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Miracles usually fade away in 3 days and the news regarding the ERV Report- now at Rossi and IH are not more generating new ideas- if not supported by the much desired facts and data. We are happy that Rossi is pleased but we want to be pleased too, pleased by data and getting the precious gift of a certainty. We deserve it, really!

I was very impressed by a message Francesco Celani has published on the LENR Forum (4) It is an example for re-establishing the harmony between the past, present, future, between continuity and discontinuity, constancy and change, survival and progress, scientific research and technological development, superior know ledge and useful action, creative idealism and -also creative - materialism.
So many years continuity and survival were the main tasks in LENR.

From the members of what I call - with much love, sympathy but also with a shade of discontent- the Old Guard- I sincerely like what Jed Rothwell does; paraphrasing Terence: "nothing LENR is alien to him". Plus he is our good and very fast LENR librarian. It is meritocratic that Jed is on the list of speakers at Mats Lewan's World Energy Symposium.


1) Industrial Heat Goes Cold on Rossi

Says Rossi and IH have divorced, ERV not independent- part of Steve Krivit''s vendetta, now in the pre-Armageddon phase.

Rossi: Small E-Cat Prototype Units are 100 W Called ‘Quarks’ (Update#7 — Each QuarkX is ‘Like a Pencil’)

2) From Andrea Rossi's Blog:

Andrea Rossi
March 30, 2016 at 9:19 PM

Koen Vandewalle:
The E-Cat QuarkX is also connected to the jet engines development.
About safety: during the test our Team had devices to measure ionizing radiatons outside the E-Cats . We also had top level experts in ionizing radiations, experts who made thoroughly measurements. All the measurements made on the matter did not find ionizing radiations with values above the values of the background.
We also used a guinea pig that remained in close contact with the reactors for 16 – 18 hours per day, for 353 days straight: it was a slim animal, very nervous, not exactly an easy subject to interact with: his name is Andrea Rossi. Still alive, healthy , plays tennis ( not very well, though ).
Warm Regards,

So the process of heat generation is a Nuclear Eunuch, working hard but unable to (i)radiate, excellent!

Andrea Rossi
March 30, 2016 at 5:45 PM

Patrick Ellul:
The publication of the report needs the agreement of all the parties involved. We’ll
work on it.
Warm Regards,

We already know this; is agreement so difficult? 

3) LENR- The end of the Oil Era (in German)
LENR РDas Ende des Erdölzeitalters?
"Cold Fusion becomes LENR and successful

Note: as the Huw Price paper and the good news coming from India this ppaer has already a lot of echoes in the German press

4) Francesco Celani's message

Dear Andrea Rossi and Colleagues,

I am really happy about the positive results of such, extremely long, test.
My CONGRATULATIONS to Andrea: he was the real winner of 27 years long battle.
My opinion is that, if all will go "well", our world will change quite quickly.
The direction of changing will depend on the "managing", in the very near future, such REVOLUTIONARY invention.

Perhaps some of You know my opinion about managing disruptive technologies that can change the world and mankind. Such was the reason because I joined the Live Open Science (LOS) approach since the beginning (2012), as started from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project group.
BTW the LOS approach, because the very innovative phylosophy/procedures, was candidate 2 times (2014 and 2015) for the Nobel Prize for Peace, as "supported" both from very high level Professor at Vatican and a Senator of Italian Higher House.

I hope that Andrea, after proper "private" advantages (i.e. extremly large amounts of money and Honors, to him and to the Company that gave the money) because such invention, will allow to share some of his results to other Scientist to avoid a new "oligarchy" of Energy, like the (very infamous) "Seven Sisters" situation in the 1900 (and up to now).
I well know that it is no easy but now Andrea Rossi has to demonstrate to be even more brave of previous situations. He will be the ideal Candidate for Nobel Prize for Peace!
According to the rules, the Selecting Board of Peace Nobel Prize (5 people in total, Norway citizen) has the right to suggest the candidature of a specific People/Organization even not officially presented by usual produres before February 1 of each year.
Francesco CELANI
(previous Vice-President of ISCMNS)


The news that the ERV is being conducted by a credentialed nuclear scientist/engineer  immediately reminded me of another similar situation I did research on.
In order to get the USPTO to approve a particular unusual patent, that inventor was asked by the USPTO to have an approved scientist/professor run a validation test and sign an affidavit.  That happened and that patent was granted.
What I now see as a high probability, is that the 12 month test was for two purposes. 1) To show the process worked over time and without radiation and 2) satisfy the USPTO.
I stand by my earlier comments that IH have no real incentive to trumpet positive results (not until they/Rossi have a secure patent for this process), then they may open up if their investors agree they can do so. But it will take more time between getting the patent finally approved and starting any serious production.
So the news that the ERV is being done by a credentialed nuclear engineer/scientist adds a very interesting new dimension to the story. I am also in no doubt whatsoever that this person will come under significant attention and hostility.

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  1. I think Mr Rossi feels his followers deserve
    the report for the support they gave him.
    That is why he is trying to get the parties
    to agree.

  2. The ERV report is no longer applicable to Rossi’s technology. He has moved on to the Quark which is more capable and will be the basis for all future product release. The function of this report is solely to provide the believer community with validation and hope for future LENR product development.