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The Economist debate- Internet Democracy:
This house believes that the internet is not inherently a force for democracy- a debate:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  
 Wendy Boswell recommends 4 new web services:


A very high quality info source:
Thanks to Marylaine Block for this information. See also:

New Bing toolbar and social search results:



Search + Social: A Growing Relationship:

Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter

7 Major Features You Need To Know About In Latest WordPress 3.1 Version- Blogging platform:


Social Networking's Newest Friend: Genomics:


1 Facebook 'Share' = 7 Twitter 'Follows'


4 new developments at Google:

Finding more high quality sites in search:


Testing Google’s new algorithm, it really is better:


Google Logo Honors Constantin Brancusi’s 135th Birthday

Google Custom Search: Got ideas? We are  listening!:


What Happens in Vagueness Stays in Vagueness
The decline and fall of American English, and stuff:


Speaking Foreign Languages May Help Protect Your Memory:


Copia – social media meets the eReader:




Beauty of the brain:

Conventional Wisdom of How Neurons Operate Challenged: Axons Can Work in Reverse:


Brain imaging provides window into consciousness:

Brain doesn’t need vision to read material:


Fly Over the “Brainbow:


Podcast: Thinking About Thinking (Meta-cognition):

The greatest unsolved problems:

Testing the Limits of Where Humans Can Live:

When our human ancestors first walked tall:

Science podcast- a global Katrina?:


Lifeform of the Week: Tasmanian devils are not quiet, cuddly vegetarians:


Walking cactus gives arthropod evolution a leg-up:

Physicists discover quantum law of protein folding:


Plankton Key to Origin of Earth's First Breathable Atmosphere:


New Form of Sulfur Discovered in Geological Fluids


Extreme Galaxies: Why are Some 300 Times Brighter than the Milky Way:


Neutron Star Provides Direct Evidence for Bizarre Type of Nuclear Matter:

Science explains why humor turns women on:

Free online calculators- calculate what:



Cold Fusion –it may not be madness:


A win-win for biodiversity and biofuels:


Green Chemistry Offers Route Towards Zero-Waste Production


How to beat technology addiction.

Has your BlackBerry taken over your life, or your iPhone? 


Super-thin Superconducting Cables:


New plastics can conduct electricity:


Swype's Keyboard Alternative

The days of the QWERTY keyboard may be numbered:

Microsoft’s Kinect the new mouse:


Computers Get In Touch with Your Emotions

After Moore’s Law:


Nearly half a billion people escaped extreme poverty the last five years: Brookings report

World Freedom Atlas:

How rich are the super-rich:

The Positive Psychology Oscars of 2010:

People with low self-esteem show more signs of prejudice:


Three simple presentation tips for leaders:


The Number One Key to Innovation: Scarcity:

An inspiring essay by Miki Saxon: “When the world says No to you”:


A life-or-death question to start your day:


The rise of generation C:


Freedom to surf: workers more productive if allowed to use the internet for leisure

Rise of Neurocinema: How Hollywood Studios Harness Your Brainwaves to Win Oscars:



Look After Your Brain


Asthma Tied to Bacterial Communities in the Airway:

Drug follows melanoma wherever it goes:


Dry Copper Kills Bacteria on Contact:


Nanosized vaccines:


Virus-Mimicking Nanoparticles Can Stimulate Long-Lasting Immunity:


Revealed: a first view inside the HIV virus:


Microbes Help Children Breathe Easily? Bacteria and Fungi May Offer Protection Against Asthma, Study Suggests:


The reason loneliness could be bad for your health:|hig|02-24-2011|editors_highlights


Global project on the history of leprosy:


Scientists Accidentally Discover Cure for Baldness: Too late for me, I was bald for at least 54 years


Agropolis Museum: Food and agricultures of the world:

The 9 billion-people question-food:

Food security in Asia and the changing role of rice:


Recipe View Makes Google Search Even More delicious:,2817,2380834,00.asp

A push for the acceptance of genetically modified foods:

Where genetically modified crops are grown:


A Semantic Sommelier: Wine Application Highlights the Power of Web 3.0:

Healthy breakfast recipes:



The Top 10 Fears You Might Have !!:




Google changes algorithm to fight search spam:



Tips for Securing your PC


New bank Trojan employs fresh tricks to steal account data



Cellphone Use Tied to Changes in Brain Activity:

Mobile Web statistics:

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