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Yesterday discussing with a good and well informed friend about the secrecy around the results- possibly game changer ones- of the 350 days test- I stated that keeping supporters and friends in total confusion (maybe positive, maybe negative, nobody knows?) is NOT FAIR from Rossi and his close allies) They could confirm a rather high COP too- for quasi-professional Rossi deniers and for real investors even the Report will be dissected ab infinitum and the dirtiest means will be used to contradict it- the predicted COP means death of prestige for Mary Yugo & Co.
If the ERV is a person, it will be instantly demonized, if it is an organization- any! 
lists of blunders and historical errors of it will be published next day. Lack of independence will be invoked in myriads of forms.

So I had the revelation of a fairness problem in LENR research beyond the test- extended to the entire field in space and time from the start up to tomorrow. 
Yes, I consider a fair analysis of fairness in LENR is a must- and it has to be ..used
at the professional mode!
To be fair in thinking means to use thje adequate modes of thimnking and not the most handy ones... i am a researcher of the best modes of thinking in research.. starting with:

To start it- the issue is rather complex and simplistic tricks as Occam's Razor and dualistic, YES/NO thinking have to be avoided; at this stage I think we have to use a more shaded ternary scale: FAIR, NONFAIR, (not good, but also not really bad) and UNFAIR.
And these degrees of fairness are not scalar but oriented vectorial magnitudes for example  too fair to the past is unfair to the future to make choices becomes necessary. This is also the case Rossi, IH, Customer,ERV who has to be absolutely fair to investors (past and future)  and this leads to unfairness toward supporters.

I am searching answers to some uneasy questions: what is maximum fairness toward;
- LENR history;
- PdD LENR,  NiH LENR other forms of LENR
- the classic scientific method applied to LENR
- the industrial future of LENR?

I will continue to try to be fair to my dear readers and I hope they will be fair toward
the great idea of LENR.


1) This time I feel the support of my LENR-ist friends and colleagues and I am indeed grateful!
E-Cat Test Result Guess (Peter Gluck)

Please take a look, how smart and inspiring comments have I received! Thanks!

2) Thanks also to Sindre Zeiner Gundersen who signalled:
A new LENR Patent Application

Document Type and Number:
WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/033220

By preparing, enclosing in a container, and stimulating a liquid solution (light and/or heavy water forming the solvent, a silicate with Group I ionic metal, and a organometallic molecule having a siliceous ring or cage to which the Group I ions may enter as a guest, as first and second solutes), and applying electrical and photonic stimuli between conductive electrodes immersed in the solution maintained at or near the solution's boiling point, desired exothermic reactions can be induced. Preferably the first solute is soluble polyhedral silsesquioxane ('POSS') that serves as a host to lithium ions in the solution, thereby forming a lithium silicate, which is necessary to the reaction and, after the solution is heated to within 5°C of the solution's current boiling point, a pressure release may be affected.

3) By Gregory Goble: 
Per aspera ad astra NASA’s view of LENR Energy in the U.S. Naval Research DeChiaro Presentation

4) Studies on a thermal energy system © Etiam Oy 2011-2016 Part 3 Preparation and handling of LENR test materials

5) From the LENR Forum- Celani type replication:
Today we have a new replication from user @jeff - Celani cell.
"Over the last few days I have run a Celani-type of experiment using Ni wire and H2 loading: nothing else. I have observed radiation levels 7x or more above background levels. Furthermore, the radiation level drops in an exponential fashion after power is turned off, which is a signature of a half life, in this case approx 1 hour. I have obtained similar radiation levels and decay profiles on 2 consecutive experimental runs. See the attached document for details. This looks like the real thing."

5b) Celani Replication Report Published — Radiation Detected (Jeff Morris)

Nanoplasmonics tuned “click chemistry”

Nanoplasmonics is a growing field of optical condensed matter science dedicated to optical phenomena at the nanoscale level in metal systems1. Extensive research on noble metallic nanoparticles (NPs) has arisen within the last two decades due to their ability to keep the optical energy concentrated in the vicinity of NPs, in particular, the ability to create optical near-field enhancement followed by heat generation. We have exploited these properties in order to induce a localised “click” reaction in the vicinity of gold nanostructures under unfavourable experimental conditions. We demonstrate that this reaction can be controlled by the plasmonic properties of the nanostructures and we propose two physical mechanisms to interpret the observed plasmonic tuning of the “click” chemistry.

Energy transfer in plasmonic photocatalytic composites

Among the many novel photocatalytic systems developed in very recent years, plasmonic photocatalytic composites possess great potential for use in applications and are one of the most intensively investigated photocatalytic systems owing to their high solar energy utilization efficiency. In these composites, the plasmonic nanoparticles (PNPs) efficiently absorb solar light through localized surface plasmon resonance and convert it into energetic electrons and holes in the nearby semiconductor. This energy transfer from PNPs to semiconductors plays a decisive role in the overall photocatalytic performance. Thus, the underlying physical mechanism is of great scientific and technological importance and is one of the hottest topics in the area of plasmonic photocatalysts. In this review, we examine the very recent advances in understanding the energy transfer process in plasmonic photocatalytic composites, describing both the theoretical basis of this process and experimental demonstrations. The factors that affect the energy transfer efficiencies and how to improve the efficiencies to yield better photocatalytic performance are also discussed. Furthermore, comparisons are made between the various energy transfer processes, emphasizing their limitations/benefits for efficient operation of plasmonic photocatalysts.

Press Release 16-024
Accelerating discovery in materials science


According to Andrea Rossi, lithium is LENR metal of first category
International Lithium – A Green Technology Metals Company Plugged In The rEVolution Of Energy

Creativity, Innovation, and the Value of Wisdom:


  1. I like A.R. Keep it simple stupid Principle

    Albert Einstein: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." This means that one should simplify the design of a product and success is achieved when a design is at its maximum simplicity.

    1. Dear Sam,
      The KISS Principle has a limited area of application- mainly in doing more than in thinking. For LENR it has to be replaced- see please today's issue of EGO OUT.


  2. I agrees, try for the KISS Principle....

  3. I agrees, try for the KISS Principle....

  4. I think the link to Art Zantinge and his article about creativity is exactly as I think (but are less good to express). The problem is to let wisdom enter the process of creativity without the; 'done before - did not work' attitude creeping in through the same 'port'.
    Creativity can only be handled by people and organizations are obstacles with cubic impact due to size (of the organization).

    Or as , I think, you say Peter; 'It is not fair - maybe something to be grateful for'!

  5. About fainess, I had a training on stress management, and part of it was about game theory.

    first observations is that humans are usually playing null-sum game, just because they imagine life is such a game, and because it is funny to play game.
    The training was showing how painful and unproductive it might be when you have a serious problem (they however say that if it is not a problem you can be kiddish, just do it on purpose).

    then they proposed a prisoner dilemna situation when you should collaborate with the other side...

    and the conclusion, the lesson was :
    - you should collaborate
    - but COMMUNICATE YOUR INTENT TO COLLABORATE EXPLICITLY. don't expect others to be adult if you don't communicate.

    finally I remember of people launching such a collaboration project saying that he proposed them to make a very big cake, and those old kids where trying to steal the flour and the eggs.

    LENR scientists have not the least chance to be millionaire (not even rossi&al) if they don't collaborate...

  6. I am not a scientist, but the "METHOD FOR INDUCING AN EXOTHERMIC REACTION
    IN A LIQUID SOLUTION abstract." sounds like terminology used by chemists, not physicists, who should carry out these LENR reactor tests? Experimentalists, Physicists, or Chemists? Wouldn't it be a good idea to have all three groups collaborating?

  7. I predicted A.R. would announce a need to extend his period of performance before releasing a report on the 350 day 1MW test. I even gave a date of March 4, 2016.

    He did not disappoint. The discussion of his health was a touch of genius. That is an unassailable excuse. One cannot kick him when he is down.

  8. Hello Peter
    Read it all including the links.
    A lot of it is above my head but it does
    get me thinking.
    Keep up your good writing.
    Have a good Sunday

    1. dear Sam, WHAT?- please attach it

    2. Do you mean what did i read?
      If so it was your March 5 Ego
      out and its links.

    3. you are really too nice, thanks!

    4. you are really too nice, thanks!

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