulkner)

Today it seems it is some trouble with the facts- soon I have to launch my EGO OUT issue and it is still not a single genuine pro LENR paper or info found. This is a LENR blog, surely LENR relatives are interesting-as today ORBO and the Australian photosynthesis breakthrough, good news for energy. The Russian Cold Fusion website offers today a 2012 book about experimental investigations of the strange radiation.

I have learned from one of my bosses during the Communist era whom I can describe euphemistically as a  sadist imbecile (only a miracle saved him to be lynched by the workers of OLTCHIM at the 1989 revolution)- that  "A good researcher must be a good bureaucrat" Thinking deeply this is a bright rule- do not look who says it. look what he says! So I have a rather closed-minded, rigid definition for LENR- deep interactions, not necessarily only nuclear between hydrogen and metal generating useful heat energy.


1)The ardent question - how does the E-Cat X work above the melting temperature of Nickel is discussed here:
and here:
My friend Yiannis nis told that molten Ni cannot create HENI reactions (I remind you HENI is Heat Energy from Nanoplasmonics Interactions) that can be controlled. Most probable Rossi speaks about some other type of reaction.

2) Thanks to Alain Coetmeur- a typical Cold Fusion destroyer negative paper
Science Explained: The Physics of Cold Fusion


In May 2008 Japanese researcher Yoshiaki Arata (Osaka University) demonstrated an experiment that produced heat when deuterium gas was introduced into a cell containing a mixture of palladium and zirconium oxide. In an August 2009 peer reviewed paper Akira Kitamura (Kobe University) et al. reported about replication of this experiment. Replication of earlier work by Arata had been claimed by McKubre at SRI.

Miley’s device, does not require an external heat source, relying on the chemical reactions within it to produce the heat energy needed to run the unit. The fuel is ZrO2 (zirconium dioxide) and deuterium pressurized to 413 kilo pascals (60 psi).

Why do these compounds work as a LENR catalysts?


Superatoms are clusters of atoms that mimic elements through isoelectric configurations of their valence electrons. 


Element replacements

titanium monoxide (TiO) => nickel
Zirconium oxide => palladium
tungsten carbide => Platinum 


Thanks to Patrick Ellul- a recurrent idea:
Artificial leaf could soon fuel the planet, Melbourne researchers say

ECatWorld writes about this:
Australian researchers achieve efficient artificial photosynthesis with nickel catalyst

Another potential energy breakthrough STEORN's Orbo synergy or siphon by Greg Daigle:


  1. Peter, as you may not know Steorn has fallen from grace years ago they have no problem dreaming up anything to tell investors, but never showing a working.device.

  2. Over on the Rossi blog site, there has recently been a ton of questions asking Rossi what the E-Cat-X is all about. Rossi is silent on that issue. He is very protective about his new collections of IP secrets. And yet, he gave the Lugano crew the Hot cat to play with for a month. To completely give the Lugano testers all his treasured and hard won IP secrets is completely out of character. Rossi must have thought that the Hot Cat was a dead end. Try as he might, Rossi could not get the Hot cat to work, and he gave up on it. He never intended to give anybody the opportunity and the Know-how to replicate any of his work. Does a leopard change its spots? But when Rossi read the Lugano report, he saw something he liked very much, it was something he did not see in all his own extensive Hot cat experiments. He was very surprised, and he took advantage of this very good luck as he has always done. Those new insights that he gleaned from the Lugano report gave him inspiration to invent the E-Cat-X. The tantalizing question that we are faced with: what insight did Rossi get from the Lugano report.

    Maybe Rossi gave up on the Hot Cat because, try as he might, he could not get the Hot Cat to work well, So he intended to throw his competitors a curve by showing them a failed test. He used an old fuel load from one of his failed Hot cat tests knowing full well that the Hot Cat would not work to any great extent. But to his surprise, the Lugano crew got the reactor to work anyway beyond all his wildest expectations.

    The previously used fuel loaded in the Lugano test showed no build up of Ni62, just run of the mill nickel isotopes, but the Lugano run changed the nickel powder into pure Ni62. We know that Rossi was very surprised by this strange turn of events. Rossi must have thought to himself, what could have caused that miracle? How come I could not do this thing and those Lugano testers could?

    Because they did not want to melt the hot cat down, the Lugano crew let the Hot cat heat for 10 days before they decided to up the temperature. In those first 10 days the Hot cat was a poor performer. Rossi never had the patience to run the Hot cat for so long, he did not have the patience to run such a non productive test for that long. But after those 10 days of gestation, the Lugano crew increased the power and the heat and the Rossi reaction took off.

    The power produced by the reactor showed a COP of 7 when the power was increased. Something must have been building up over those 10 days of moderate heat. LENR has always had a history of running for a long time before the reaction sets in. The Palladium guys thought ot was caused by loading hydrogen into palladium, but that was not the case.

    Nano-particles were being created slowly until their numbers reached a critical threshold for the reactor to take off. Without those large 100 micron nickel particles, the nano particle aggregation must be grown large enough to get the power of the reaction over a critical level. That correct level is when the aggregation is big enough to establish a positive feedback loop with the nuclear fusion reactions catalyzed by the aggregation.

    Rossi said to himself, I can just add some of my potassium catalyst to the lithium aluminum hydride to get the nano particles to form faster. 10 days is far to long to wait to start up the Hot cat. Then I could turn on the lithium powder very fast, and I do not need the nickel anymore.