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Yesterday evening, Industrial Heat has declared that Rossi's lawsuit is meritless. This is the original text written in legalese, managerese, business jargon whatever

We are aware of the lawsuit filed by Andrea Rossi and Leonardo Corporation against Industrial Heat. Industrial Heat rejects the claims in the suit. They are without merit and we are prepared to vigorously defend ourselves against this action. Industrial Heat has worked for over three years to substantiate the results claimed by Mr. Rossi from the E-Cat technology – all without success. Leonardo Corporation and Mr. Rossi also have repeatedly breached their agreements. At the conclusion of these proceedings we are confident that the claims of Mr. Rossi and Leonardo Corporation will be rejected.

Industrial Heat continues to be focused on a scientifically rigorous approach that includes thorough, robust and accurate testing of promising LENR technologies. Our goal remains to deliver clean, safe and affordable energy.

Suppose we get  a tool described n fairy tales, novels and plays- a magic chair that causes everybody sitting in it to tell the truth and only the truth and Industrial Heat will use it. 
The text will become shorter probably  something like that:
" We strongly dislike this lawsuit, only masochists like to pay almost a 100 milion dollars for any invention. These kind of energy sources are very problematic lot of work other forms of investment are much handy. So we will declare Rossi has nothing, his E-cats do not generate any excess heat, those reading it will not observe how slow were we in thinking- normally one month of tolerating totally cool E-Cats would have been OK, but three long years?
We have a problem with the 352 days test. We made measurements in parallel with the Rossi team and their instruments have infected ours- we want now to publish an alternative to the ERV report saying COP was never greater than 0.93-0.98 but unfortunately our measurements do not show this. So we will abstain from quantitative data they can kill the brightest/darkest suppositions..
History can interpret that what we do is harmful for the future of energy and for ecology, but with 89 millions you can buy tons of last generation remorsecides.
We will build our energy generators better than the E-Cats.

In the history of technology and technological progress this is probably the dirtiest and nastiest  story I ever met.


1) Industrial Heat Statement on Meritless Litigation from Leonardo Corporation and Andrea Rossi
Date : 04/07/2016 @ 3:15PM
Source : PR Newswire (US)

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3) Scientist sues Raleigh cold fusion startup, Cherokee Investment Partners over $89M licensing fee

5) E-Cat crumbles: “Industrial Heat has worked for over three years to substantiate the results … without success.”
Eric Worrall 

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Rossi's Lawsuit in Russian:

8) A paper found on LENR Forum:
Can We Explain Excess Heat Uncertainty
With a Law of Physics: An Essay
Accepted for Publication in Infinite Energy Magazine, vol. 21, issue 128
Daniel S. Szumski

9) From a French Blog
LENR reinverse les politiques 2020, zero petrole?

10) In German- LENR- Is the successful, one year long test the breakthrough?
LENR – Erfolgreicher, einjähriger Langzeitversuch ist der Durchbruch?
Recent Rossi dialogues:

a) Jerry Jones
Dr Rossi, questions on ECW:
1) Is this legal case going to affect the production of E-Cat X or Quarks or whatever they are called?
2) Is the production and appearance on market delayed? By how much?
3) Does Rossi need new investors and money to get the production started?
4) What obstacles other than remaining R&D are there now to get production and sales started?
Andrea Rossi
Jerry Jones:
1- NO
2- it will be accelerated, because they were a brake
3- no
4- none, apart, limited to the domestic E-Cats, the safety certification
Warm Regards,
At ECW this became:
11) Rossi Says ‘Brake’ Now Removed, Production Will Be Accelerated                  

b) Teemu
Dear Andrea Rossi,
In this document it says that Henry W. Johnson, aka the President of Leonard Corp., is also the President of JMC. Did I understand correctly?
Andrea Rossi
I knew the Customer in the office of my Attorney Henry Johnson. They were enthusiast to test our 1 MW plant, to see if it really worked, because they were ( and are ) interested to buy more plants for their facilities in Europe. They wanted not to be exposed, though, therefore incorporated JM Products and made a plant for their production to make the test and appointed President their Attorney, who was also, as I said, my Attorney. IH knew all this and agreed, obviously, on this, making a rental agreement with JM Products to make the test in their factory. When IH met with the President of JM in Raleigh, I was present and I explained that he was also my Attorney. No problem has been raised by IH.
Warm Regards,
This one becomes:
12) Rossi Provides Explanation about 1MW Plant Customer


April 8, 2016 at 3:24 AM

Dear Mr. Rossi

I may have missed the ERV report. Was it published? If so, could you please give a link where it could be read?


Andrea Rossi
April 8, 2016 at 10:15 AM

It has not yet made public, yet. My attorney will tell me when I will be allowed to publish it. There are forensic issues for which I cannot yet make it public.
Surely it will be published.
Warm Regards,


  1. It is interesting that so many seem to believe Rossi over IH when IH has said so little. They assume so much. They assume that Rossi allowed independent measurements by others and not that the ERV might have had to rely solely on Rossi’s data without using their own instruments.

    They assume that Rossi allowed full access to the device for the required 350 days. They assume that the device was monitored by the ERV the entire time. They assume that device ran consistently for the required period (350 days = 8400 hours) without problems yet Rossi often complained about having to be there doing something (what ?) for up to 18 hours a day.

    They assume that both ERV’s came to the same conclusion. They assume that the device was controlled and stated within the required 85-120C water outlet for the entire time even when claimed COP varied all the way up to 60 with the pump stated and inlet temperature stated. They assume that the device had an average COP over 6 for the required 8400 hours.

    THey assume what Rossi and his supporters says about IH’s involvement as true without confirmation from IH. They assume that Rossi’s patent disclosures, materials, and IP transfer to IH was sufficient for someone skilled in the art to replicated it at will.

    I seriously doubt that IH would try to bail out if they truly believed the control, safety, power gains, consistency, and endurance was as Rossi claimed. They just might know something we do not but might be unable to publicize it due to NDA’s and such.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am a supporter and research of cold fusion but I think it is wrong to just to blindly assume Rossi is correct until the report, data, and protocol is available for review.

    My advice is just to wait until independent information and data is available.

    1. Mr Peter Gluck your a Genius, I love your review of events and your evaluation of Industrial Heats "scientifically rigorous approach " to finding LENR - Its always a pleasure to come to your blog. Many Thanks

  2. Both stakeholders have an obsessive focus on IP based business , one of them willing to expand its ecosystem to secure investments, the other willing to narrow the offering to some unique in order to keep some control. Barriers to entry are too low, the market too wide. it is a lost-lost game for both of them. The technology works but technology is not enough. Hard to substanriate massive investment if no win-win agreement is found to develp a global evosystem. The ramp up of LENR industey must be based neither on IP right nor on open source. A third path is required.... to fund research and develop viable business... global enough to scale...

  3. Both stakeholders have an obsessive focus on IP based business , one of them willing to expand its ecosystem to secure investments, the other willing to narrow the offering to some unique in order to keep some control. Barriers to entry are too low, the market too wide. it is a lost-lost game for both of them. The technology works but technology is not enough. Hard to substanriate massive investment if no win-win agreement is found to develp a global evosystem. The ramp up of LENR industey must be based neither on IP right nor on open source. A third path is required.... to fund research and develop viable business... global enough to scale...

  4. It's possibly dirtier than you think if you consider than IH possibly siphoned Rossi's IP to a competitor.

    1. Webbie this exactly the way it looks that Industrial Heat has tapped into Rossi's intellectual property after misleading him for some time now, we already are certain that Brillouin Energy is the main culprit of stolen Rossi IP.

  5. 1 of 2

    October 20th, 2015 at 12:23 AM
    Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
    Why did you write that it is heavy to answer the question about when will it possible to invest in Leonardo Corporation?

    Andrea Rossi
    October 20th, 2015 at 9:34 AM
    Because I want first to complete the tests on course. There is a big difference between professional investors, expert of finance, and persons like a Reader of this blog: I want not to play foot-ball with the bones of the others.
    Warm Regards,

    Andrea Rossi
    January 17th, 2016 at 8:41 AM
    Chris Beall:
    Your question is not easy to be answered. I would say this: we must wait the completion of the tests on course; we are very close to an industrial product and we have an enormous potential, put in evidence by a portfolio in the order of billions, but we still must put a disclaimer: the final results could be positive or negative.
    Our ship is still a warship, not a cruise ship and who enters our ship must be fully aware that he is going to fight, not to make a cruise, and that the result of a fight could also end up with casualties. All the guys presently in our ship are perfectly aware of this. This having been said, I can slightly modify my motto this way:
    ” I want not to play foot ball with the bones of persons that are not professional American foot ball players”. By the way: Go Panthers!
    Warm Regards,

    For many years now, Rossi has be playing a devious game with the money managers, capitalists, and bean counters, to get the resources that he has desperately needed to advance his product development but at the same time to keep control of his IP. Rossi has had to walk on a knifes edge for these three years in his dealings with IH.

    Rossi knows how professional money managers and venture capitalists think from his years of experience dealing with the mafia. He has extracted as much resources as he could from IH before IH could become his competitor using his own IP. Sure he kept critical IP information back as a prophylactic against treachery that he knew would most likely come from IH.

    Who could expect justice and morality from a money manager faced with the prospects of a thousand trillion dollars of revenue at his fingertips. Fair play only goes so far and their comes a point where it grows too expensive to indulge in.

    Rossi was playing a dirty game with his sponsors, but he knew that they would betray him somewhere along the way at the money making potential of his invention became clear. In this game of "it't just business" who can make a moral judgement about what is right and what is wrong.

    Like Pi, has Rossi gotten far enough down the R&D road to protest himself from the tigers that have shared and will share his boat going forward?

  6. 2 0f 2

    Andrea Rossi

    April 6, 2016 at 4:07 PM

    Domenico Canino:

    This time the story goes that “Meucci” has the patent, the industry, the product and whomever will try to compete against us will discover what is there under the tip of the iceberg.

    Warm Regards


    Rossi has discovered many things in his years of constant trial and error R&D. He might have only given IH a bare minimum to get that 11.5 million. Old tech that Rossi are long ago discarded. He might have held back the Cat/Mouse COP amplifier method. IH might just have been able to produce a COP that a mouse can generate(< 2). For many years. Rossi's reactors worked poorly and would melt down when he tried to push that COP over 6. But then Rossi discovered the Cat/Mouse configuration.

    The Lugano test was a demonstration of IH LENR technology that was in place just a few months ago. Rossi supported the test but had nothing to do with it or had any stake in that test succeeding. The state of IH LENR tech as shown by Lugano was poor even if Rossi told IH how to produce the fuel. The Lugano test was used for IH's patent application.

    When IH saw a COP of 50, IH knew Rossi was not giving IH all his ways and means. Brilliouin is not a system that can use Mouse/Cat amplification. So the Rossi IP transfer to Brilliouin had a big problem: Oops! These two systems were incompatible. The stealing of Rossi IP was plane for Rossi to see but the hold back of that IP by Rossi was not apparent until during and after the Third party one year test. IH though, we want a COP of 50 too. No 90,000,000 until we get the entire E-Cat tech package.

    Rossi does not need IH anymore and he was looking for a way out from under the IH contract without giving IH that 50 COP package. IH has the COP 6 package but they wanted that real good stuff that Rossi was helding back from IH.

    IH got money from the Chinese and the English on the hope of commercial level heat production but Rossi has held that back somehow. Now Rossi is home free and on his way to market with a huge new area to sell into that IH has lost.

    How Rossi got the COP 50 mods past IH without losing his IP is a testament to how smart that Rossi is. He is a man playing with boys.

  7. There are always two sides
    to every Story.

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