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We owe deep gratitude to Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons for their great discovery and we have to continue to fight for the acceptance, technological rebirth and scientific understanding of LENR- making it the leading energy source of the future. Gratitude is not only a noble human feeling it is here  the creative action to reinvent LENR+ the useful form of what has started as Cold Fusion.
We have to excel in problem solving.



Today it is the 27th Anniversary of Cold Fusion, however it seems we will have no special good news to celebrate and no great revelations will appear. But does this make the 37th anniversary special? So many times our unique source of optimism was to see that despite troubles, attacks, relative failures LENR is real and not giving up despite its inborn weaknesses and limits and constraints and bad karma. 

LENR has given me aims, sense and significance and meaning and order, priorities and a lot to search, work, write think daily and I will remain a LENR faithful till my sunset. If I have a bit of luck, the sunset could be bright.
I hope to see how a culture  of continuous improvements will develop in LENR. Perhaps this could start by rethinking what went wrong and why?

b) See please, I have tried but the ERV is like a rock too hard for my old, weak teeth.

Exchange with Andrea Rossi

Peter Gluck
March 22, 2016 at 2:13 PM

Dear Andrea,

It seems the ERV is perhaps used to play festina lente when it is about a huge responsibility.
However, the world’s greatest specialist in the Rossi Effect knows everything about the results and has also the bills of the accountant.
In his opinion the results are good or bad? Is he contented with the COP values
and other general, basic data?
He can give the most reliable answer.
Has he – being given the anniversary of tomorrow a personal message to the spirit of Fleischmann and to Pons?
A bit of certainty could make many good people happy.
I prefer a non- public answer if it creates the slightest problem to you.

Wish you all the best and more,,

Andrea Rossi
March 22, 2016 at 3:26 PM

Peter Gluck:
He,he,he…yes, as a matter of fact I have some familiarity with the E-Cat…
You are too intelligent not to understand why in my position I cannot absolutely talk of the results of the tests before the ERV has delivered them.
Besides, as expert of the matter as I might be, my personal considerations or results are worth like a joker in a poker contest.
I am very sorry , but, until the results of the report are delivered, it would be extremely incorrect for me to make any kind of comment.
This having been said, I am delighted to remind to our Readers that on the 23rd of March is the anniversary of the announcement made by Prof. Fleischmann and Prof. Pons of their experiment. Should they not have made that announcement, probably I would not have worked on the research oriented toward the LENR, and I think this is true for all of us.

Warm Regards,

Unfortunately, the other key person, the Accountant is unknown and inaccessible 


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Cold Fusion is Not Voodoo Science (Kindle Edition)
by Ludwik Kowalski (Author)

There are more LENR books there!

AXIL calls this: "CERES-the LENR Planet"
Bright spots and color differences revealed on Ceres

A LENR related Patent Application:
Control of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions in Hydrides, and Autonomously Controlled Heat Generation Module
United States Patent Application 20150371723

September 12-14, 2016, University of Surrey, England
(International conference on Advanced Energy Materials, Hydrogen Energy and Nanomaterials)
1st International conference on Advanced Energy Materials
2nd International conference on Hydrogen Energy
8th International conference on Advanced Nanomaterials
In addition to the above three symposia, AEM conference will also host dedicated sessions on Solar Energy Materials, Graphene Materials and Hydrogen Embrittlement.


When someone fails at LENR he has big problems, like a bemused traveler who stumbles into a den of pit vipers, there is no redemption. Damnation is a bitch. The lives and careers of Pons and Fleischmann were destroyed by their LENR failure. Have you noticed how Rossi invokes F8 and F9 anytime he says anything? Rossi will not take any small money investment; he uses only big money where the professional investors understand how failure plays a major role in the R&D game. Even the sainted Rossi knows how perilous the sin of failure can be among the proletariat.

In the LENR religion, an erstwhile prophet will be hoisted up onto the cross by the screaming mob in a heartbeat when the dawning of failure is perceived if not understood. Poor Dr. Kim, like P&F, the purest of the sacrificial lambs is again offered up on the blooded alter of failure.

But what is failure anyway. DGT failed to boil water, the true measure of LENR success. Their system wasted all its LENR energy on radiation, RF, and the production of magnetism. The Defkalion engineers were unable to turn the LENR reaction toward the production of steam. How sad.

Rossi says now that his new system produces light and electrons. In this new dawning of the next LENR epoch, heat is just an afterthought. On their seats of judgement, this goes to show how fickle, arbitrary, and wrathful the gods of LENR can be.

In engineering, determining why something fails is more important than observing success. We can learn much from the DGT failure.

In the case of the DGT system, the barrier to their success is the electric arc reaction activation process that they used. When that arc was triggered, it disrupted the Bose condensate process that thermalized any LENR energy that was produced. Instead of producing heat, X-ray radiation and various forms of intense EMF resulted. The condensate was disrupted during the period of maximum LENR activity.

In the Rossi system, Rossi uses an electric arc in the fuel preparation stage only where heat production is not required and x-ray radiation can be tolerated. When the fuel is placed on line, a Bose condensate thermalizes the LENR energy at high efficiency and no x-ray radiation is detectable.

The same radiation production mechanism is seen in this spark based system.

“It is revealed that the heterogeneous non-equilibrium plasmoid is an intensive source of soft X - radiation of 1 ÷ 10 keV quantum energy.”

The most intense radiation occurs at the spark but as the LENR products moves away from the magnetic field produce by the spark, the x-ray radiation decreased by 20% at 100 Cm. As the LENR products travel away from the spark, a Bose condensate is beginning to set in to support the thermalization process of the x-ray radiation that was maximized at the spark.

This is a lesson to be applied to engineering other LENR systems, even though electric arcs are required to produce the metastable exotic hydrogen species needed to support the LENR reaction, the spark must not be used in the on line system.

The LENR reaction must be partitioned into two parts, one to produce the Rydberg hydrogen matter during fuel preparation and two the use of only heat during on line processes to keep the Bose condensate in place one it has formed.

Any system that uses spark discharge in on line operation is destined for failure. The Defkalion clone, AIRBUS system is an example. Also any on line system based on electrolysis is also a failure waiting to happen.


From Tanmay Vora
Symptoms of Organizations on the Cusp of Change


  1. On this special day in LENR history, it’s time to step back and look at the big picture. When you are trying to find your way, it's good to know what road that you are on.

    That road to LENR goes through high pressure physics. This specialized field is a very difficult one because the means to experiment in this field takes imagination and luck. But the proof that high pressure chemistry can produce heat from nuclear processes is found beyond any question inside the cores of planets.

    If you take a look at the latest data from the Pluto flyby, you can see another cosmological mystery rear its head that can be well explained by metalized hydrogen and compressed water as a LENR heat source.

    Pluto is alive—but where is the heat coming from?

    New Photos of Pluto and Moon Surprise, Puzzle Scientists.

    There is a tremendous amount of heat coming from the interior of Pluto and its small satellite; so much so, that the surface of Pluto is resurfaced by the eruption of ice from the interior of Pluto. Also there is a constant replenishment of the nitrogen atmosphere of Pluto from the interior.

    The standard causes given for planetary heat production do not apply to Pluto, that being heat from the sun, radioactive decay, and friction caused by tidal stretching. Pluto should be a cold dark rock floating alone in outer space without any means of producing energy, but miraculously it does and it does it on its own hook.

    Furthermore, there is evidence that other smaller free standing bodies in the Kuiper belt sometimes called the Edgeworth–Kuiper belt, are at the far edge of the solar system are producing their own internal heat.

    Ceres is another supposedly frozen world that has a liquid core. That core has produced an ice volcano 3 miles high made of salt from the boiling hot salt sea that rolls under its frozen surface. There are a dozen craters whose bottoms are filling with salt as the water from the salted sea at its core rise to the surface and evaporate into the vacuum of space.

    Water Found on Dwarf Planet Ceres, May Erupt from Ice Volcanoes - See more at:

    Many more examples of this mysterious thermal process abound throughout the solar system; although to date most KBOs still appear spectrally featureless due to their faintness, there have been a number of successes in determining their composition. In 1996, Robert H. Brown et al. obtained spectroscopic data on the KBO 1993 SC, revealing its surface composition to be markedly similar to that of Pluto, as well as Neptune's moon Triton, possessing large amounts of methane ice. Even our moon has a liquid core.

    Now being so informed, LENR theory seems to be converging on a special form of metastable hydrogen produced in the fractured lattice of metals. The question remains is what kind of hydrogen are we looking for. The evidence from the heat produced inside these dwarf planets can now well inform are conclusions.

    In order to reproduce this nuclear heat source from chemistry, ways that produce the huge pressures inside these cold planets must be found. Experiment over these last 27 years have shown the way to do this seems to lay in nanotechnology and lattice compression of gases inside metal lattice imperfections and of course cavitation.

    This new science handmaiden to LENR is not contrary to existing science, it is just new, obscure, and largely unexplored. The naysayers really don’t know everything that the universe can do, but arrogance and the certitude of Know-It-All-ism abounds in human nature.

  2. It is amazing how DR Chase Peterson grasped the significance of the
    P&F experiments.
    He organized the Press conference to try and get the ball rolling on C.F.
    He took a lot of heat over but was used to
    heat having handled the first artificial heart
    transplant news conferences.
    When he retired he said he had no regrets
    and would have done it again.
    A truly remarkable man.

  3. Dear Sam,

    I have met chase when visiting my friend Harold (Hal Fox) at Salt Lake City in 1997. A fine personality.
    It was no error when the conference was organized it was impossible to predict thta CF experiments will have so many problems nad progress will be so slow. Reproducibility has not been see as a damned problem- as it is.