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 Creativity requires a network (Gapingvoid) 


a) Sequel to the David Fojt interview

In a post-scriptum to the Interview, David Fojt initiates an Appeal to the European LENR-ists from researchers to industrialist in spe.

Unite, unite, now it is really necessary to build an alliance of the European  LENR researchers.
There are many teams thinking they could arrive alone to a Solution but this proved to not be true.
Very recently a German patent spoke about discharges though electric barriers, this is one of my ideas also - there must exist efficient and reliable systems for this aiming to enhance the power of the discharge. This is only an example to show that together we re more powerful.
The truth and value will come from the small companies, the huge ones consider they do not need anybody.

It will come soon an Appeal: LENR workers of Europe, wake up, unite and start working seriously!

Perhaps in te context of an even more necessary, vital Appeal:


(do you remember what shouted the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky before committing suicide:"Nie streliaetsia, tovarishchi!" *Do not shoot , comrades!")


b) The Inevitable Emptiness of ABD & Co

What I am doing now, answering to some recent insults and calumnies of Abd  UlRahman Lomax is actually useless, you cannot discuss with people programmed or self-programed to demonstrate something empty of facts and with zero true proofs- they act as having Teflon brains; nothing logical, nothing new, nothing not already there sticks to it. But it is kind of sad duty to  answer, on the Web strange things happen and Abd even has admirers and followers. He has  a kind of perfect memory and knows everything that has happened  in LENR land however about understanding is much to discuss; he has a dominant obsession (to copy him see below) for the D+D=He issue- important but not directly connected to the problem of converting LENR to a genuine energy source. Especially not when D is replaced with H. 
I think that not financial corruption but the ambition to make eventually a real contribution has pushed Abd  to support with kind of ferocity the Cause of Industrial Heat. (Abd, because I will speak here much about "empty" and "void"  can you offer us here a list of your main contributions to LENR? Problems solved? Reasons to be admired even more than you are now?

Abd - I have to accept this, has an awfully difficult task defending a newly built position. Having no real facts to prove what he says, he uses one of the standard tricks of oppression- "who is not with us, is insane!" Good in politics- good in his manner of discussing science in a nasty context.

He writes:
"Peter has lost touch with reality. He thinks people are trying to "kill" the Rossi reactor"

With what reality I have lost contact? A reality empty of facts and of proofs- Abd's artificial reality. A demonic inventor, a totally non-functional generator (this was not remarked during 3 years of collaboration, 1 year of continuous experiment), instruments chosen on the criterion "made for cheating". flawed measurements- and these all statement are good for he reactor- not attempt to assassinate a device central in  a costly Trial for really great money. Not relevant details, not certainties
just seemingly completely baseless statements- and you have lost contact  with reality if you do not accept them uncritically- developing a hot hatred toward the inventor and his cursed Opus! 
It is an empty ergo invisible reality, Abd.

An other psychiatric feature obsession: 
That is a reference to Peter's most recent obsession, with Jed Rothwell's comments about flow meters. What Jed has written about flow meters is simply knowledgeable commentary. It is possible to create erroneous or deceptive flow meter readings, as we all known from the Defkalion affair.

No it is not "obsession" it is just total contempt toward a despicable position actully saying you are competent in measuring with an instrument when you know say 10 methods to make it to show, say 10 times multiplied readings compared to te real one- void of professional ethics. As saying I became a chemical engineer to work for the Drog Cartel, making explosives for the terrorists or poisoning wells. I exaggerate here but initially it was a dreadfully offensive formulation.
Obviously no  proofs , no data, just a strong "you must believe me"
Little dirty trick mixing Defkalion and "reverse flow" possible only at very small values of flow, giving errors but not making possible a 9 hours demo as at ICCF-18 Actually, Luca Gamberale has shown only the possibility of an error. Where is he, what has he done for LENR? As far I know he is in the European branch of the W-L theory driven scientists group of LNR Cities. Achievements? 
Anyway the flowmeter based accusation is baseless- and void of facts. Rxactly as the ERV report leaked by Rossi (???) to Jed Rothwell showing in a shining manner  Zero Excess Heat? These are nothing, and nothing else as emptiness, void, simplistic manipulations of nothingness.

An other niceness of Abd:

"Peter decided to bet on the wrong horse, then fell into a panic when that horse stumbled and fell."

This guy Abd is omniscient, he knows better than me  what I am doing and feeling and sees things other people are unable to see.
It was a Cat not a horse, I am definitely not in panic (to be sincere I am in panic for the migration-terrorism issue in Europa but this is different.) Why panic? What has fell except in Abd's imagination? 

Anyway Abd himself. in person, perfect proof of the old truth that Wordiness and Emptiness are Siamese brothers. Intertwined 
Actually what Abd says about me has no importance- zero value. So I will not take revenge asking Abd to abandon senseless chatter and come with proofs, verifiable ones as they must be in the Court. I know he has no proofs and his noisiness is a form of desperation.


1) Some Thoughts on the Design and Operation of Rossi’s LENR Reactors (Michael Lammert)

2) Eduard Tsyganov

3) Alexandr Prosvirnov: " The hydro-vawe treatment (cavitation)  of liquid radioactive 
wastees is not in demand in the industry,
Александр Просвирнов, "Гидроволновая технология переработки ЖРО не востребована в отрасли"

Postage stamp sized structure can store all human books ever written
Pretty stable with atom sized bits

Dutch scientists have found a way to store data more efficiently than ever before by creating an "atomic memory" device which encodes data
atom by atom, meaning that all the books that have ever been written in the world could be stored on a cube the size of a postage stamp.


Why Technologists Should Think Like Biologists


  1. 12 minutes ago
    Gerard McEk
    July 27, 2016 at 12:02 PM
    Dear Andrea,
    Some months ago the QuarkX was tested for some weeks together with a potential partner who decided to join with you after the test.
    1. Can you tell us if you are now intensively working together with this partner?
    2. If no, does it depend on the ongoing tests on the QuarkX?
    3. If yes, is this partner involved in the industrialization of the QuarkX?
    You are still intensely working on the QuarkX.
    4. Is the work you are doing fundamental: I.e are you discovering new aspects and/or testing theory? or
    5. Are you working on its reliability only? or are you
    6. Improving main aspects like COP, electricity output, light output
    Thank you for answering our questions
    I wish you excellent progress, kind regards, Gerard
    Andrea Rossi
    July 27, 2016 at 3:44 PM
    Gerard MkEk :
    1 yes
    2 no
    3 yes
    4 yes
    5 no
    6 yes
    Warm Regards

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  3. This definition of someone very much like Abd Lomax comes from the Mayo Clinic website.

    Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that's vulnerable to the slightest criticism.'

    I think that's him in a nutshell, don't you?