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QUOTES by the author of: " IN SEARCH OF LOST TIME"

A powerful idea communicates some of its strength to him who challenges it. (Marcel Proust)

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. (Marcel Proust)

People wish to learn to swim and at the same time to keep one foot on the ground. (Marcel Proust)

We don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us. (Marcel Proust)

Think a bit, all these quotes can be applied for LENR!


a) A historical dialog and more

"That's great but it will last 3, 5 maybe even 8 years till we see a practical Cold Fusion energy device "

"You had been always a pessimist... "

(discussion with my friend R. V.B. at March 28, 1989)

Actually I am immune to pessimism even today, however, unfortunately reality is not- sometimes.
People have different concepts regarding time its value - defining lost time. Has LENR lost time- classic Cold Fusion has lost time? Is 27 years much? Opinions will differ- very unfortunately. I think This morning a small Italian paper -see 1) asks why so many (27) years have been lost and  why Cold Fusion is still not a technology.
Then at 2) Robert Godes leader of Brillouin discusses about the bad start of Cold Fusion. As I told hundreds of times not the bad start but the weak experimental results- bad reproducibility, low intensity etc is the real cause of the huge delay. And I dared to say- waiting to be contradicted by facts -that for the original system the problem is insoluble- the solution must be searched for in other system created by technology. I still wait results that will annihilate my hypothesis. I predict that many years will be lost by going on the same way.

When I wrote:

I had no idea how very far is Cold Fusion- actually LENR from the zone where it is effective to do research. But things can and have been changed, see please what says Andrea Rossi- below.

b) Andrea Rossi has found the right way to LENR technology and has NOT lost time!

Asked about time lost, Andrea Rossi answered this:

I have to say just this:
who says that much time has been lost does understands nothing of the technological difficulties. 
We have been able to start to put in the market industrial plants in less than 8 years after the start of the factory work, with our money and without taxpayer's funds.
Only a total non-expert cannot understand what this means.
Compare to the hot fusion: tens of billions of taxpayer's money and more than 50 years have produced not a single Watt-hour of excess.
I have nothing to add, sincerely.
These guys instead of chatter for nothing about the work of us should put themselves at work: real work, as the one we are doing.

P.S. I asked him too:" With LENR restricted to PdD a la F&P, in how many years could you arrive to a technology?

The answer was; "Never" 


I am thinking if the way to avoid  loss of LENR time can be defined as: 
We will discuss this openly and without prejudices, I hope.


1) (In Italian)ColdFusion and LENR so many years are already lost

2) A new thread at LENR Forum
Robert E Godes: why Cold Fusion is so opposed by physicists

3) A surprise - nobody is prophet in his own country:
„Fuziunea la rece” - p1 Cold Fusion in Romanian

I had no idea about this and I think they (Radio Cultural) don't know me  and my blog. It is weekend I cannot communicate with them just now but I will try.

4) Please go to Abd UlRahman Lomax site and see what he has answered to me and to other people. It needs access to Yahoo
See his comments on my Blog too, if you wish.


Newly discovered material property may lead to high temp superconductivity


Q&A with Bill Gates
He speaks about energy, not explicitly about LENR

Neuroimaging study identifies four mental stages during math problem solving


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