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I know from my experience but from other's too that many times to see your chances realistically means to not ee them at all. In mny other cases you can adavantageously and cheaply apply the  method of the ostrich, digging your head in sand. Zoologically, ornithologically thinking this is an absolute idiocy, it could lead to the extinction of 
the species Struthio camelus plus it is ineffective and counterproductive imagine it applied when a lion, a panther or even a lowly hyena wants "great chicken"meat"

On the contrary as a symbol- a human behavior the method has a broad applicability.

It couldn't be missing from LENR.

Not thinking about, not discussing thoroughly, not testing the very limits of The Fleischmann Pons Cells- how can be actionable parameters found, how can be (if!?) 
reproducibility attained, how can the experimental data  used for a new theory- or that of Edmund Storms is the good one, has the method technological relevance and some technological future, considering that PdD is inherently good while NiH is inferior and by definition unreliable- see the components of the ostrich's method to get rid of an inconvenient, unexpected and undesired reality.

As regarding those who want to apply the ostrich method to Rossi's E-Cat they are very decided (quite of euphemism for fanatics) - and they probably will survive  till a massive production of industrial E-Cats will conquer the market.

I will confess that I do not like this subject from non-LENR reasons I am terrified seeing how my der little old continent applies the ostrich tactic and strategy commiting suicide.


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  1. Peter it seems you are wearing a blindfold with regard to Fleischmann and Pons 'boiling cells,' surely that technology was capable of producing similar energy to your favoured e-cats if scaled similarly. A simple packing of such boiling cells operating at even higher temperature and pressure inside a large shipping container would easily be the equal to the e-cat. Or perhaps it is your intention to dis-inform.

  2. The problem with Fleischmann and Pons boiling cells is that they use palladium. That is expensive and rare. Nickel is cheap and abundant. There is more palladium available than people realize. It is widely used in automotive catalytic converters. It would not be needed in them in a cold fusion economy, so a lot would become available. However, there may not be enough to provide all of the energy we need, and it could not be used for a stand-alone power supply in machines that are only used occasionally.

    1. Alas Jed, eCat News is no more. :-( Oh where will I post? I'm so hot and bothered about this. Nowhere to have a proper circle jerk. :-( BTW, like your beard.

  3. "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." Albert Einstein