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Taking the risk to annoy you and to disturb my hypertension management I will present you the latest opus of my executioner-in-spe Gary Wright. See please 

Andrea Rossi’s Two Records – 175,144 km/24 hrs – 1 Year with E-cats in a Shipping Container

The reason - I am a fair sportsman and have to accept that it is a very  strong well targeted blow. I fear it will be used as an argument in the Trial diminishing the chances of Andrea Rossi to continue his dreadful scam
Even if unfortunately Gary Wright has again ignored the elementary rule to not publish on your website during your delirium tremens episodes.
For now I have my inside source at Gary's blog so I know he is preparing the final blow. He is travelling (sponsored by you know whom) to Milano to buy the unpublished  notes of Suor Annunziata the educatrice of young Andrea Rossi (born 1950) - at the kindergarten affiliated to the Scuola Maria Montessori from Milano notes written between 1953-6 and entitled: "Un ragazzo veramante disobediente!!!
that is " a really bad boy"
Effectively destructive- finita la comedia with the E-Cats.
The program of the Gary Wrights is simple: DEMONSTRATE BY ANY MEANS THAT ANDREA ROSSI IS EVIL.
Anybody associated with him has to be punished, expelled, removed, get rid of.
Judge how socially responsible they are, they even are not perfectly convinced
that there is NO excess heat. Because they dislike somebody they are ready to kill the energy source of the future without mercy..


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Andrea Rossi’s Two Records – 175,144 km/24 hrs – 1 Year with E-cats in a Shipping Container

4) E-Cat 1MW Plant Test Results Watch Thread (Update #6 — AR: Report 26 Pages Long, Hopes For Release “As Soon as Possible”)

5) Popular Mechanics Covers Rossi/IH Conflict
In Cold Fusion 2.0, Who's Scamming Whom?
The researcher claiming a cold fusion breakthrough is in the midst of a $100 million lawsuit, all while others race to duplicate his efforts, trying to prove that this time it's not all smoke and mirrors.

6) Mats Lewan's appeal
Let’s join forces to bring out the truth on Rossi-IH affair

From Rossi's Blog:
two interesting exchanges of ideas re the Rossi-IH conflict

Dear Mr. Rossi,
IH have been very, very active in Washington demonstrating LENR for lawmakers. They have hired “APCO Worldwide” (lobbyists) to inform member of the Congress and Senate of IH:s version of the LENR story.
You have expressed confidence in the American system but to get it to work you needs to fully participate (not only lawsuits).
Have you any plans to make demonstrations for lawmakers or any other Government agency to balance IH actions??
If you don’t.. the lawmakers will make regulations based on information passed by “APCO Worldwide”.

Andrea Rossi
April 20, 2016 at 7:43 AM

IH is going with their puppets everywhere, they have gone in Sweden disseminating lies, they are going, as I learn from you, to the politicians to dissaminate chatters, they are using the snakes they pay to insult me, they are going everywhere to say people a lot of words…because they are street vendors, not scientists or serious persons; if they were serious persons and if they had real and solid reasons not to pay us, they would not need all this gymnastic exercise, they would do what I do: wait in peace the hearings in Court. I am not worried at all of their movements, because I know I am right and I know I can trust to the respect of the Law.
They can do all the lobbying they want, but the facts are there: IH, and many other minor funds of North Carolina , plus other minor funds around, plus Woodford, have taken from their investors 60 million dollars to buy our IP, they all have visited the plant during the test and chanted it “stellar”, never put in discussion the ERV, paid the ERV, then , when the moment to pay us came, they said a lot of false statements to justify the fact that they do not pay.
We are not going to politicians, nor around the world to disseminate slanders: we are just waiting to go in Court to make our rights respected; the fact that they do all those rumors is the evidence of their lack of real arguments in their favour .
Warm Regards,


immy Hugh (H)
April 20, 2016 at 7:52 AM

Dear Dr Rossi:
This is big.
Read carefully, because gives evidence of the fraud made by IH.
Mr John Dewey Weaver, CEO of the venture capital group ” Deep River Venture”, in Raleigh, North Carolina, is going around the world to inform everybody that the test on the 1 MW plant has been not valid and that your process does not work, and is making this with gusto. But I know him, and I want you to know this: Deep River Venture” has been an empty shell from July 7 2012 to May 6 2015. In this year Mr John D. Weaver, old friend of Tom Darden, has collected money from investors to put it in IH Holdings International Ltd, wherein also Woodford has put 50 millions. All this money had to be collected to buy your IP, that was very hot, with the test on course of the 1 MW Plant, that Tom Darden promoted everywhere as a fantastic test, in conferences he made in US, in China. But that money has taken other directions; in fact, IH International Holdings Limited from the beginning knew that they were not going to pay you, even if, to convince their investors to give them the money, they were saying that the test on the 1 MW plant was stellar ( see the report of the conferences and interviews made in the USA,China, Italy by Darden ). For this reason, they started to buy patents and IP around the world, paying them few hundreds thousand dollars, plus MILLIONS in shares that are worth nothing, because all that IP they bought around the world is made by things that never worked, revoked or rejected patents or patents on things of small value, among which a printer; I should be very curious to know how the “fair value” of such shares has been certified…
It is clear that guys like John D. Weaver are just puppets of Darden, used to collect money and make it disappear: the “Deep River Venture” of Raleigh, NC, is a company that has a turn over of 88 000 $: which weight can it have in a concern that Woodford structured with 50 million $ ??? So, why he is spending so much time to travel around all the world to slander you ?
We are sending you evidence of what I wrote here.
The next gift will be the presentation of the real nature of the “PhD” : I tell you: it will be fun!
Andrea Rossi
April 20, 2016 at 9:03 AM

Jimmy Hugh (H):
No Comment.


The magnetic fields inside the LENR reactor are monopole flux lines. This EMF field type seems to be different from the two pole variety. The Color charge theory inside the nuclei assume that superconductive monopole flux lines confine quarks. If the monopole flux lines that are produced inside of a LENR reactor are strong enough, then that LENR produced monopole field could shield the monopole fields found inside the nucleus. If this screening is powerful enough, this magnetic screening could deconfined quarks and turn the nucleus into a quark soup.

The production of Kaons in LENR where strange matter is found indicate strongly that a quark/gluon plasma is produced in LENR. When a quark/gluon plasma condenses, any kind of nucleus can form together with muons and lots of electrons. 

Rossi produces lots of electrons in his quark reactor.

The strength of the LENR reaction can be weakened by magnetic interference. DGT could not transmute Ni61 because they used an electric arc that interfered with monopole screening. Rossi can transmute any nickel isotope. Also even Z nuclei with zero nuclear spin transmute easily whereas odd Z nuclei don't and these MNR active elements produce intense RF interference. 


The issue of patents could be an explanation for what is going on between IH & Rossi.
"Lack of patent protection for Rossi's invention" 

Three  years ago it looked like Piantelli had one of his patents granted but Rossi objected and succeeded in getting the grant overturned.  Rossi cited his own prior art (his flawed 2008 Italian patent application that only got through in Italy and was rejected everywhere else including WTO and USPTO).
It now seems that Piantelli's earlier overturned patent has been restored as granted (this was ratified at the WTO website in the past few days) which obviously occurred after Piantelli appealed the reversal of his overturned 2013 patent grant.
I had always wondered if Piantelli would appeal the reversal of that 2013 granting as the way it looked after it was reversed, was that Rossi had won the battle of the patents. But no he hasn't.  So I am more than confident IH would in no way hand over the final $89 million if they had serious doubts that Rossi would retain his win over Piantelli.

My next question is has IH established a relationship with Piantelli's NICHenergy ?. If yes then I believe we have a likely answer as to IH holding back.
Also, am still of the opinion that Rossi does have a working eCat. Just that there are serious doubts as to ability to patent protect his invention. But, it also has to be argued that Rossi is the person who took Piantelli's sluggish research and drove it forward.  To that end he would deserve recognition.  The logical answer would have to be agreement between Piantelli & Rossi over cross patenting but as we both know, Piantelli has a deep dislike for Andrea Rossi after the affair with Focardi obtaining help for Rossi from Piantelli without disclosing to Piantelli he was passing Piantelli's assistance back to Rossi.
The prognosis is for a long stand-off. But Rossi is a pretty determined man who appears to have made great advances so who knows how it will play out.


U.S. charges an engineer with nuclear spying for China:


  1. Peter,

    Are you aware that Rossi is writing posts on his blog and attributing them to others? It's very transparent. See for details.

  2. Peter,

    Some additional thoughts on the significance of LENR patents.

    In the IT industry, there was a period a few years back (a consolidation phase after all the web creativity of the years 1990-2000) where certain companies searched the world for all and any IT related patents they could buy up. This era was known as the 'patent wars'. The companies included Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Novel Corp, and many others. They then began to use these patents to attack each other.

    One famous court battle coming from 'patent farming' (very well known in IT circles). was when a company in the US named The SCO Group, claimed it owned the patent rights to the operating system called Unix and then sued IBM for over a billion $s claiming IBM had given parts of Unix (parts IBM had developed) to the Linux project (The Google 'Android' OS is a variant of Linux). Apple's IOS and OS X are Unix variants). The lawsuit was said to have been secretly initiated and funded 'under the counter' by Microsoft (see link below).

    It lasted for close on 9 years and held the IT industry and Linux back for a while. Microsoft were also fearful of the superior Mac OS & OS X. The belief at the time was that Microsoft desperately needed a pause to redevelop windows and some say the strategy worked for them as they did succeed with their Windows redevelopment efforts, but in the end Linux/Unix could not be stopped and Microsoft began to fade. Linux, Android & Apple's OSes now dominate the IT world.

    The whole thing was industrial warfare at its nastiest. See a sanitised summary here ...

    The Microsoft involvement is discussed here ...

    In the end SCO lost the war when a court ruled that Novel corp actually owned the Unix copyright. Then Novel with that ruling secured, donated Unix to the open source world thus ending the attempted sabotage of Linux. So as we see, Linux/Unix and their derivatives are now the most dominant operating systems in the world.

    What it seems is happening in LENR land is that IH are laying their foundation to dominate the LENR world by locking up all and any LENR based patents they can get control of. They have the war chest (the 89$ million they were supposed to pay to Andrea Rossi).

    Also, while there are 'vested interests' doing their best to deride LENR (and Andrea Rossi), the buying price for any and all patents remains comparatively low.

    The benefit in buying up any and all patents is that when you have enough of them you are in an extraordinarily powerful position to threaten anyone new into the field by claiming they have violated some aspect of one of your massive portfolio of patents.

    I fear we are probably in the early phase of such a power grab and IH are the current front runners in the charge.

    On the good side, this apparent patent power play tells me LENR has arrived, but on the bad side, it is being fought over in a global battle that may negate the real benefits to the world (climate and the less advantaged peoples of the planet who suvive by burning fossil fuels).

    This can be seen as our capitalism at it's ugly worst.

    Doug Marker
    Sydney Australia