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APR 02 2016 LENR


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See please paper 1) by Tabitha Powledge. It mixes GMO's, UFOs and Cold Fusion as all being in some way unlikely events, is in a sense an echo of the Huw Price paper

and tries to be  scientifically correct. The part  regarding Cold Fusion concludes with:

"The huge potential benefits from cold fusion–unlimited extremely cheap power with no waste products that remain deadly radioactive for thousands of years–doubtless make people want to believe. But until Siegel’s criteria for truly independent evaluations have been met, and somebody finds a loophole in what is known about nuclear physics, feel free to go on making fun of cold fusion."

As such, it predicts a violent campaign of denial of the ERV Report, beyond rationality, decency and honesty- the results could be crystal clear, confirmed by the

Customer and the Accountants, by some state authorities, expert witnesses-shown in videos but nothing will convert the ERV in "independent"- his sins will be digged out
and he will be accused of supporting a fraud. Independence in testing a la Nathan Siegel et al is an impossible ideal  and this is why it is requested so vehemently.
The ERV Report will not change much on the outside however at the inside- for all interested parties it can trigger the acceleration of commercialization of LENR- the unique method to convince the incurable Rossi killers, paid or idealists and the rigid reactionaries and regressists. It is a battle in which reason plays no role.

So when the report appears,the best will to ignore the attacks that are generated by hatred, envy, and especially by a force against which (according to F. Schiller) even the gods are fighting in vain.

However I make a friendly appeal to those for now proverbial "all interested parties" to publish the non-IP related essence of the report in the ASAP- there is no life and no progress without intelligent compromises. There is a so well sounding Italian word: "BASTA!"


I have learned volumes about psychology and human nature from Arthur C. Clarke's EGOGRAMS. Great creators, great problem solvers, great achievers cannot exist without a Big Ego. Big Money and Big Egos know- small money and small ego's have no value. Basta said!


1) Tabitha M. Powledge

GMOs, UFOs, cold fusion: Unlikely science events and the virtues of labeling

2) From Andrea Rossi's blog:

Andrea Rossi says what we well know:
April 1, 2016 at 7:16 PM

Toussaint Francois:
The publication of the Report needs the agreement of all the parties involved.
Warm Regards


Andrea Rossi about my April 1 story- celebration on Feb 17- it wasn't
April 1, 2016 at 9:53 PM

My wife was in Italy, I was dead tired and very worried both for the work and for my health, because I was afraid of something bad that luckily was not real.
But thank you for your sympathy.
Warm Regards

3) From the 22Passi...Blog, April 1 joke (artistic)
 Quei bontemponi di Cobraf...

4) Cold Fusion Update -- Year Long E-Cat Test Results Out Soon video By Simeon Hein

5) New Swedish LENR companies

6) Theoretical Study of the Phenomenon of Cold Fusion within Condensed Matter and Analysis of Phases (α, β, γ)

7) Fulvio Frisone Department of Physics, University of Catania Via Santa Sofia, 64 95123 Catania (Italy) Phone +39-095-3785227, Fax +39-095-3785231, E-mail:


The aim of this work is to explain the deuteron-deuteron reactions within palladium lattice by means of the coherence theory of nuclear and condensed matter. The coherence model of condensed matter affirms that within a deuteronloaded palladium lattice there are three different plasmas: electrons, ions and deuterons plasma. Then, according to the loading percentage x=D/Pd, the deuterium ions can take place on the octahedrical sites or in the tetrahedral on the (1,0,0)-plane. Further, the present work is concentrated on Palladium because, when subjected to thermodynamic stress, this metal has been seen to give results which are interesting from both the theoretical and experimental points of view. Moreover in Pd lattice we can correlate the deuterium loading with D-Pd system phases (i.e. α,β and γ) by means of theory of Condensed Matter.

8) A reader sent this to E-CatWorld:
Green Camp


Heat and light get larger at the nanoscale
Scientists demonstrate a strong, non-contact heat transfer channel using light with performances that could lead to high efficiency electricity generation

The World of Plasmons
Andreas Trügler  (Paper- chapter must be bought)

Many of the fundamental electronic properties of the solid state can be described by the concept of single electrons moving between an ion lattice . If we ignore the lattice, in a first approximation, we end up with a different approach where the free electrons of a metal can be treated as an electron liquid of high density [1, 2] . From this plasma model it follows that longitudinal density fluctuations, so-called plasma oscillations or Langmuir waves , with an energy of the order of 10 eV will propagate through the volume of the metal. These volume excitations have been studied in detail with Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS)1 and have led to the discovery of surface plasmon polaritons.


  1. The blog has evolved into a support group for Rossi's claque

    1. which Rossi claque? There are more. Be a bit more exact. Thanks.

  2. Free articles from Andreas Trügler:

    1. thanks alot- do you want make a presentation or comment?

  3. LENR will follow the path similar to that of superconductivity and upon which it shares so much. It will be produced, utilized, recognized, and intensely studied but barely understood for many decades to come. Like Tom Edison's invention of the electric light, I honestly doubt that Rossi understands LENR in any detail, but to his credit, he can still has produced useful results.

  4. On JONP:

    "Will Meier
    April 2, 2016 at 9:39
    PMDr Rossi:Congratulations for the positive report after the one year test of the 1 MW E-Cat.Is it possible that in Sweden you will announce the producton of the E-Cat QuarkX
    Godspeed, Will

    AR: "Yes"

    Some news regarding two separate production lines.

    Deborah Landin

    April 2, 2016 at 9:49 PM

    Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:

    Somebody says that the E-Cat QuarkX is an excuse to delay the production of the E-Cats: is it true ?


    Andrea Rossi

    April 2, 2016 at 10:57 PM

    Deborah Landin:
    No, because one thing is the production line of the 1 MW E-Cat tested for one year, one thing is the E-Cat QuarkX.They are two different lines of production and the first does not need the second.

    Warm Regards,