Thursday, December 4, 2014


Today's Motto: 
"Man knows much more than he understands".
(Alfred Adler)

Not nice at all, actually a perfidious and perverse idea, especially dangerous in the case of LENR where we don't understand many things, where dissent dominates but we fake certainties and deny VUCA. I would not like if this saying would be applied to me.

Today's inspiring paper for problem solving and for my Blog:                              Solutions journalism: Good reporting that delivers lessons

There exists  research  for solutions as opposed to research for research. We, in LENR must focus fanatically on solutions- we are in big delay.

Legendary Events in the History of Cold Fusion/LENR.

Russ George's essay:
published yesterday here too, 
has reminded me about some very rare, very special events in the history of Cold Fusion/LENR; the first is this cube of palladium, melted and evaporated in part.

Then Mizuno's unquenchable great cathode described in the preface of his book:
was also a remarkable event.

Piantelli also had one experiment run out of control- that led to the discovery that  deuterium is an inhibitor for his process- it is described in a paper by Bill Collis "Italian Hot Potato Cold fusion" published in the Cold Fusion Magazine- the precursor of Infinite Energy- founded by Gene Mallove.

I hope Jed Rothwell will tell more about the Patterson Cell that gave 1kW- he witnessed the event, I still remember how excited was poor Chris Tinsley phoning me about that event.

Then there is the famous cathode 64 of Energetics (Israel); a miracle cathode made by Vittorio Violante, the greatest expert in Pd metallurgy and morphology, Bill Gates' partner in discussions about LENR. I have discussed about it in this essay with a dubious title:

Now all these events have something in common: they cannot be explained, and cannot be repeated. They smell of miracle- it happens that yesterday in a message from a witness of one of these mysteries I learned that only the Almighty can know
what happened. I do not believe in occult phenomena especially not in science and technology and I think my air poisoning hypothesis could be a part of explanation.
Improbable events happen in industry, mainly as deadly serious accidents.
Black Raptors not Swans.

Our very creative friend Axil thinks there could be a rational explanation or the
palladium cube it is:
The palladium melted. Therefore, the temperature reached at least 1554C. Even more impressive, part of the palladium cube vaporized. The temperature reached more than 3000C. In addition, a hole was excavated in the concrete floor. The sand must have been vaporized. That means that the silicon vaporized at a temperature of 3265C. This vaporization temperature is greater than the melting point(1554C) of palladium and the vaporization point of palladium(3000C). Since only a part of the palladium(1CC) was vaporized, this tells me that the reaction was carried primarily in the silicon within the concrete since most of the mass loss was in the concrete. Also, the iron rebar was vaporized at 2862C. The palladium cube arrived at a position inside the concrete crater where the temperature was relatively cool to keep from totally vaporizing under the heat produced by the silicon plasma.
The reaction started on the surface of the palladium cube after a long period of surface pitting was generated by long term low level electric arcing. Mizuno uses electric arcing to prepare his LENR active surfaces. Over the months, the surface of the palladium cube reached a critical level of LENR surface preparation to carry a LENR reaction to a point were a positive feedback took hold producing a plasma where the reaction became self sustaining and than gainful.

The plasma carried by the palladium cube eventually burned through the lab table(Melamine?) and hit the floor. The reaction they transferred to the silicon in the concrete where it formed nano-particles when the silicon plasma cooled. These nano-particles carried the LENR reaction. The hydrogen loaded in the palladium was long gone after the palladium melted and partially vaporized and could not have been the energy source for the reaction during the final high temperature phase of the meltdown event when the concrete began to burn and vaporize...

In an other thread Dean Sinclair has said something related to the legendary events::

 There are things that are commonly accepted without anyone being able to explain why they work... In so far as I know, the chemical reaction which was used to produce Teflon, wasn't supposed to work, but it did, and, as far as I know, still is not understood to this day.

I have a long professional love story with Teflon, it was discovered-invented by Roy Plunkett from Du Pont when I was six month old, but it was already present in many forms in the chemical industry when I started working in 1959. It is manufactured on a large scale- see please:

One thing is really wonderful with polytetrafluoroethylene- Nature cannot manufacture it, but Man can, it is a non-natural stuff. See this, please philosophically Otherwise it nothing mysterious with it 
However, for the consolation of Dean who wanted a mystery polymer, please make  search for STARLITE (and Maurice Ward). 

Rossi explains his strategy for the industrial 1MW plants at hisblog, read please E Cat World.

Theory paper still discussed“Low Radiation fusion through bound neutron Tunneling”

Till now I have missed this interesting theory paper: Thanks to Tony Smithth for sending it.

For the future of LENR Do you want to see an organization that will lead the new energy studies called LENR today?
It is the: 
They don't know it, you will not believe it but I bet, that plasmonics will become a core part of understanding and applying this new source of energy. 
See a paper indicating the great possibilities of nanoplasmonics:


  1. Peter, you should make a post only for Tony's paper. It's a very special mechanism and, apart from from Akito's theory, it only uses relatively well known materials.

    1. Surely, but please write the detailed presentation. I hope other theorists will study it

  2. why did they not photograph the effects of that cataclysmic event with the Pd cube?
    who will believe them?