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Sunday,Andrea Rossi was playing tennis with his wife and he has observed something remarkable.

It was a wonderful day of blue sky as beautiful as the sky of Miami can be when it is beautiful. I was looking up for a service, when I saw a crow attacking a small , very small bird: the small bird tried to escape, but the crow cut his small head with a bite and the corpse of the small bird fall down; then the same crow is gone after another small bird, probably a companion of the killed one, but this second small bird behaved differently: he attacked the crow and hit repeatedly his head with the beak, until the crow run away.
I will never forget this scene.

I told you many times how difficult is it to make distinction between reality and truth, in some cases they are inseparable; here the reality is symbolic and/or metaphoric too.
Even before hearing this I have made an association of the campaign to kill LENR Technology because its inventor is not a perfect, ideal human being- with a novel which has impresed me very much- many years ago. It is "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee - a masterpiece from Faulkner's era and area I have read it in Romanian and Hungarian and its translated title in both languages was:"Do not kill a singing bird!" What reasons can justify  such a crime? What harm can do  Rossi's technology if it is absolutely non-functional? Who will buy generators that generate only losses? What is the reason and aim of this huge scam? 
Rosi has a money problem with IH, he claims the results of the 1 year 1MW test were good, IH denies it
as answer move. It is extremely regrettable that this answer is associated or replaced with a campaign of character assassination of Rossi- on the wave of other older campaigns of this kind.
However the tragic or comic truth is that Rossi can be worse than the most dreadful combination of 
De Sade Marquis and Casanova and Cesare Borgia plus Ivan the Terrible the issue is if the E-Cat works well than he is right, and if Law works too- he wins.
What is very painful for me, I see how my friends, members of the LENR Old Guard are attracted in a de-Rossification campaign, without having the absolute certainty and proofs that  the LENR Technology of Rossi is not real.
My heartful appeal to them is to remain neutral, objective and in expectation, take care to NOT participate at the killing of a bird which possibly sings! To destroy a dream that motivated us for so many years! Do not join the armies of ill-willed trolls, journalist unable to be constructive, professional haters, envious losers, simple straight sadists, who do not care a iota for LENR and new energy- the selfish destroyers. 

a)  An updated SURVEY by Patrick Ellul

It is also about Info Sources, please answer.
As expected in war-time skeptics have accused Rossi believers of multiple voting- with the new
survey this is not possible. Some people can not structurally accept defeat

b) Brian Ahern answers to my questions of yesterday'

Genuine LENR research is hard to define for conspiracy advocates. Some would say that six years of Rossi research without a single independent verification lacks the gravitas for Genuine research.

Conspiratorista is a new word for the psychologically impaired Rossi cult followers. Recovery is expected to take years unless we can get funding for massive deprogramming.

I would rather that funding go into research rather than intensive deprogramming.


Nobody has asked you to get the definition of "genuine LENR research by Rossi cultist" It is about your personal definition, please tell what is YOUR definition, speak about what has to be done, studied not what is bad and useless. Be fair- as a reader demands.
Massive deprograming as salvation sounds strange.
See in the case if Rossi's E-cats generate heat, anything else is of secondary relevance and NOT the Rossi cultists (actually it is about the cult of LENR technology) are psychologically impaired but the denialists as you.
An OR/OR case
As regarding "conspirationista" I do not think it is a new word, just a Latinized variant of "conspirationist"
Have the conspiratioists created Rossi or Rossi has generated them, it is an open question. Some people think there is an anti-Rossi conspiration too.
There were LENR researchers who hate what Rossi has done- i.e commercial development prior to having perfect scientific explanations.Taking in consideration what happens to LENR's cousin- High temperature superconductivity it is doubtful that we will have such a satisfactory scientific level before, as
In other cases it i more difficult to distinguish cause from effect.
Conspiracy and counter conspiracy

1) A standard fast Cold Fusion-killer paper
Getting primed for fusion power

See please what it has to say about Cold Fusion:

And Cold Fusion?
This is the idea to make a fusion reactor that works at close to room temperature. In 1989 some British and American scientists seemed to achieve this a running a strong current through a platinum electrode in a thermos of heavy water – but the experiment turned out to be flawed. Nowadays research into cold fusion is seen as an example of "pathological science", like trying to build a perpetual motion machine.
Best forget about this altogether, it’s not going to happen.
2) Rossi and IH Conflict Over Production? (Hhiram)                            http://www.e-catworld.com/2016/04/25/rossi-and-ih-conflict-over-production-hhiram/

3) #LENR #ECAT saga: Weaver goes Schizofrenic about Penon and Reveals a Goldmine of #Cryptodenialism to Study!

4) LENR, Nuclear and Energy Disruption

5) All the Evidence We Need is Now in; LENR is Legit, and 1MGW Plants Are Being Sold.

6) From Gregory Goble:
The Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Industrial Heat E-Cat Dispute and Expo 2017 Future Energy Kazakhstan

7) Saudi Arabia Approves New Sovereign Wealth Fund: Another Nail in the Coffin of the Fossil Fuel Age (Ian Walker)

8) Genuine Free Energy Researchers

A list of such researchers with only one name on it, that of our much regretted colleague John Dash  Nobody else was genuine.
Comments useless.

9) UK Government Department Position on Rossi’s Work — “Unverifiable”

10) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

Dear Andrea,
from previous Q&A:
1- Did you request copies of all the energy and water bills paid by the customer that used the 1 MW E-Cat ? Answer. yes.
2- are those bills coherent with the COP indicated in the Report ? Answer: yes.
Very important but, even more important: the cost saving is about 6 or near to 50?
Best regards,
Giuliano Bettini.

Andrea Rossi
April 26, 2016 at 7:07 AM

Giuliano Bettini:
The cost saving is coherent with the COP.
Warm Regards,

11) Cold Fusion - Ready to glow Kits and Components

12) Last but not least today- read it with care, please:
Cutting Through the Fog Surrounding the Rossi/IH Dispute (Josh G)


This New Technology Could Help Batteries Last Longer Than They Ever Have Before
It involves incredible, super-tiny nanowires.


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  2. M.Y or someone with his expertise is
    what we need for a 3rd party EVR
    report.We do not need courts.
    It would clear up a lot.

  3. Peter
    Can you tell me how many Universities or companies in US
    would be gualified to do EVR on E cat.
    M.Y said in a comment that he would
    recommend Earth Tech International of
    Austin Texas to do tests.
    Do you know anything about them.
    How long might it take to do another EVR.
    Thanks Sam