Tuesday, December 9, 2014


“Prosperity is the accumulation of solutions to human problems."
(http://www.bworldonline.com/content.php?section=Opinion&title=the-need-for-creativity-and-problem-solvers&id=99256) a smart paper about keeping capitalism alive and well.
 Cold Fusion/LENR is a problem lacking solutions and it is human- Humanity needs abundant, cheap, healthy safe  energy and today has no sources of energy fulfilling all these 4 requirements simultaneously...

Loving Cold Fusion/LENR 

It is difference of opinions that makes Blogs tick. Opposites is a soft verbal evasion for what my friend and discussion partner Abd and I think about the very essence of Cold Fusion. Why and how we love Cold Fusion- you could see yesterday that loves it as it is, while I want to manifest this love by improving it not by admiring its present state. In the invisible background of this is a long thread of Disputitis regarding where actually Cold Fusion happens. Abd has punished my blasphemous attitude with this comment which I will not call vitriolic because I have worked with substances more dangerous than concentrated H2SO4:

Abd dixit:
Sheesh! No wonder Cold Fusion has dumped Peter, with this attitude. Peter wrote:
Present Paradigm says:
"Cold Fusion, we love you as you are!"
(I wrote that as what one says to a lover, and, in fact, children need to hear it, too.)
New Paradigm says:
"Cold Fusion, we love you and we will help you to grow up, to become healthy and strong and productive. Now you are just an unhappy little weakling but you are able to change and improve tremendously!"
And so Cold Fusion slaps New Paradigm in the face and walks out, looking for someone who will appreciate her. If this is a parent, the child rebels and leaves home, glad to be away from such an oppressive parent. "Weakling"? Eff you!

To those that appreciate what they have, more is given. To those that don't, not.

Posted by Abd ulRahman Lomax to EGO OUT at
December 8, 2014 at 4:15 PM

I have a rather good memory but have no idea when has Cold Fusion dumped me, de facto this does not make sense to me. Ed Storms has discovered many years ago that Cold Fusion is a reluctant mistress.No the situation is worse, we know for sure that she exists but it lacks even a most elementary thing:identity! It really is as a a sick child, no wonder those who say they love her as Abd, have let the child immersed in his/her amniotic fluid (deuterium oxide) for ages!? "Spoiled" by such a destructive love, this child could not grow, exactly as a bonsai Cat. Cruelty...not love!
Love for a child is not accepting him/her as it is but giving education, culture character, creating chances for living at the height of his/her true potential. Based on my life experience- 50 years in an oppressive society, my definition of Education is "To teach the child to cope with any situation". Based on my professional experience education is life long learning. Abd, please use these for LENR Cold Fusion, re-think your admiration and take in consideration that a mystery does not keep our houses warm. OK, nothing can stop a New Paradigm when it's time is here. Oh, to be seventy again! 

Today real news had come only from the brave MFMP guys.
We have learned that Rossi's 1MW plant's longest run in self sustaining mode was 2 hours.

Context - not favorable for coming new kinds of energy: 
The trouble with cheap oil:

Abondance of information is good; how will be abundances of cheap and healthy energy brought by LENR+? I am worried for the grandchildren of my grandchildren!:
Americans Feel Better Informed Thanks to the Internet  http://www.pewinternet.org/2014/12/08/better-informed/? utm_source=nextdraft&utm_medium=email

It isn't about LENR, however I feel it is my pleasant duty to recommend you this miniature:
The Art Shrine: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/14a2d717687dba11 


  1. Rossi has publicly stated that he is using over 100 computers to implement his latest control stratagem. From this meager bit of information we can deduce fairly much what is going on with the 1 megawatt cluster E-Cat reactor. That number of computers means he is using a SCADA system to do the command and control function to keep his creation in line.

    The term SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) usually refers to a centralized system which monitors and controls the industrial infrastructure of entire sites, or complexes of systems spread out over large areas (anything from an industrial plant to a nation). Most localized control actions are performed automatically by Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)s or by Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)s. These are computer boards which are controlled by a low level microcomputer usually housed in a rack mounted enclosure using a full duplex bus structure to communicate with a master control station(MCS). The MCS is a custom coded PC that hosts the bus network and provides a graphical user interface to depict the operational parameters and status of all the E-Cats. In a high availability application, the MCD runs in a ghosted mode with a hot backup PC.

    The cost of such a system is substantial. This digital Command and Control(C&C) will comprise a large fraction of the cost of Rossi's 1 megawatt plant. Such a system is prone to bugs, out of profile behavior and hacking attacks. Usually industrial customers will want to integrate the E-Cat cluster reactor into their factory wide SCADA C&C system.

    In my opinion, Rossi and Industrial heat have made a mistake in judgment on this reactor design decision. A simplified fail safe analog based control system is best suited to the 1 MW E-Cat cluster reactor.

  2. A child needs both conditional love (generally from the mother) and conditional love (generally from the father). Abd advocates the former and Peter the latter. Balanced growth requires both.