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By the way, 365 days this year.
The idea being accepted, understood and embraced- nothing more in the spirit of this day, we have serious work to do!


Day not good for comments. However, please allow me to wonder if my LENRist colleagues really do not understand  the essential difference, of ethical nature, between iNDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE  and BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE. The first is dishonest, criminal and targets IP element,- the second is perfectly natural and is focused on essential but not technological information. It was a great difference between using a drone with the BARK AI system with ultra-sensors in the nightime to extract information from the 1MW plant and getting the following information "Wednesday February 17, (when the 353 days test has ended) in the evening, Andrea and Mme Rossi have organized a splendid celebration party for Rossi's Team plus wives at the exquisite VERO ITALIANO Restaurant in Miami. This is not espionage but it can tell much more than a spy-drone. So happy faces on the photos, and, mamma mia,  what fine sorts of wines!


1a) Papers and news du jour: Glowstick Heater:
Auto-moderated good optimistic humor:

1b) Think about the psychological implications- split personality:
Rossi admits: "Yes, I am indeed Mary Yugo"
Isn't this actually a tragedy?
2) The E-Cat Moment (Billy Jackson)

3) Solid state energy generator and a bit of history: Generatore di energia allo stato solido e un po di storia

4) AXIL: Molecular Foundry:

5) There are published here the presentations made at March 31, 2016 at the RUPF;

1. 16.15 – 17.15 L.I. Urutskoev, A.A. Rukhadze, L.V. Filippov " LENR Methodical observations"
2. 17.15 – 18.15 M. Ya. Ivanov: "Thermodynamics of the Lousi de Broglie radiation in the light of the contemporaneous suppositions.
Plan of the Urutskoev et al paper:
I. What we know about LENR?
II Methodical Part
Nucleus and electronic layers- two components of an unique system ATOM
Necessary and sufficient condition of stability of the nuclei on the isobars- minimum mass of the atom
III Phenomenological model
The norm of Filippov
The role of weak nuclear interactions- Comparisons of calculated aand experimental data
IV- The question of penetration of the nuclear barrier
V- The perspectives of the development of LENR in Russia
Note I want to translate it, can somebody help putting the paper in .doc?
6) A multi-search engine for LENR/Cold Fusion:

7) LENR Fuel Mixing (LookingForHeat Video)

JACK COLE"S THOUGHTS ABOUT THE ERV (published with Jack's kind permission)

What would convince people one way or another about whether the 1 MW plant works?

The following is purely speculative, but if true could lead to a full resolution of the mystery of the E-Cat.  Imagine that not long after Rossi changes the charges in the 1MW plant and tells IH that it is back to full efficiency, they say, "Great! Now move along Rossi to do your own research."   ERV comes and picks up his instruments. Rossi leaves. In the meantime, Fulvio Fabiani  and others stay behind (who know how to operate the plant) and other scientists and engineers come in.  At their leisure, and without the presence of Rossi, IH's scientists and engineers conduct their own tests of energy balance.

At the end of these tests, they pull the fuel charges, and turn the plant back on.  Without the fuel, their measurements show a COP of approximately 1.  Of course, if they hooked up their instruments and got a COP of 1 with the fuel still installed, then testing ends quickly.  Either they verify the effect or that the test was wrong.  Either way it goes is a victory.  

If this did not happen, people may claim that Rossi tweaked operating variables until he could fool the instruments.  Or they may claim that the ERV was chosen by Rossi or was unable to perform the test competently.  

In addition to the above (imagined) scenario, let's imagine one further thing.  As Rossi claimed at the beginning of the relationship between IH and himself, IH is in full possession of the formula for making an E-Cat work.  Their scientists/engineers have also been experimenting and conducting their own completely independent tests.  If that is also true, then we would have even greater evidence that either the E-Cat works or never has.

I really do not see the reason to decide if Rossi's Ecat is working. He is not a fraud if he does not show that it works but still claims it does. 
I assume that a positive outcome will be used by Rossi & IH to finance the market roll out. Therefore I think we will receive some information from the 'plant'.

Rossi &IH do not need any particular tests to be performed. Not in there interest.

No, it is not science. Not even close. It is business.

Be patient as there is only days until we will receive some information. I do not think that information will contain scientific evidence and third party testimony. 
The real thing to look for is if IH will reveal a plan to do further investments in Ecat and other felines of this type. Maybe announce a factory, maybe another investment in Xcat. I would say that is going to tell more than the data coming out.

The ongoing evaluation of Rossi is not required. 
I read that he does not have enough scientific knowledge to handle the development. 
I hear he has made mistakes - live long enough and you too will. Admit them ? That is another story.
I hear he has been overly optimistic. Yes, otherwise he would have given up longtime ago - like many others did.
I think he is an entrepreneur with a vision and a passion to solve this LENR puzzle.
Maybe he has and then I am happy for him.
Maybe he is not there yet. I will applaud if he goes further and can make someone to invest so he can. If he decide it is over I know (without ever talked to him) that he will be disappointed and that would hurt more than others name calling.

I do believe that the Stockholm meeting will be a good indicator of if LENR is for real. I am not saying anything about science. I am purely looking for if LENR can be commercialized within a decade or not. 

I do understand that several of the other players Mills for example are more qualified scientists. However, the science side is certainly interesting but not critical in the way the business side is.   


Superconductivity seen in a new light


 learning from Tanmay Vora: Craftsman Spirit


  1. Hello Peter
    Can you tell me what you would look
    for in the EVR to prove that it is LENR.

    1. Dear Sam,

      Massive excess heat*kWhours) at high power denisty (>1000W per gram fuel) long range (months) well controllable Absence of harmful radiations. A qualitative explanation by Andrea Rossi- what makes the basic distinction between the Fleischmann Pons- and the Rossi Effects.

    2. Dear Sam,

      Massive excess heat*kWhours) at high power denisty (>1000W per gram fuel) long range (months) well controllable Absence of harmful radiations. A qualitative explanation by Andrea Rossi- what makes the basic distinction between the Fleischmann Pons- and the Rossi Effects.

  2. EVR will prove exactly dick.

    1. It will show that civilization is about to advance.

  3. unproduced news

  4. Hi dear Peter Gluck.
    May you please tell me How will EVR show that civilization is about to advance ? i'll very thankful to you.
    Regard : Kamal Awan