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The appreciation of my readers is chicken soup for my old heart/soul, it is wonderful to be taken seriously. However, there exist more forms of seriousness and in my small essay of yesterday I have used a special one. It is not the first time that I am complaining about the presence of Absurd in LENR, paraphrasing Hannah Arendt I would say - the banality of Absurd in our oppressed and not very happy field.
The recent war between Rossi and IH has added a lot of absurd. Let's cite Rossi:
'the fact that they are trying to make the process in the blogs, gives evidence of the fact that they fear the Court.' And they have strong reason of this.
Trying hard to demonstrate that Rossi is the personified evil, evil is contagious and everybody associated with Rossi becomes bad- this after being associated with him for three long year is absurd again, perhaps even more. Watching day by day an one year long Test about which IH now says it gave no excess heat was a complete failure and not asking Rossi to stop the waste of time, after the first week or say month if you are very patient, is also absurd.
So I decided to try to expose the absurd by hyperbolizing it - I came to the idiotic and hyper-absurd idea of the 10 years test a non-sense, an impossibility...
To make it more plausible, I have used the name of an unforgettable TV series character Alf Stokes. Alf is the immoral, unscrupulous but always unsuccessful butler from our family's favorite British humor masterpiece "Do you rang My Lord?" (1990-1993) (it was synchronized in Hungarian with the voices of the best actors- the translation - the British say is better than the original. You can find everything on the Web.

To be sincere I was convinced that the idea of the 10 years Test and Alf saying : 
"IH has tried very hard to help Rossi with wise advises how to make a non-existing and non-functional technology  good, has made a lot of positive propaganda for the work" will show everybody that Alf's message is just a parody, and not of high quality or plausibility. It didn't. Even the presence of a psychologist didn't helped. It is too much absurd around and it has become too familiar.

So all I can say is to renew an old old appeal:


1) Photos of 1MW Plant Address

2) Is Cold Fusion becoming a new technology? by Dr. Matti Pitkänen

3) Patrick Ellul's second E-Cat belief survey
Confidence/hopes invested in the E-Cat diminished somewhat due to the Trial, however still much more pro- than contra opinions

4) Presentation and principles of the seminar of the theory department of the Institute of Genral Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences
by A.I, Laptukhov
About the existence in the plasma of the solar wind of a new type of nuclei- electron-ionic nuclei predicted by the theory of non-punctual electron.

5) E-Cat the Mystery Deepens:

A new perspective on materials for plasmonics

Why Science Still Matters In A Data-Driven Age


  1. Peter
    Have you heard of the Integral Fast Reactor.


    1. dear Sam,
      yes but it is not LENR as far I understand
      It is competition,


  2. Peter,
    I greatly enjoyed your satire in yesterday's blog issue. I think that it clearly pointed out the absurdity of conducting a one-year test only to claim afterwards that there was no evidence of excess heat. Of course, it's possible that IH new early on that there was no excess heat, but simply chose not to mention this until near the end. However, this behavior is clearly inconsistent with other reports of their enthusiasm, and encouragement of further investment fairly late into the test. This apparent absurdity is to be contrasted with the apparent absurdity - 5 years after Rossi's public announcement but during the last 3 years of which he was under an NDA with IH - that we still don't have a clear public demonstration that his device works. It's also worth noting that IH has secretly been buying/investing in other LENR IP, and apparently believes in the reality of LENR. The big question is, does this mean that Rossi's technology is a fraud/failure or simply that IH is trying to "control" (perhaps even suppress for a time) the emergence of LENR?

    1. Thanks but this time, I daretosay, the situation is clearly confused any explanation only leads to less credibility. If the Rossi technology does not work orf is a fraud, LENR is lost for long time. Half generation at least.

  3. @Peter, honestly, you should stop hanging around and arguing with the LENR believers and the non believers, they are all convinced to have the truth in their hands, any discussion is useless, because actually there is non.

    Instead you should start to leave your ivory tower and try to inform the public and the leaders and convice them that the most important invention of mankind is knocking on everyones door and they should better get prepared.

    1. Lieber Uwe,

      I like your idea and I ask you to write me directly more about it. I thaink actually our points of view are more similar than you think.


    2. @ Peter I have tried to contact you directly via Twitter messaging system, but as long we do not follow each other (right now I follow you) my message is not going thru -

    3. Dear Uwe

      From bad vision reason and due to many tasks- I prefer e-mail
      But I already see what it is about- kind of brotherly alliance between New Fire (which I read with pleasure) and Ego Out.
      For the start- a paper, presentation interview whatever we will decide published in my blog.
      Waiting for your opinion, initiatives,

      best wishes,


  4. @ Peter Email would be perfect, but I can not find yours, thats why I tried Twitter PM