Sunday, February 20, 2011

The simplest explanation of the CRISIS

It seems that even straightforward explanations of the Crisis
as my "Stop Koalemos"are not convincing enough. Here is
the simplest explanation of what has happened;

a) In all human societies the relationship between the Whole
and the Parts- as collectives and individuals is always non-ideal,
imperfect, a compromise and not a real Solution

b) Recently in the majority of the societies, suddenly, the Whole
became less than the sum of its Parts; some Parts are sacrificed
and this generated a worldwide tsunami of discontent and unrest.

Interesting times, too interesting!


  1. In Nature there is neither good nor evil, only conseqences.Conesuences are not proportional to causes, but may be exponentially greater or leaaser, fracturing or consolidting. People have trigger points and confuse words with things and actions. Effects alter causes and the complexities of Existence emerge, an eveolving Whole, a tapestry of living threads. there is no 'crisis' in the Whole, only in personal expectations.

  2. Thank you for this comment. You are right, the idea is that "Nature has No Problems only Soltions" True
    but unfortunately human beings and societies have problems and the Crisis has amplified both the number of existential problems and their perceived intensity.
    From joblessness to hunger and to being killed by the servants of a dictator who likes to be in power.