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"Life's roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors" (Unknown)


So Andrea Rossi has an anchor- a first  US patent for the E-Cat!

Scientists are judged mainly by the NUMBER of publications, this leads to a trend of salami science- to slice their science in "least publishable units" see please:
Similarly, but for different, more complex reasons a new technology has to be cut in pieces- like a pig is cut- patentable parts thus generating a number of related patents, A good technology butcher knows the rules and gets the most rational and smart combination of patents. The IP essence of the technology is revealed step-wise  by combining the patents and the value of each new patent is measured by what it says but also but what it does not say!
This patent is a good thing, good for Rossi, good for LENR's prestige, development and future. Not a perfect, total revelation of Rossi's technology- this cannot be expected. But Rossi was realist (composed a patentable patent much better than the older ones), pragmatic (has told  relevant things about the heat transfer function of the E-Cats and has given enough attractive data re the heat generation function of the E-Cat) and materialistic (has found an optimum patentable unit- fragment of his technology). Anyway, his technology is in continuous change and development- consider his patent was filled on Mar, 14, 2012 and probably m\not much was up-dated, improved in the text despite "discussions" with the Patent Office. 
Possibly many things, including the recipe have changed, improved. What the patent says about the roles of hydrogen, lithium and nickel- must be discussed- and surely it will be!
Obviously the patent can be criticized and attacked, but I think it is useless. The patent is essential for creating a fixed point, a base and is for inspiration and encouragement- not for copying and applications.
A confession: when I have read the patent, due to my love of opera music I thought-
this patent is exact the contrary of Edgardo from Lucia di Lammermoor- in this aria:
The patent is "il primo avanzo di una stirpe felice" ( first son of a happy race).


1)More about Rossi's US Patent
Direct link:

2) Huge News: E-Cat US-Patent granted! 50% Ni, 20% Li and 30% LiAlH4

3) Many comments at: Andrea Rossi granted E-Cat patent by US Patent Office:

4) Critical E-Cat patent discloses full fuel details by Hank Mills

5) Rossi - Cooperation with replicators. Ultimate way to judge credibility

6) US. Patent Issued Today for “Fluid Heater.” Notwithstanding the blasé title, this could become one of the most important patents of the century. via /r/technology

7) Mats Lewan writes:
Rossi has been granted US patent on the E-Cat — fuel mix specified

9) The Russian LENR website also reacted fast:
a) Андреа Росси получил патент США на Е-сат
Andrea Rossi has received US patent for the E-Cat:

b) Интервью А. Росси по поводу получения патента
Interview of Andrea Rossi for the receiving of this patent:

10) What Rossi himself says- he was congratulated by many people

Christos Stremmenos
August 25th, 2015 at 5:36 PM

Joy equal to yours created in me the news of the happy outcome of the recognition of your work …
Congratulations also for historical reasons.
Ch. Stremmenos

Andrea Rossi
August 25th, 2015 at 7:27 PM

Prof Christos Stremmenos:
Obviously I am honoured to receive this comment from a scientist that has worked with Prof Focardi and has been among the most important pioneers of this science.
God bless you, dear Prof. Christos Stremmenos!
Warm Regards,

Hank Mills:
In the patent we have disclosed all the issues related to the specific system and apparatus.
More patents are in preparation related to other issues. I will answer to questions related to what has been disclosed, not obviously to issues that are subject of further patents concerning the upgrade of the invention.
For this reason you will find the possible answers. Give me some minute, I have an urgency inside the plant right now ( 08.35 p.m. of August 25th).
Warm Regards,

Andrea RossiAugust 25th, 2015 at 8:13 PM

Hank Mills:
Your questions are related to further patent applications we are working upon related to the upgrade of the technology.
Every patent is part of the global IP of our concern and, while the patent disclosures have to be elaborated by means of an immense work with our attorneys, such work is continuing for many other issues that will be disclosed in the next patent applications.
Warm Regards,


This patent is part of the IP and many other patent applications are incoming. I am working on 64 patent applications right now.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
August 25th, 2015 at 8:02 PM

Alessandro Coppi:
We are still in the middle of a tempestous ocean. A lot of work has still to be done to arrive to see the earth.
Thank you anyway for your wish.
Warm Regards,

Later these have appeared:

11) The significance of Rossi's granted patent by Ian Walker
What he calls a flag, I called  an anchor.

12) And 22 Passi of Daniele Passerini also has published a fine paper:
FLUID HEATER: Patent US 9115913 B1 del 25/08/2015

and not about the patent:
13) Lew Larsen's Lattice Energy LLC explains the news communicated by Steve Krivit about Japanese government again funding LENR research

14) Asia’s quest for clean energy:
It says:

LENR: a fresh option                                                                                                                           The transition from the so-called dirty to clean energy status may take some time, according to findings from Bloomberg New Energy Finance or BNEF. It projected that by 2040, more than half the world’s energy would have come from cleaner sources, with 46% of global electricity generated by clean energy, top billed by wind turbines and solar panels.
Not oft-mentioned but nevertheless it offers insurmountable clean energy potential is the Ultralow Energy Neutron Reactions (LENR). Like many other clean energy platforms, it has been undercommercialised.
“The LENR technology, if successfully commercialised and scaled-up, could potentially replace fossil fuels in the not-too-distant future (over a period of 20-40 years) because it would be CO2-free and significantly less costly for consumers and businesses,” said Lewis G. Larsen, CEO/President of Chicago-based Lattice Energy LLC in an interview with PRA.
When asked if LENR is a viable alternative to fossil fuels (as an energy source), he replied, “LENRs are much more synergistic than competitive fossil fuels such as oil and coal.”
Larsen, who has been involved in developing the technology since 1997, said that LENRs are a “truly biosafe nuclear technology that involves neither fission nor any kind of fusion process, hot, cold, warm, or otherwise.”
He explained the “clean energy” potentials of this technology in various applications. “LENRs’ uniquely green attributes would also enable the future development of revolutionary, compact battery-like portable nuclear power sources that could compete directly with chemical batteries and fuel cells in many high-performance applications that include portable electronic devices like power tools, tablet computers, and smartphones,” he said.
How can emerging and underdeveloped nations in the Asian region benefit from LENRs? “At system power outputs of just 5-10 kW, green LENR-based distributed CHP power generation systems providing heat and electricity could potentially satisfy the requirements of a majority of urban and rural households and smaller businesses throughout Asia. For system power outputs of just 50-200 kW thermal, LENRbased systems could begin to power steam or electric vehicles, breaking oil’s stranglehold on transportation; as well as provide high-quality heat for industrial processes.”
Nevertheless, as with other new technologies, deployment is an issue.
“Small-scale LENR systems might seem to be light years away from being able to compete headon with enormous 500-1,000 MW coal-fired and Uranium-fission power plants,” said Larsen, adding that it is not a remote possibility that commercial versions of LENR technologies could begin competing directly with coal, oil, and natural gas as a cost-effective CO2-free primary energy source.
“If grid-scale LENR-based power plants were built, there is an excellent chance that they might be around 54-74% less expensive than natural gas,” he claims.
Currently, R&D efforts on LENR are being carried out in countries like the US, Japan, China, Ukraine, and the EU.
Larsen said that he is mulling expansion to Asia in the future. “Someday, we would like to second-source, licence, and/or partner with Asian companies,” he adds.
15) E-Cat technology, a first document partial in the Georgian language

16) LENRG and LENR Cities in a Swiss journal
Production et transmission_LENR La communauté des écosystèmes d’innovation


  1. While Rossi's new patent is a good thing to see issued by the US Patent office the importance is not about Rossi's rights but rather that the 25+yr stone wall opposition of the US patent office to cold fusion is now collapsing. With hundreds, perhaps thousands, of cold fusion patent claims having been disallowed by the patent office over these years there will now be an incredible 'gold rush' of ravenous patent lawyers casting their Sauron-like evil eye gaze in that direction. In the ensuing feeding frenzy in the legal shark tanks Rossi's claims of priority will be rightfully disputed by scores of inventors and inventions that clearly show 'prior art' much of which has become openly known and thus unpatentable public domain.

    Only those naieve fan boys with scant experience in the world of tech patents will continue to dance around the Rossi E-Cat NewFire. The good thing is that this breakthrough portends cold fusion's emergence into the world as an energy source 'too cheap to meter, and too commonly know to patent and capitalize in some exclusive manner' let there be power for the people.

    I have nothign but admiration for Rossi who has remained true to his passion of 'doing' instead of 'talking'. Anyone can see he is loving life in his golden years, that's what true hearts and pioneers do.

  2. Peter liked Hank Mills today on ECW share comment on Rossi blog with you:
    James Rovnak
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    August 27th, 2015 at 9:25 AM
    Andrea congratulations again on you new patent. You truly deserve the protection & the fuel composition should make replicationist happier. Enjoyed Hank Mills comments on ECW today & offered the following comments on an idea for a driver for the heating & EM stimulation of the LENR process – only you know what works well.

    Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by E-Cat World.
    Still think Andrea employs alternating currents in his heaters to start & grow & control local LENR sites for power generation in his fuel elements. Those who have tried unidirectional coil heater current flow have not been very successful at replication, if at all. A simple bidirectional stepper motor circuit could apply such alternating pulses with amplitude of pulse controlling power input & pulse width control providing frequency content to stimulate the LENR process. Similar to the L289N motor driver board used by electronics hobbiest for stepper motor control both forward & backward! IMHO again!

    Cheers Peter & Axil & have a nice day – got idea for stepper motor circuit helping grandson program with Arduino micro controller Bluetooth car for learning exercise. Grand kids are the greatest Peter, Axil & Andrea & I am lucky enough to have three.

    PS Current pulses would look very similar to that in Lugano report from PCE830 Power monitor computer & shown as figure in report.