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The functional understanding of technology and the role of additives.

I claim to be a technologist- have taught Romanian mangers Management of Technology for 3 years- without troubles or complains from my students. More important is my full dedication to technological thinking, action and creativity
and my enthusiastic participation at diverse aspects of the Technological Revolutions in course- in matter, energy and information -chemical industry, LENR and web-search.

I know the secret: how do you become a technologist? It is an unique way: getting really deep insight, very good problem solving abilities inside that technology and even a holistic-holographic vision of it. I almost succeeded this 53 years ago with phtalate plasticizers and two years later I have arrived to the genuine  "Technology- mon grand amour"- suspension poly-vinylchloride. Yes I am a polymers -plastics specialist at the root but the technology is not relevant just the technological mode of thinking you can attain.
Actually any technology has four components- directions- functions:
- productivity- diversity;
- quality- all complex aspects of the fitness for use;
- ecology- limiting of harmful side effects and product;
- cost and value.
Very complex things in practice. 
One f the methods to perform the desired functions in the industries  I made my apprenticeship is via Additives. In raptures based technologies as polymers and
plastics there many categories of additives see please this and get an impression of the many possibilities- for plastics:

I have abandoned consultancy
 however quite recently I was asked to get an additive or wood additives that enhances the resistance of that watery emulsion to more cycles of  freezing-thawing (kind of grafted-on additive)  Plus a terrible accident in Bucharest
Colectiv nightclub fire
has determined me to up-to date my information regarding a category of additives of vital importance: flame  retardants. Unfortunately additives work only if they are used properly, are present!

LENRs function also with additives including the natural pre-existent ones i.e. impurities of many kinds.
The additives problem has to be discussed, re-discussed for both classic LENR as 
Pd D wet- volumes of data but no optimization at the horizon. And for NiHhigh and very high temperature LENR- both Rossi and his replicators are doing receptural research - the know-how in the sub-field is steadily increasing and we can hope to 
arrive soon (?) to the know-why owned only by Rossi who knows  one additive (material or functional that is still secret for all the others. 

Please, friends let's discus about LENRs and additives! 

NOTE Some people are acting as human additives for LENR

We need:initiators, accelerators, enhancers, both material and human
What we do not need is progress retarders

I am  not sure if our colleague Abd is one, at least he does not seem ill-willed.
He has published today a 2542 words essay " Fear and loathing on the Rossi planet"
on his (accessible) New Vortex
Actually it is a presentation of the chronology of the Rossi-IH conflict
At the end he announces that he will not especially active in the near future.
There is not a single example of fear on the Rossi Planet and the loathing he speaks about is actually counter loathing.
However he refers to my Blog so I have answered him. The answer, now a bit extended is this:

"I have not insinuated that IH gave money to Jed, I alluded more times that 
there are things much worse than financial corruption e.g. mental corruption
or the pessim one, mental self-corruption.
But for our friendship's sake, please abandon you activity as "progress retarder" and look to the XXXX (censored)  Jed is trying to impose on us: can you swallow what he says?

the data of unsuitable instruments that performed flawed measurements demonstrate beyond any doubt thai there was no excess heat (you was wise enough to not speak about excess heat i.e. its total absence true? And Jed has the data from Rossi, not IH cannot tell the slightest detail but WE MUST believe him, he never lied, and never erred?
Isn't this strange? And why are so many nasty insults inserted in his messages?
 What Jed says is as credible as the the story of the eunuch serial raper who made a dozen of women pregnant.

However I have found an other anti-progressist message from Jed too. It is on the LENR Forum:

What if it turns out Rossi actually does have something?
In a strange way, I will hate Rossi even more if I ever discover that he has something after all, and he has buried it under layer after layer of deceit, misdirection, bad experiments, and so on

Taking in account the situation of the LENR field outside/without Rossi, considering that Jed has dedicated his life to Cold Fusion, wouldn't it be normal to be enchanted that LENR works, is a source of energy? To shout of enthusiasm? 
However if you are hatred driven, progress is not important. Does a moral amnesia exist?


What's Now?!.. Other Eco-Friendly "Cold Fusion"s of Power Generators Vying for the Next Spot Light

From MFMP; Bob Higgins
Q & A with Alexander Parkhomov




Survey of advanced nuclear technologies for potential applications of sonoprocessing

  • Floren Rubioa
  • Edward D. Blandford

  • Abstract

    Ultrasonics has been used in many industrial applications for both sensing at low power and processing at higher power. Generally, the high power applications fall within the categories of liquid stream degassing, impurity separation, and sonochemical enhancement of chemical processes. Examples of such industrial applications include metal production, food processing, chemical production, and pharmaceutical production. There are many nuclear process streams that have similar physical and chemical processes to those applications listed above. These nuclear processes could potentially benefit from the use of high-power ultrasonics. There are also potential benefits to applying these techniques in advanced nuclear fuel cycle processes, and these benefits have not been fully investigated. Currently the dominant use of ultrasonic technology in the nuclear industry has been using low power ultrasonics for non-destructive testing/evaluation (NDT/NDE), where it is primarily used for inspections and for characterizing material degradation. Because there has been very little consideration given to how sonoprocessing can potentially improve efficiency and add value to important process streams throughout the nuclear fuel cycle, there are numerous opportunities for improvement in current and future nuclear technologies. In this paper, the relevant fundamental theory underlying sonoprocessing is highlighted, and some potential applications to advanced nuclear technologies throughout the nuclear fuel cycle are discussed.

  • Tech Slowdown Threatens the American Dream


    1. Part 1 of 2

      A simplified theory of LENR

      A Grand Unified Theory(GUT) is a model in particle physics in which at high energy, forces of the Standard Model which define the electromagnetic, weak, and strong interactions, are merged into one single force. This unified interaction is characterized by one larger gauge symmetry and thus several force carriers, but one unified coupling constant. A common coupling constant means that each of these forces can affect the other. If Grand Unification is realized in nature, there is the possibility of a grand unification epoch in the early universe in which the fundamental forces are not yet distinct.

      There might well exist processes in condensed matter that can amplify and concentrate EMF to a high enough level to achieve a unified force coupling constant. In such a high energy state, the electromagnetic force would affect both the weak and the strong force.

      One of the predictions of the Grand Unified Theory is the decay of the proton and the neutron. Most Grand Unified Theories predict that free protons will decay. They also predict that neutrons will decay by essentially the same process,

      To prove that the Grand Unified Theory was valid, a hunt for proton decay began in the 1980s. To complete and verified theory of the standard model of physics, much rests on the existence of proton decay, and yet to this very day, we’ve never seen a proton die. The reason may simply be that protons rarely decay, a hypothesis borne out by both experiment and theory. Experiments say the proton lifetime has to be greater than about 10^^34 years: That’s a 1 followed by 34 zeroes.

      The key phrase in that last sentence is “on average.” Because of quantum physics, the time any given proton decays is random, so a tiny fraction will decay long before that 10^^34-year lifetime. So, what you need to do is to get a whole bunch of protons together. Increasing the number of protons increases the chance that one of them will decay while you’re watching.

      The second essential step is to isolate the experiment from particles that could mimic proton decay, so any realistic proton decay experiment must be located deep underground to isolate it from random particle passers-by. That’s the strategy pursued by the currently operating Super-Kamiokande experiment in Japan, which consists of a huge tank with 50,000 tons of water in a mine. The upcoming Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment, to be located in a former gold mine in South Dakota, will consist of 40,000 tons of liquid argon.

      Because the two experiments are based on different types of atoms, they are sensitive to different ways protons might decay, which will reveal which GUT is correct … if any of the current models is right. Both Super-Kamiokande and DUNE are neutrino experiments first, but we're just as interested in the proton decay possibilities of these experiments as in the neutrino aspects.

    2. Part 2 of 2

      Proton Longevity Pushes New Bounds

      One interesting paragraph in this article is revealing. “Other GUTs that incorporate supersymmetry (SUSY), a hypothetical model that assumes all particles have a partner with different spin, predict that the proton decays into a K meson and a neutrino with a lifetime of less than a few times 10^^34 years. The Super-Kamiokande collaboration has looked for signs of this decay in a 50,000-ton tank of water surrounded by detectors. If one of the many protons in the tank were to decay, the K-meson’s decay products (muons, π- mesons) would be detectable.”

      These particles are seen in Leif Holmlid’s experiments. Are proton and neutron decay occurring in vast numbers in Holmlid’s experiments? What could cause the decay rate of protons to hugely increase there?

      It might be the unified coupling constant. As the power and focus of the EMF increases, the various individual force cooping constants converge to the unified value. Then the probability of proton decay goes up in proportion. One of the perplexing characteristics of the LENR reaction is its wide range of apparent power from extremely week to very strong. A varying strength of the EMF field would supply that character to the LENR reaction.

      Another amplification seen in LENR is the speed at which nuclear decay happens. In a LENR reaction the decay rare can be so rapid that a radioactive isotope reaches stability almost instantaneously. In a weak LENR reaction, the isotope’s production of radiation is only affected slightly. This may be a result in the increase of the Weak Force cooping constant through EMF stimulation as it is amplified in varying amounts toward the Weak force unification value.

      The next step in our explanation of LENR is to understand what processes in condensed matter produces powerful and focused EMF strong enough to unified the common force coupling constant.

      After all, proton decay id a mainstay of the theories of how the universe works and follows from profound universally accepted concepts of how the cosmos fundamentally operates. If protons do decay, it’s so rare that human bodies would be unaffected, but not our understanding. The impact of that knowledge would be immense, and worth a tiny bit of instability. But that instability opens up access to the limitless power stored inside the atom through the discovery of the LENR reaction.

    3. You referred to: ". . . the know-why owned only by Rossi who knows one additive (material or functional that is still secret for all the others."

      Are you saying that Rossi did not disclose how to replicate his devices in his patents? Where did you hear this? That would invalidate the patents. A patents has to "Enable" a PHOSITA, and it has to be the "Best Configuration."

      Did he not reveal his secrets to I.H.? That would invalidate his contract with I.H.

      The patent rules are described here:


      i. Enablement

      The purpose of a patent is to "teach" the invention to the public. In exchange for this teaching, the public grants the inventor the monopoly which a patent represents. In order to serve this function, the patent must be explicit and detailed enough to permit or "enable" one with ordinary skill in the art to reproduce the invention without undue experimentation. If a patent is not clear enough to permit replication of the invention, then it can be invalidated.

      ii. Best Configuration

      Related to enablement, patent law also requires that the best configuration and use of the technology be disclosed. This prevents a patent being granted to someone who might wish to "hide" an optimum design: telling the world about the overall nature of the invention, but revealing only inferior embodiments of the design so as to minimize competition. . . .

    4. It's very strange that MFMP have not been able to reproduce a lenr from the Rossi patent then. And that includes IH if what they say is true, that they have not been able to substantiate the claims of Rossi.
      This also must include the MFMP crew, who seem to possess an 'ordinary skill in the art' by the looks of what they are doing.
      How can the patent be a valid patent on a len reactor when nobody can reproduce the len reaction?
      Is it sufficient that the patent which describes a method for heating water from an electrical heater, for it to justify it's use as a patent to protect a LEN reactor?
      I would have thought not.
      What am I missing here?
      Why is Mr Rossi so pleased about his 'marvelous' American patent?
      Why are other people so pleased he has an American patent?

      1. MFMP may be seeing an active LENR reaction, but at a very low level. They have seen the production of x-rays in a smoother power distribution curve up to 1.4 MeV in a burst. The production of excess heat is to insensitive a probe to detect low level LENR activity. A better problem is the production of sub-atomic particles. If MFMP would look for muons, they would most probably see the beginning of muon emissions the the LENR reaction begins and marked by the production of x-rays.

      2. May have seen this, may have seen that,.. at a very low level,.. etc.
        None of that is anywhere near having replicated a lenr producing kilowatts. It's the generation of kilowatts of excess heat which has made Mr Rossi's invention unique, and it is this process which the patent is supposed to protect. So far, nobody has been able to replicate this, even with the benefit of a patent to copy.

      3. Dear Pweet,

        you are right, there still is level of intensity, or additive excess heat vs. multiplicative excess heat difference between the others and Rossi.
        This will last but not long time some creative researchers will discover the cause.

    5. As i predicted, the ERV report will remain a mystery. The suit will be ended when Rossi fails to produce Penon for deposition under oath.