Monday, December 20, 2010

An important human right, usually ignored

I see that our present cultures, democratic ones included, impose that you must either hate or adore anything, a third way doesn't exist. Fan or enemy, love it or kill it. I was inspired by an article about homosexuals- and even more by the comments to it - from the romanian press.
For a great majority of respondents (and of the humanity too) they are a crime against Nature
however actually hundreds of animal species are hyperactive in similar sexual practices.

God hates them according to the Bible, however natural disasters - considered as divine punishment kill people very unselectively. But this is only one of myriads of examples. Michael Jackson's music, and all the weird celebrities coming to my mind . Let me ignore them! Let me to NOT be an extremist.

I claim to have a right TO BE NEUTRAL, indifferent, undecided, passive to many issues-to NOT care about them at all, to ignore them, to deny the obligation to adopt a position toward them. . I have the right to NOT love and/or to NOT hate a lot of things.
This is direct consequence of my moral imperative, unfortunately not septoizable:


This is the unique reasonable way to remain human.

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