Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Truth has no special time of its own. Its hour is now – always.”
(Albert Schweitzer)
Choosing an inspiring daily quote beautifies life and inspires creative thinking. What Schweitzer says here reminds me that the peak of philosophy is distinguishing the subtle differences between Truth and Reality, something I have tried during my life only with partial success.
The author of the quote is a legend of the past century; his greatness became known even behind the Iron Wall. A giant of thinking and a good man. I have not met him- however Mike Carrell my guru and mentor in many respects belongs to the same category of people of the highest value. It is not a coincidence that both had a passion for the Emperor of the musical instrument- the organ. Mike, an elite AA engineer at RCA with great contributions to the audio world, was dedicated to a great project- to build the best possible electronic organ for his wife Helen –an admirable musician. As it is compulsory for great post-retirement projects- this one was too both impossible and infinite. The Project was a fine life organizer for Mike and his wife played the role of Albert Schweitzer. A wonderfully planned sunset!
Mike was a CF/LENR faithful –see for example the obituary he wrote for Gene Mallove
After many years he concluded that Randy Mills’ technology will become commercial first.
26 years of waiting is much, LENR expected to be a source of energy- till now is a continuous source of bitter disappointments
and discontent. I have not followed Mike to BLP however I am firmly convinced that a radical paradigm change is necessary for LENR.
I am not more faithful to the initial CF/LENR but to a new one.
Tuesday, December 2, 2014
My first issue of Shared LENR Discoveries has generated very interesting comments- by
Ed Storms (the ongoing discussion, bulk vs. surface)
Axil (about an analogy- LENR- alternative current- and more)
psi (he likes Ed Storms clarity and wisdom)
and 2B2 (who remarks that the E-cat cannot work based on a bulk effect- good thinking)
My admiration for Edmund Storms as researcher and writer and my mental inability to accept his theory are not contradictory but complimentary; really! Where we do not agree in essence is Complexity. However discussing about the form in which hydrogen can participate in nuclear reactions Ed said recently too, that the NAE are not pure Pd but have a very complex chemical composition. I think that, equally important they have an overly complex structure cannot be
simple nanocracks.
The first pillar of the New Paradigm is Otherness, but the second is Complexity. The discussion about it has inspired me to ask my friends to say what they think about LENR and Complexity
Yiannis Hadjichristos who is working very hard gave a short
As always, complexity results to a new equilibrium after its collapse (This is the Heart of the HENI process too). The beauty is the art to engineer this process to something useful.
However Axil, in part inspired by this, wrote the following essay:
For the past 400 years, a system of doing things has been developed in science called reductionism which aims to gain understanding of systems by dividing a system into smaller composing elements and gaining understanding of the system through understanding the details of their elemental properties of each of their subsystems. In the best expression of this system, a single aspect is isolated so that it could be studied in the simplest way to minimize the impact of the other parts of the system on the results studied. This is an attempt to minimize conflicting interpretations of experimental findings and in setting narrow priorities for future research.
LENR is a quantum system, where reductionism is not well applied. Increasingly in quantum systems a realization has grown that most of the important manifestations of nature in the quantum world display a holistic behavior which, simply put, is the philosophy that parts of any whole cannot exist and be understood except in their relation to the whole.
These complex self-organizing systems evolve on emergent feedback mechanisms and processes that “interact with themselves and produce themselves from themselves”
Holism in science is an approach to research that emphasizes the study of complex systems. Two central aspects are:
1. the way of doing science sometimes called "whole to parts," which focuses on observation of the system within its contest first before breaking the system down to study any part of the system.
2. For quantum systems, the idea is that the scientist is not a passive observer of an external universe; that there is no 'objective truth,' but that the individual is in a reciprocal, participatory relationship with nature, and that the observer's contribution to the process is impactful.
LENR is a family of complex systems, and as such is multidisciplinary. LENR must recognize feedback within these systems as a crucial element for understanding their behavior.
LENR is a quantum mechanical system. This makes it very difficult to understand, From its very inception quantum mechanics was found to be a holistic science, In the standard Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics there is a holism of the measurement situation, in which there is a holism of apparatus and object. There is an "uncontrollable disturbance" of the measured object by the act of measurement according to Niels Bohr. It is impossible to separate the effect of the measuring apparatus from the object measured. The observer-measurement relation is an active area of research today.
In the holistic approach of David Bohm, any collection of quantum objects constitutes an indivisible whole within an implicate and explicate order.
Bohm pointed out that there is no scientific evidence to support the dominant view that the universe consists of a huge, finite number of minute particles, and offered in its stead a view of undivided wholeness: "ultimately, the entire universe (with all its 'particles,' including those constituting human beings, their laboratories, observing instruments, etc) has to be understood as a single undivided whole, in which analysis into separately and independently existent parts has no fundamental status.
LENR may not be knowable by looking at it as a sum of its parts. Only by looking at each instance of the LENR system family can we cope with the complexities of LENR.
Scientific holism holds that the behavior of a system cannot be perfectly predicted, no matter how much data is available. Natural systems can produce surprisingly unexpected behavior, and it is suspected that behavior of such systems might be computationally irreducible, which means it would not be possible to even approximate the system state without a full simulation of all the events occurring in the system. Key properties of the higher level behavior of certain classes of systems may be mediated by rare "surprises" in the behavior of their elements due to the principle of interconnectivity.
I will add to this issue a rather old, seminal paper about system thinking- it goes so well with Axil’s essay.
A remark: Mike Carrell and Yiannis Hadjichristos belong to the expert system thinkers.
What has happened today?
I prefer to use E-cat World as source because it is the fastest and the comments adds value to the basic info.
a) A new paper about the e-Cat was published:                                       http://www.e-catworld.com/2014/12/02/dome-magazine-on-miraculous-machine-the-e-cat/ Not hostile at all, but cautious.
Mats Lewan has discussed this yesterday, already.
c) Rossi discusses about the acceptance of LENR (his style) by the mainstream science:                                                                                    It
I agree with you, after the Report of the Independent Third Party (and the work of many colleagues of mine, like for example Brian Ahern in the MIT) many scientists of the so called mainstream science have changed opinion. Before our work, to show anything regarding the LENR to a mainstream scientist was like to show garlic and crucifix to Dracula; today most accept that it is a field that is worth R&D. The final push can only be given by reliably working plants that produce energy in a profitable way in an industry. This is exactly what our Team is doing by means of the 1 MW plant upon which we are working so hard.
Warm Regards, 
I think is not actually acceptance, just a much more positive attitude-                             some “do not deny, do not oppress it, one day you can regret it, take care!”- attitude.
As other people have remarked it too, Rossi obviously likes Brian Ahern.  The problem is why? Brian’s great contributions to nanotechnology based LENR are well known. Professor Piantelli also likes him and thinks he is a very good true scientist. I also like and admire Brian- he is one of       the very few colleagues who supports the very first pillar of the New Paradigm- Otherness- he admits that LENR is not completely nuclear. Brian helps the MFMP team that is in the center of attention with their work of reproducing the Lugano Experiment.


  1. A new view of the world? The story of fractals is well worth watching :


    There are a lot of parallels to LENR, Tesla research fields - and the mainstream's reaction to them...

    Until fractal geometry came along, euclidean geometry was all that was used, even though it couldn't be used to describe even the simplest landscape.

    So, fractal geometry was right before their eyes (literally), yet the mainstream still (initially) dismissed fractal geometry as "interesting but essentially useless".

    Interestingly, Rossi's LENR powder is made up in large part of nickel produced by the nickel carbonyl process - the resulting grains aren't square or round, rather they look a bit like carnations - so, you can bet your boots, these grains are "fractal friendly"!

    New consciousness? Too right!

  2. Thank you, it is fine to get a comment that adds value to the editorials. I
    will write about it today. Fractals- what an elegant form of Complexity.
    There were discussions about fractals in our circles many times but it still is necessary to connect them in a rational way to LENR and especially, LENR+
    Considering your publications in E_Cat World etc. perhaps we can initiate
    a dialogue re the New LENR Paradigm.