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Inspiration- for weekend.

Quotes seen as valid for LENR/LENR+

Stand up to crises. Don't let them throw you! Fight to stay calm... even surmount the crisis completely and turn it into an opportunity. Refuse to renounce your self-image. No matter what happens, you must keep your good opinion of yourself. No matter what happens, you must hold your past successes in your imagination, ready for showing in the motion picture screen of your mind. No matter what happens, no matter what you lose, no matter what failures you must endure, you must keep faith in yourself. Then you can stand up to crises, with calm and courage, refusing to buckle; then you will not fall through the floor. You will be able to support yourself.
(Maxwell Maltz)

Can we deny that LENR is in a state of permanent crisis- being not well understood and not controllable? Do we know why this has happened and persist in being so?
In crisis because it is oppressed and ostracized and used as a bad example. 
Crises, of any kind are first of all, crises in thinking, we have to improve our thinking
-this is the easy part. We also have to change some of our premises, as LENR being nuclear in the classic sense. But it is not so!

A powerful idea communicates some of its strength to him who challenges it. (Marcel Proust)
LENR+ for the time given, if not a fallen idea then one unable tp rise and fly. The only people who take it in consideration are those from the  site, obviously high class professionals. elite quality but slow changing.  The leader LENR-G writes fine reviews, syntheses- excellent in systems thinking.

At Problem Solving I came upon the following fine paper:                                           11 Questions Your Competition Is Already Asking

What is of special interest it speaks about the still very popular TRIZ method- of creative problem solving. We have to return to this idea- perhaps one of our readers can help.

I hope this just the tip of iceberg, I would be very happy of my readers and friends will develop the generous habit to send me shareable LENR information

Cold Fusion 101 at MIT 2015:                                              
PdD at its best, Mitchell Swartz' Nanor- always very interesting. To watch for details and new features, ideas.

An up-to-dated report re the Nanor- in Italian 
Fusione Fredda: aggiornamenti sul Nanor:
LENR-Cities Announces Conference at Oxford University, January 10-11
See the list of participants- very much Widom-Larsen theory oriented. Luca Gamberale also there- no comment now.

Stoyan Sarg’s IQ 180 paper/slides: ( thanks to MFMP for telling about it)..


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