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To the discussion of yesterday about ICCF-19- Andrea Rossi says he will not be there:

 Andrea Rossi

December 16th, 2014 at 8:51 PM

I will not be able to attend, because in that period I will be in the USA in symbiosis with the 1 MW plant. I take this chance to say that I wish the greatest success to all the scientists of the ICCF.
Warm Regards,

This is regrettable but perhaps not definitive. The ideological chasm between LENR and LENR+ is still abyssal.

Eventually, we can enjoy the complete Bo Hoistadt interview in English:
Not exactly an orgasm (intellectual orgasm in this case!)- as my late dear cousin Gerda
said about her cataract surgery. As we already know the report/interview includes  a rather long lasting, big "we don't know" regarding the surprising isotopic shifts. If he really has no idea of what happens is in part Prof. Hoistadt unpardonable  error, he has not read my "Nuclear physics turned over its head" essay 
 so he does not know that the solution of the puzzle is already sketched. Very unfortunately we have a case in which the problem simply CANNOT be solved in the frame of the existing Nuclear Science box/tool-box. It is something very similar to the ultra-classic nine dots puzzle:
We can go even deeper, to the basic problem solving rules, this isotopic shift case is just an application of Problem Solving Rule No. 18 by adding somethings new to the premises as I have descibed it so simply in my ancient opus:
Look there please for the story of the Father and son. The carriage to be added to nuclear physics in this case is not only condensed matter physics but also the strategical scientific thinking of this paper:
If he reads all these, I bet the isotopic shifts will not be more such a terrible enigma. 
It would be perhaps too much to wait that he will accept the exotic idea that LENR is a fundamental form of Synergy in Nature and in order to convert it in something useful, the addition of human creativity is a must:

However, I guess actually the professors and Rossi plus his IH team know and understand much more than they claim. I hope so.
A paper about isotopic shift in this case was published on Daniele Passerini's blog:

It is authored by Francesco Santandrea: " E-Cat and the isotopic shift.NEF Nuclear Electromagnetic Phenomena. The Electromagnetic Nuclear Model of the charges of Energy and of Matter".
It is inspired/motivated by the interview and tries to show in great lines (principle) how can be calculated the energy produced in LENR reactors- based on those isotopic shifts.  Then an  simplified example of calculation is shown- easy task for Google Translate.  The results are similar to those known.

The author has an original theory about why LENR is based on SOFT nuclear ewaction se his paper in English here:
Quite remarkable-especially for theorists.


Regarding: “the connection that transforms weak LENR in the super-strong LENR+. I I have asked first of all AXIL for help.” He answered prompily

In LENR, there is a weak energy transfer path between the soliton and the fuel nulei. In LENR+, there is a strong one.
The BEC enables this because the BEC entangles the soliton with the fuel nuclei so that the nuclear energy can flow easily from the fuel to the soliton.
A BEC is easily formed in a gas, but not so easily in water. In water, an powerful electric arc must turn the water into a plasma. It is a hard job to maintain a BEC in water.

FYI: a surprise for HTSC, LENR's happier cousin

Superconductivity record breaks under pressure
Everyday compound reported to conduct electricity without resistance at a record-high temperature, outstripping more exotic materials.
Edwin Cartlidge It is about hydrogen sulphide at very high pressure.

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