Thursday, December 25, 2014

SHARED LENR GOOD EVENT, December 25, 2014

Dear Readers- it happens this is post No. 500 on my Blog. I don't care for Numerology but it seems fine for 4 years of existence; I apply the Ego Out principle (see the first post) in practice

I well know it is Christmas, serious work is not exactly what we need just now; let's better focus on joy! However, the following news is a  special reason for joy and I cannot wait telling you that I am enchanted- I see how the future of LENR gets access to what is the most valuable, most fundamental scientifically in our field. Bravissimo Piantelli, bravissimo MFMP!

MFMP to Work with Francesco Piantelli in Project Fedora 

I am three years younger than my Italian friend but mature enough
to also buy such a trendy hat! 
There are 3 papers about Prof. Piantelli on this blog.
A nice present for true LENR-ists - a hopefully good discussion between our Francesco Celani and the skeptic Stefano Bagnasco, I hope constructive. Thanks to the Italian neorealism- films from the '60-ies, '70-ies I understand well the language.
Forza, Celani!

Not LENR but useful

Learning how to learn:

The lesson you never got taught in school: How to learn! 
101 best websites for writers 
How electrons split: New evidence of exotic behaviors Electrons split into electrical charge and magnetic moment in a two-dimensional model, a study has shown for the first time. The discovery marks a new understanding in the discovery of exotic materials such as high-temperature superconductors. 
Heroic research- I remember the days when the bedbugs were killed with in-situ generated HCN; then DDT was invented but still not accessible. Bed bugs an almost unkillable life form...but now we know their aggregation phromones- e finita la commedia! Putting bedbugs to bed forever


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  1. I was just reading that Dr. G Miley has produced considerable over unity heat after 4 hours, but his nanopowder deteriorates in short order due to sintering.

    “Results were shown where the energy gain (LENR/chemical) started at about 7 after a few minutes, but increased another order of magnitude over four hours. Longer runs had problems due to deterioration of the nanoparticles, attributed to sintering.”

    This deterioration of nanopowder can always be expected whenever a static nanopowder is used in the LENR process.

    I wonder if Piantelli has the same problems with his nanopowder. Rossi avoids this problem by continually rebuilding his nanopowder after each input power pulse. This is the function of the “secret sauce”. I call this nanopowder renewal process “dynamic nuclear active environment” (NAE) formation.

    The “secret sauce” is an alkali metal like lithium or potassium: an element with a low vaporization point that first vaporizes and then re-condenses into Rydberg matter after each input heat pulse. These nanoparticles will eventually sinter but will always be renewed to provide a constant resupply of fresh nanopowder in a dynamic process.

    The function of the micro-sized nickel micropowder is to generate a Bose Einstein condensate which produces a superfluid condition that also protects nanostructures from sintering.