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I like independent thinking, I do not like any cults - the worst is cult of personality in its many forms- therefore I wrote:

Today I know, with sadness and anger that some F-words apply to LENR research 
and are its characteristics, Namely LENR Research is Fragmented, Fissured and Feeble. Lacks unity and harmony, is the dwelling place of an irreconcilable conflict and is developing slowly, we have not seen breakthroughs or we have rejected them for various reasons from scientific to psychological. 

If Andrea Rossi is right, then there is  4th F-word for LENR- LENR-Forte!  i called it LENR+ in 2012. Around LENR Forte it is the fissure- over-discussed -now we will focus on the other two F-words.
Note- I limit here the discussions to the Metal-Hydrogen Deep Interactions systems for now PdD cool and warm ( a la Kirkinskii) NiH (cool, warm a la Piantelli-Focardi) and all the NiH systems warm, hot and very hot that appeared after 2011 due to and inspired by Andrea Rossi)

t is obvious that the field is fragmented- some reputed LENR scientists say fragmentation is caused by bad thinking. May I cite Ed Storms:

"Nature has one and only one mechanism for producing LENR. Being a single and therefore the most efficient mechanism, it is used when LENR takes place in any material."

He says  also there is a too great diversity of ideas that  contradict known data and actually cannot be verified- I would use "intellectual anarchy" for such a situation, but he uses a more moderate vocabulary:

"We should reject certain ideas from the start if they are in conflict with well known behavior and with well understood theory. Just because LENR seems to violate known behavior and theory does not justify accepting every idea. Some ideas are simply too far out to be considered, at least initially. To make progress, a method of triage needs to be applied to the ideas based on some agreed upon principles. This is not being done. As I said, any crazy idea is accepted." 

The opposite opinion is that the field itself is fragmented due to features as its rich diversity, amazing complexity, striking otherness,spectacular dynamicity and powerful ability to metamorphoses- all combined in an almost infinite creativity, still very open.. And this goes beyond unity- that surely exists and is string like. This is my LENR ideology.
History will show who was right and in which extent.
I have to add to this my unpopular idea that the classic PdD LENR is inherently, by definition and by birth feeble. I differ from the old accusation: " Electrolysis is the original sin that stopped  LENR for 20 years" because I think low temperature is the fault it leads to sub-optimal genesis rate of nuclearly active sites.

I think we could discuss about these three words abstaining from the use of the genuine F-words, isn't it?


1) A Lightweight Proof of the Minimum CoP during the 1MW Test (Paul Dodgshun)

The Representation of the Chemical Elements’ Isotopes by the Neutron Excess Content

Brilliant Light Power, Inc. Announces the Validation of the Generation of over a Million of Watts of Power in the Volume of a Coffee Cup from the Conversion of Water Fuel to a New Form of Hydrogen
About this, in Russian:


  1. Isn't "fraud" also an "F' word, Peter?

    1. yes it is I looked in the dictionary nad an ugly one.
      So is fairy too.


  2. Peter is our FEARLESS
    LENR Leader.

  3. Peter
    An interesting article

  4. Currently in the SunCell, Mills is melting his tungsten electrodes. Near the end of his latest video, during the Q&A, Mills talks about this problem electrode erosion issue and said BLP has a solution that is based on the halogen cycle. Here is a link to a site that talks about how this keeps a halogen bulb's filament from burning out too quickly.

    In order to get this cycle to work, the tungsten electrodes must cool down from the 3400C temperatures that they run at when the arc is active, but this will reduce the duty cycle.

    Furthermore, if the process that produces overunity power production in the SunCell is in fact LENR instead of hydrino, a buildup of transmuted elements of many kinds will accumulate over time.

    If LENR is the source of overunity, I will be interested in the problems that this transmutation interference in the chemistry inside the SunCell causes for Mills, and I wonder if Mills will admit to such a problem if it does in fact exist?

  5. Peter, you still can't see the light. Rossi's f-word is Fraud. Has always been.

  6. I post here a (rather off-topic) notification of a book regarding creativity and human performance that I've just noticed. It is linked somehow to Rules of Problem Solving proposed by the author of this blog.

    It is a Romanian language book titled ''Bazele performantei umane- Ingineria performantei umane'' (The bases of human performance - The Engineering of human Performance), editura Performatica, Iasi, 1995 by Vitalie Belous.

    The most interesting aspect noticed is that mentioning The Altschuler algoritm for creative problem solving at page 316 developed in Russian language articles. (for instance: H. Altschuler, B. Zlotin ''Poisk novyi idei - ot ozarenia k tehnologhii'', Chisinau, Cartea Moldoveneasca, 1989, ''Algoritm izobretania'', Moskovskii rabocii, 1969)

    1. Thank you, I know the book havr met the author a great Professor in Jassy.
      RE TRIZ of Altshuler I wrote about it, invited specialits in my Romanian language newsletter INFO KAPPA - at Astral, UPC 457 weekly issues between 2002 and 2011
      Thnk you for mentioning the professor and TRIZ.

  7. Peter, by now have you not yet realized that Defkalion was a total fraud?

  8. I discuss this post at

  9. Peter still does not get that both Defkalion AND Rossi are total frauds. And Brillouin is, at best, very questionable.