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It's not the size of the dreamer, it's the size of the dream. (Josh Ryan Evans)

My LENR dream has weak chances to be accepted and popular; it is moving counter-stream  and is in permanent collision with old rigid but also sticky local memes, myths with egos and even standard thinking orthodoxies as the Scientific Method or Occam's Razor.
I want to be a voice of reason, rationality, realism, pragmatism- contributing with ideas and principles to the solving of the problems of LENR and trying to find and effective way of developing LENR in what it is: a great source of energy for Mankind.
 I am in antagonic conflict with those who know that a few smart tricks or  bright theory will do this job and who know that no ideology or philosophy is necessary for our field. I am an unwelcome carrier of bad news and an emitter of of unpardonable offenses to the glorious past of Cold Fusion/LENR., not speaking about its symbol metal, palladium. I also dare to suppose quite seriously that for a given metal, LENR over the Debye temperature of the metal and LENR under the Debye temperature are very different is what happens in the cooler environment is NOT relevant for the warmer, productive environment. Expand this idea a bit further- it means the huge Know How accumulated for PdD in more than 1/4 of a century will be of very limited use for NiH isn't this too much of denialism?
Anyway yesterday I spoke  about the identity crisis of LENR and now, thinking it over I have to add that: 
Size comes before identity
You are on the way and suddenly you observe far away a human figure coming toward to you. The very first information you will get is about sizee- s it a child or a grown up? The crisis refers also to the difficultly definable magnitude to the extent of LENR- what is relevant- what happens inside the palladium box  or outside it? Below 1000C or above the Debye temperature, up to the Hottest E-Cats with reactions in molten metal (?) Remark- the all-Russia LENR plan also includes reactions in molten metals- but I don't know which kind of.
So LENR, prior to its inherent identity crisis, also has a size- more precisely extent crisis. Where LENR starts and where it ends or is it still growing and diversifying as any genuinely great science & technology?

The Rossi Effect is here, says Hank Mills
(it is very warm and I cannot predict what will be tomorrow so I am launching this second part of my editorial too- probably not more better for my LENR popularity than the first part.
OK, yesterday Hank Mills has published an optimistic paper entitled: 
 "What's Important is the Rossi Effect has Arrived."
I think you all have read it, the author considers that the replications performed  confirm the existence of the Rossi Effect- that is of the strongly enhanced  excess heat release in NiH systems- at high temperatures. The3 technology works, no more place for doubts.
(I have a habit, bad for efficiency- I read my e-mails in the moment when they come, interrupting any other activity. And just now I receive a message from a friend much appreciated in our circles and it says: "The recent statements by Rossi and IH can be interpreted in several ways. Of course the most likely is that IH has finally confirmed his fraudulent behavior.Nobody has seen the 1 MW in operation. Nobody even knows where it is.")
What should I do with this message? I don't believe it but its simple existence, the lack of trust and confidence is a very serious problem. Not for Andrea Rossi who has his supporters and who knows that such opinions are discouraging industrial espionage now when Steve Krivit, Gary Wright, Mary Yugo are silent. But it bad for the cause of LENR.  Suppose our best men are just trying to convince the President to include LENR in his Plan. The President shows such an email- OK, gentlemen where is this plant, and who is the client of IH participating in its long range testing? Give me a certainty! 
Rossi has given us many things , interesting things, hopeful ones but never a certainty. He could do this in 2011 with a complete energy balance see please:

but had not; he knows the reasons.
Now with this great 1MW plant he again refuses to give us certainties; photos can be a modern form of Potemkin villages, his stereotype "results can be positive or negative" has a lot of sadism in it; if the first variant works for 19 days well with good COP values the next one can work 50 days well and a development program is possible beyond any doubt and  no secret IP data are revealed. What loss will it be if he reveals the client is a plum brandy plant double distillation working with a Romanian licence? 

Fleischmann and Pons gave us the gift of a dream of infinite energy. When the dream was almost lost technologically speaking, Rossi came and resurrected  the possibillity of the great dream. However he also converted that possibility in a "rossibility" that can be defined as a possibility with a thorn of doubt in its flesh.

However I want to end this writing in a positive note, all my editorials are positive and constructive. I am very pleased that Rossi has realized that modularity - a bunch of small E-Cata working together is not good engineering in long term and so...welcome to the 250 kW E-Tigers. Bravissimo!


1) A Paradigm Shift

2) LENR popular in Russia

3) Guide for studying  cold fusion (in Russian)
Attached to it is Edmund Storms; Student Guide for Cold Fusion

4) Dr. Jean-Paul Biberian comes for a visit to the Russ Gries lab! The New Cold Fusion Lab!

5) What had said Andrea Rossi

Andrea Rossi
August 8th, 2015 at 6:25 PM

Jacques Dubas:
Now it’s 07.20 p.m. of Saturday August 08. The new Hot Cat ( Curie) will be put again in operation tomorrow morning. The 1 MW E-Cat is giving troubles that I cannot disclose with one 250 kW E-Cat. Should be repaired by tomorrow morning, otherwise we will activate the reserve. Tonight we will have to work on it.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
August 8th, 2015 at 6:03 PM

Manuel Cilia:
I must be honest and clear: I am repeating continuously that our technology is under examination along the test on course in the factory of the Customer of Industrial Heat. Until the tests will not have been completed I cannot give answers like the one you are asking. My suggestion is: take in serious consideration the E-Cats only when we will sell them massively. About our competitors, obviously, I cannot talk.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
August 8th, 2015 at 11:57 AMEernie1:
The numbers are not right, but the issue is valid. We are organizing the production as well as all the outsourcing system.
It is not simple.Besides, before we have not completed the tests we cannot start the investments. We are in a transitory situation.
Anyway we are studying the problem. I can add that the outsourcing system has been well organized, also foreseeing the possible variables.
Warm Regards


these are especially interesting, just good as Sunday lecture!

MIT claims to have found a “language universal” that ties all languages together
A language universal would bring evidence to Chomsky's controversial theories.

With thanks to Alain Coetmeur
Accept Defeat: The Neuroscience of Screwing Up:

About the GMO world affair
Unhealthy Fixation
The war against genetically modified organisms is full of fearmongering, errors, and fraud. Labeling them will not make you safer.


  1. Peter,

    I see your patience is wearing thin with Rossi. Mine ran out last week with his quiet introduction of the 250kw "Tigers", along with Rossi's comment that his shadowy, little understood Leonardo, and not Industrial Heat, is back in control.

    There is just so much one can be expected to believe without the solid confirmation you mention, before one just can't believe anymore. Each of us over the past 4 years has reached their own conclusion as to when it is time to say enough is enough. You may last a while longer, but unfortunately, I think soon you will have no choice but accept that Rossi has simply not been forthright with us.

    There is still hope though, as Brillouin Energy seems more credible than Rossi. They have acted much more appropriately, and give every appearance of being a legitimate company with an authentic product.

    Take care,

    Shane D.


  2. Note that on Chomsky theory, and MIT cheerleading, they forgot to talk of the dissenter
    ERverett and the Piraha language....

  3. The recent experiments by Holmlid indicate the production of a zoo of sub-atomic particles including muons associated with the LENR reaction. When muons decay, they produce electrons. Could the Hot cat be producing this unusual type of radiation? Is the name “ Curie” be related to the discovery of radiation? Will the Hot cat produce so much muon radiation that it may be harmful to Rossi in that shipping container? Does Rossi know that his Hot cat is producing muons? Will Rossi meet the same fate as “ Curie” under the possible extreme exposure to radiation? When breaking new ground in science danger to life and limb sometimes occurs.

    All those muons coming from the "Mouse" might be driving the "Cat" into unexpectedly high SSM efficiency. Any reactor that can produce all those electron, so many as to enable direct electrical production, that reactor must be producing huge amounts of muons. Rossi realty doesn't know what is happening inside the Hot new...and he is just an experimenter, but there is no free lunch in this world. For all those who care for Rossi's welfare. for safety sake, convince him to leave that shipping container.

  4. Shane D,
    Guessing what IH & Rossi are up to leads nowhere (as guesses often do).

    Rossi certainly knows how to string followers along but he is still in the driving seat (despite all his past proclamations that failed to materialize.

    The reality is that we followers of this potential new energy *all* want to know if it is on the verge of breaking out. Even the most ardent & vociferous skeptics at ecat news are so captivated that they can't walk away yet claim they know it is going nowhere (like themselves). So, many of the better known just keep posting obsessively (on either side of the yes/no case).

    As long as no one has put a real nail into Rossi's coffin, he still holds the show. Guessing meanings into IH words and Rossi words is a mug's game. If and when IH say they have parted ways with Rossi, then you can draw 'some' conclusions but these may be no more informative than any that have been drawn before.

    The fuel that keeps Rossi's claims alive comes from the indeterminacy of Quantum Mechanics. We know how to demo the dual spit capacity of photons and electrons to behave as particles & waves - we have the bizarre behavior of the wave function that appears to disappear when we attempt to measure the particle - then there is entanglement and de-coherence (wrapped up in locality vs non-locality debates) - also we have the bizarre behavior of Bose-Einstein Condensate (at near 0 degrees Kelvin) but while no one can adequately explain these behaviors people are using them to create devices such as Quantum Computers.
    no more or no less bizarre than QM & QIP etc:.

    While the above bizarreness exists yet is being exploited, then the lure of LENR is as a new energy is strong and real - it seems to be no more bizarre than QM & QIP etc:

    So, this show is not at all over yet.

    Cheers DSM

  5. Rossi: "If goes on what I am seeing now, in October will be tried the safety certification."

    There have been many industrial hazards that have been recognized far to late to have prevented untold incidence of injury to many innocent workers and customers during recent years.

    Asbestos, tobacco, mercury, head trauma from helmet impacts in football and so on have shown their distributive nature far too late. The LENR safety certification.must include all possible radiation hazards including all subatomic particles, EMF, and quantum effects that are producing the vital Hot cat operations like Self Sustain Mode (SSM). Just because SSM works, we must find out how it works and make sure that the SSM reaction mechanism as well as all other LENR mechanisms are totally safe...and not harmful to life and health.

    Theory...valid theory must come first before LENR product production and consumption. OR we could let the Chinese use the Hot cat for a time and from their experience judge it safe or not. It can't be as harmful as coal.

  6. Slivovitz?
    The loss will be the triggering of the gag reflex that this product was chosen over something more palatable like say, tea!

    1. You cannot know this product from books. It exists a culture of plum brandy and tzuika is a magic zone of it. The proper quality of copper tubes used at distillation is only one of the secrets Tea is a different stuff.