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                                                        BUT A NUMBER?

Think about these Mottoes and try to answer to this- how many words worth can be a very significant Number?

Let's take 21 - it happens to be exactly the half of Douglas Adams' hyper-magic number- and in this case it is - at least I hope so-  the global- and average COP of the Rossi-Industrial Heat 1MW LENR plant communicated by the ERV. The plant has delivered 8400000 kWh energy to the Customer who confirms this value officially and has consumed a few kWatts less than 400000.
This value says a lot- is worth more than 1 million words but  cannot be correlated
with any IP element- the maximum daily value is perhaps a bit more talkative.
I wonder why it was not declared officially at Feb. 17, 2016 when the test has ended. But it will and till then please consider "21" just a co-product of fantasy and wishful thinking.


1) Gregory Goble
Future historians will investigate every detail leading up to the commercialization of LENR energy,

2) Rossi Addresses Health Concerns

See this too:
Andrea Rossi
March 4, 2016 at 10:02 AM

Gerard McEk:
The radiations have always been measured and no radiation above the background have ever been measured in 6 years.
The cause of weight, so far, is thought to be caused by tiredness for excessive physical effort. Obviously my doctors have ordered a complete list of analysis and scopies.
Warm Regards,

        The nicest comment of yesterday, by Russ George
It begins to appear that several lenr recipes are at salivatingly close to hand. Which is most repeatable and delicious is the most important question, and which can readily produce more than a micro-appetizer portion. Is there sufficient detail in the recent Chinese paper(s) to put that Asian variation on Russian Borscht on the table and compare it with the Floridian olive garden style ‘merican fare. Time to pitch and explain your personal favourite along with any special spices or techniques … We know that a great truffle risotto needs both the real truffles and the proper stirring or it is a failure. Come on you French sauciers, where’s your famous touch with the sauce.
Russ seems to be knowledgeable in high class gastronomy.

                     A comment, not nice at all,about Rossi, by Brian Ahern

Occam's Razor suggests that the simplest solution to all the contradictions is:
Rossi salted the reactor with Li-6 and Ni-62 before sealing the ampoule..
Assuming Rossi is not a fraud is countermanded by a lifetime of conviction and incarceration.
One has to have the resolve of a Moonie to conclude otherwise

Occam's Razor is not an universal tool and you can cut yourself very badly with it.
The accusations against Rossi are grossly exaggerated
Brian, if COP 21 is a real value, what will you claim? It was a non-independent fabricated test? 
I sill not be able to protect you against the Moonies, if...

4) A wise goose attacks Rossi- using the problem of Stirling Allan:

Ambasciatore dell'e-cat e del Messia
It is obvious that she is also unable to find something relevant, say about the plant of 1MW.


How close are we to nuclear fusion?

Re-thinking renewable energy predictions


  1. COP of 21? Wow. Hope that's true. Must have been a lot of SSM there.

  2. Ahhhh... 42 it is. What a wonderful coincidence that would be.

  3. Peter, next time I am in your part of the world I will find some truffles and if you provide the risotto rice I will cook dinner! I hope that day to be not so distant.

  4. That is enough for application, and like the first crossing of the atlantic, I'm waiting for aeropostale.

    Time for the applications.

  5. (Peter - some inside LENR humor)

    An answer to why there is so much contradiction and confusion over LENR being a real phenomenon.

    It occured to me that this issue can be addressed using the logic of Niels Bohr who put a lot of effort into providing an acceptable explanation for the confusion around wave / particle duality back in the early 1900s.

    The complentarity factors are 'LENR REAL' / 'LENR FALSE' (as for wave/particle complmentarity).

    The answer to LENR REAL/LENR FALSE can be explained in that if one group of scientists chose to 'measure' LENR FALSE, then that is what they find. Whereas if another group of scientists choose to 'measure' LENR REAL, then that is what they find. Just as for wave or particle reality.

    Both are right - So Niels Bohr has already documented this dual nature aspect of complimentarity. The good news for the 'LENR REAL' scientists is that the 'LENR FALSE' scientists don't matter because they are observing the wrong issue.


    1. Someone should have told me. All this time, I've taken Quantum Mechanics quite literally.

      I thought the subatomic particles making up our brain and allowing the processes taking place in it obeyed the laws of quantum mechanics.

  6. Peter, next time I am in your part of the world I will find some truffles and if you provide the risotto rice I will cook dinner! I hope that day to be not so distant.

  7. Arthur C. Clarke spoke about Cold Fusion in 1987, listen to the sound clip.

  8. I am not a physicist, but I have been following this business of LENR for 5 years now. Last September with I became excited by DeChiaro's slide show. There seem to be a great many ways to put the Weak Force to work. Trick is to get behind the right one, or at least an economical one.

    For curiosities sake, what do you physics guys make of this?

    The interface between lanthanum aluminate (LaAlO3) and strontium titanate (SrTiO3) is a notable materials interface because it exhibits properties not found in its constituent materials. Individually, LaAlO3 and SrTiO3 are non-magnetic insulators, yet LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaces exhibit electrical conductivity,[1] superconductivity,[2] ferromagnetism,[3] large negative in-plane magnetoresistance,[4] and giant persistent photoconductivity.[5] The study of how these properties emerge at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface is a growing area of research in condensed matter physics.


  9. SrTiO3 may not be magnetic, but strontium ferrite is.

  10. That Rossi salted his reactor, obvious. But some people don't get it. That's how magic tricks work.

    1. :D. You are quite a joker.

    2. All you ever needed to do was to ask politely.

  11. Michel VandenbergheMarch 4, 2016 at 11:56 PM

    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Arthur C. Clarke

  12. Just purchased F.David Peat 1989
    Cold Fusion The Making of a
    Scientific Controversy.