Tuesday, December 16, 2014


No real news today? Not even new rumors? Later afternoon (for me) EcatWorld  the leading LENR blog publishes a paper about oil prices (falling) and LENR (coming!): 
http://www.e-catworld.com/2014/12/16/the-impact-of-oil-prices-on-lenr/ A wise paper, it does not correlate strongly LENR -strategic and permanent with the temporary fall of oil prices. A reader, Billy Jackson characterizes brightly LENR as: "Right now LENR is in its Infancy trying to find who and what it is. We have a long road ahead of us before OIL becomes history as a energy generating commodity." Anyway lower prices do not make oil a clean source of energy. 

However we have  this: "Italian Prime Minister's office gives ICCF-19 Cold Fusion Conference High Patronage: 

Obviously this is good, positive, fine. What is its significance? First at all thta the chief organizer of the Congress, Antonio La Gatta is an influential person with good connections in the upper Italian circles. His Linked-in page is impressive; TSEM his company is high class engineering- the first company to organize an ICCF. Reading about ICCF-19 at the website in construction, I am starting slowly to understand why  Antonio La Gatta is a personality and why TSEM is a successful company.
Please explore these sites:

Initially it was rumored that ICCF-19 will be centered on materials science and LENR - that is 
mainly advanced morphology  and metallurgy studies i.e.  a new sub-variant of the slogan of the previous ICCF: "Applying the Scientific Method to Understanding Anomalous Heat Effects , Opportunities and Challenges" Scientifically orthodox, correct, however not good for solving the existential problems of the field. Thinking in the frame of the Old Paradigm. 
Actually, I have already sent an Open Letter to ICCF-17 asking for radical changes:

The main issue now is accepting from inside, mentally and wholeheartedly  the existence of LENR+, combining science with technology for giving a new life to the field, recognizing that engineering is the key, not considering a blasphemy the idea that LENR will be completely understood only when it is already commercial.
Therefore I have been very pleased to read in their welcome message this:

Another innovation within ICCF-19 is the establishment of a new committee: The Engineering Applications Committee. The EAC appointees are engineers and investors whose goal is to form a bridge between academia and industry thereby encouraging the generation of products derived from years of scientific research. 

Technology was discussed and very smartly by former ICCFs but I am waiting a radical change a qualitative leap. I don't know if a representative of LENR+ will be present at Padua but I hope
the very idea of LENR+ will be there.
I want to be a participant and I will speak about alternative views of LENR- in case no serious health or financial health problems will hit me.
I am looking to this European ICCF with optimistic expectations.

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