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I want to be fair and open, today it is silent Sunday, we all are "en attendant"- not Godot but - as a minimum - 'COP globale'- presumed to be 21; it is naive to expect great news or publications today- so I have to continue to focus on the insoluble problems haunting our field.

a) Replacing the KISS principle with CIRS

I will repeat it an idea of mine that was absolutely ignored:

"Do you surely know the statue: "Swords into plowshares" by the Soviet sculptor Evgenyi Vuchetich
at the United Nations Art Collection

In real-life LENR we have to do something similar with the Occam's Razors in useful things however it is compulsory to use nanotechnology in this symbolic.transformation. My most spiritual belief is that Nature's leading ambition s to be interesting, Mother Nature has innumerable Solutions and no Problems. We, humans- have the reverse many times."

Now, in connection with my recent writings, more good friends ask me to consider the seemingly very effective and pragmatic principle KISS- Keep It Simple, Stupid!
Yes, friends we have to avoid with great care any useless complications- however
for the most fundamental and difficult problems of LENR- a different principle must be applied:
CIRS- Create It Real, Smart! 
LENR was discovered in hostile circumstances in a disadvantaged form- now it has to be created, invented in its best forms and shapes!

Any acronym finder will show you that CIRS means a lot of things in English and in French- for example- however for me it is bond to good personal memories- C.I.R.S. S.p.a. was the company of my PVC guru and friend Francesco Carlin from Padova from whom I have learned so much about engineering and problem solving.

So let's apply CIRS to LENR!

b) Layers of identity of LENR

This morning, Brain Pickings- my favorite cultural newsletter (see LENR IN CONTEXT-2) has mentioned the idea of layers of identity.
As you know I am thinking that LENR has a serious identity problem, mainly due to the domination of the PdD wet cell thinking despite the fact that PdD is a very slippery fish scientifically and a dead fish technologically- to be fair to my own ideas.
And this morning I have read this, otherwise recurrent and standard idea regarding the early history of LENR:

Cold fusion researchers made many mistakes and often shot themselves in the foot. As I said at the time, they were often their own worst enemies.

I have a completely different vision of Cold Fusion/LENR history now- it is a problem of incomplete identity for the early results. Ergo it is true but without relevance that the researchers made mistakes, their task was anyway not realistic but impossible, they were dealing with an inherently insoluble  problem. The problem is the Problem, tautologically speaking.  If not true, than who are, where are those inerrant researchers who came later and have solved the basic  problems of the Fleischmann Pons Cell? Reproducibilty, scale up, long term functioning, control? 
An insoluble problem can be solved only if its basic assumptions are smartly changed, the problem has to be transformed. LENR - good for technology needs a new identity created according to the CIRS principle.

An interesting coincidence, Rossi wrote today about layers of interpretation in a different context, see below.


1) New E-Cat company launched in UK has Ampenergo connection:

2) Free energy- Cold fusion with excess energy (in German) Freie Energie - Kalte Fusion mit Wärmeüberschuss - LENR - Heizung selber bauen

3) LENR Test Kit Mk.1 'Model T' - Ready To Glow

4) Cold Nuclear Fusion (in Russian)

5) Steven Krivit vs. Andrea Rossi - Why?:

6) Brian Ahern also vs. Andrea Rossi- he comments:

I predicted A.R. would announce a need to extend his period of performance before releasing a report on the 350 day 1MW test. I even gave a date of March 4, 2016.

He did not disappoint. The discussion of his health was a touch of genius. That is an unassailable excuse. One cannot kick him when he is down. 

And later Brian adds a longer message

Many wait with baited breath for good news to materialize. It will not happen. In retrospect it was impossible.

Rossi said he wanted to give a gift to the world.
Yet for 7 years he shared nothing with anybody including Fulvio or Focardi.
That is because there was nothing to share.   He could not continue with the sham if Focardi knew of the lack of magic ingredients.

There is no MW reactor. 
There is no radiation.
 There is no customer. 
 There is no ERV.

I take no pleasure in these statements, but you should be upset with yourself for enabling his scams and magic tricks.

7) Andrea Rossi
March 6, 2016 at 8:10 AM

Silvio Caggia 2:
Great writers always put down things in a way that allows a multiple layers system of interpretations ( see, for example, the “Divina Commedia” of Dante Alighieri).
Great readers read those things sometimes malevolently, sometimes not, mirroring a complex and intricate introjection activity.
Warm Regards,


Ethan Siegel is a ferocious enemy of LENR; I hope to discuss with him- directly soon about the reality of LENR.

Ask Ethan: Is This Actually A Hole In The Universe?:


What Makes a Person: The Seven Layers of Identity in Literature and Life:


  1. Stop whining. Just build the damn thing if you can.

    But of course the only thing the lenr flock can do is to whine, because no one believes the brave new reality is true.

    sob, sob sob

    1. And the seagull flaps by, dumps his "load" and flies away, contributing nothing.

  2. How far must we go with CIRS? IMHO, we should go all the way. We are on the wrong side of science anyway. No matter what Piantelli and Rossi says, LENR implies that many major assumption that we accept as gospel that we all have been taught are invalid. How do we look for replacement theories? Ed Storms would continually brow beat me about the second law of thermodynamics and the need to keep it safe. But are such concepts still valid? Is the standard model valid no matter what Piantelli and Rossi claim? How deep is the CIRS rabbit hole, anyway?

  3. It is foolish to ignore the complete understanfing of LENR in evey detail before a LENR product is developed. For example, if LENR produces muons in vast numbers as Holmlid has shown, designing a Quark XCat is quizzical.

    Rossi may need to discard his Quark factory and worse, his Quark design and start from scratch to meet safety requirements. Rossi really needs to discover what kind of animal he is trying to tame. If he doesn't, that animal might bite him bad. LENR may be moving way to fast for its own good.

  4. You should also discuss with Iggy Dairymple
    Peter.He is a friend of Lenr.Not a scientist
    but makes a lot of sense.

    1. Yes, please give him my e-mail address